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May 14, 2018
On Being Prepared for Our Finest Hour
Amy Greene
Amy Greene, Chair, Board of  Directors
"To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared and unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour." 

- Winston Churchill

Thank you
thank you
Thank you everyone who attended the annual conference in Atlanta! It was a wonderful week of learning, comradery and fun. We appreciate your patience while the staff is catching their breath and catching-up on emails and messages. Pictures and reports will be published in next week's newsletter.
In Case You Missed It
Certification Update
Mary Stewart Hall,Certification Commission Chair
Did you complete readiness last fall but are a part of the new certification process? We need to hear from you!

If you completed readiness, but did not make candidacy, you are part of the New Certification Process. While you are not required to complete the full application process, it is important that you reach out to Sheilah Hawk in the ACPE Office to be sure that she has all of your information. Once you have connected with Sheilah, she will provide you with the necessary information to establish your portfolio and will assign a Certification Commission Reviewer.

2017 Year in Review Now Available
ACPE had plenty to celebrate in 2017...its 50th anniversary, breaking fundraising records, a fresh updated look, an engaged membership, innovative CPE projects and much more!

Take a look at ACPE's 2017 Year-in-Review!

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Center Directory Upgrades and New Center Admin Accounts
The ACPE database and online directory have received an upgrade! With new fields to choose from, enhanced search capabilities, and special administrative accounts to update center listings, the database is more user-friendly and helps to market ACPE centers and their programs.

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Certification Process Q & A: More Sessions Added
The initial round of Certification Q & A sessions have been wonderfully attended and almost all spots have been filled. New dates for the month of May have been added to the sign up, so if you were not yet able to join a session, please click here to reserve your spot.

Each session is limited to 10 participants which allows a space for greater dialogue.
Join an Online Community
All ACPE members are expected to participate in a Community of Practice (CoP). To join a CoP, sign-in to the ACPE website. Navigate to "My ACPE" and then click on "My Communities." Click on the name of the community to see the activity in the group. Click the "Follow Community" button to join and collaborate!

Visit the ACPE website for more detailed instructions
grants awarded
The 2018 Innovative Program Award grant cycle is now open! Applicants are invited to submit proposals for innovative CPE projects that do not exceed $7,000. This year a total of $20,600 is available in funding.

The 2018 Innovative Program Award application and proposal outline may be accessed by clicking here. Please submit a complete application and proposal (5-page maximum) in PDF format via email to Jasmine T. Okafor by July 31, 2018.

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Weekly Highlights
This Week's Reflection
In the wake of the ACPE national conference, we are basking in time well spent with friends and colleagues, some new, some old. In that spirit, we offer the following poem for reflection:
"Friends" by Neil Weiss

One prays for enough silence
to greet them with, these friends.
They are an allegiance 
to whatever keeps one alive.
But one stops praying 
and walks on in silence,
leaving them behind.
Selected infinities,
there are solar rays behind each, but who selected them and why.
Where are they all going?
-Into the list that opens
and closes only once
while I remain outside,
one foot to a first burst of cloud;
into the brighter wives
opening on the day's prospect,
the belly's upright slumber-
into the swollen womb
amid all the needle dazzle,
gentle motes bursting a lazy doom.
As our amazing national leadership, volunteers and staff all exhale having survived a wonderful conference, this seemed like an appropriate video, because we are so aware of all the wonderful people we can call:

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Tuesday, May 15
*Ramadān begins - Islam
A holy month of fasting and prayer, in which all adult and physically competent Muslims abstain from food, water, and sexual relations from dawn to sunset. Ramadān ends on June 15th. 

*Restoration of the Aaronic priesthood - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Marking the restoration of this order by John the Baptist and conferred upon the Prophet Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery on this date in 1829 C.E. 

Wednesday, May 16
*Ascension Day - Christianity (Eastern churches)
The anniversary of Jesus' ascension into heaven, celebrated forty days after Easter with services beginning at sundown.    

Thursday, May 17
* 'Azamat - Bahá'í
The beginning of the fourth month of the Bahá'í year, 'Azamat means "grandeur."

Saturday, May 19
*Shavuot [Feast of Weeks] - Judaism
A two-day festival, beginning at sundown, that celebrates the harvest of first fruits and the giving of the Law (or Torah) to Moses at Mt. Sinai. The name Shavuot derives from the Hebrew words for "seven" and "week," because it marks seven weeks following Pesach or Passover.

Sunday, May 20
*Pentecost Sunday - Christianity (Western churches)
A celebration of the Holy Spirit's descent upon the Apostles following Jesus' ascension into heaven, Pentecost [which derives from the Latin for "fifty," because it occurred fifty days after Easter] is often known as "the birthday of the Christian Church.
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