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October 29, 2018
Tree of Life Mass Shooting
We cannot stand idly by when sisters and brothers of any faith group are murdered by hate. ACPE will continue to teach the kind of multifaith appreciation and understanding that transforms hearts and minds, especially in a moment like this. Our hearts are broken with the community of the Tree of Life Synagogue.  May we make tikkun olam real even here, even now.
ACPE Developing New Member Sites
John Roch 2018
John Roch,  Director of Communications
Earlier in October, Trace mentioned in his monthly 
article that we are developing a Microsoft SharePoint site. SharePoint has been around since 2001 and is one of the top business collaboration resources today. The addition of SharePoint to our existing website will modernize how we work, collaborate, and communicate. For the first time, all ACPE members will connect on the same platform allowing for greater collaboration with message boards, file sharing, instant messaging, and video conferencing. 

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2018 ACPE Runoff Election Reminder & Election Results
Earlier in October, in accordance with its bylaws, ACPE emailed ballots to eligible voters to elect members of the Board of Directors, Accreditation Commission, Certification Commission, Professional Ethics Commission, Finance Committee, and Leadership Development Committee.

Two candidates tied for a seat on the Certification Commission resulting in the need for a runoff election. Mary Huie-Jolly and Michelle Oberwise-Lacock will participate in the runoff election to determine who will fill the tenth open seat on the commission.

Polls close at 5:00am eastern on October 31, 2018. Contact if you are unable to locate your ballot. 

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The Impact of Professional Spiritual Care
The Spiritual Care Strategic Partners are pleased to announce that you will now find on our respective websites a link to our new resource for advancing professional chaplaincy. As you know we collaborated in 2001 on the white paper, Professional Chaplaincy: Its Role and Importance in Healthcare. Since then our respective associations, as well as other associations, have published a variety of very helpful resources and research on professional spiritual care. 

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ACPE Joins AAPC at Kanuga Retreat
The ACPE-AAPC Transition Task Force continues to dialogue about a common future for their associations. The task force is currently appointing sub-committee members to explore consolidated: finances; governance and memberships; operations; and programs and curriculum. The task force plans to meet face-to-face in December at the ACPE office in Decatur, GA.

Last week, ACPE Director of Communications John Roch attended the AAPC Southeast Region's annual conference in Kanuga, NC. John met with the region's Coordinating Council and participated in the member's meetings and gatherings. It was an excellent opportunity to share and learn about each other's governance, culture, challenges, and aspirations.

Picture caption: John Roch, ACPE, and Tere Tyner Canzoneri, AAPC President, received watercolors from Cathy Hasty, a member of ACPE and AAPC, who was also in attendance at the conference.
Research Committee Review
Heather Weidemann,
ACPE Certified Educator
Welcome to the second review article in a series written by the members of the ACPE Research Committee. We have reviewed all the literature we could find that is focused on CPE Level I (formerly called "Basic") and Level II (formerly called "Advanced"). The reason for featuring these historical names is that much of what we reviewed is a number of years old. I found a brown paper backed copy of my journal article in our hospital's library dated 1982! As John Ehman observed in our initial offering for this series, old writings frequently contain wisdom for the present day. 

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Update: Survey on Bioethics Learning Opportunities
Thank you to those who responded in September to the Bioethics Learning Opportunities survey! We used your feedback to select the first three bioethics topics.

Competencies for Level I/Level II, as well as Certified Educator CPE, address integration of applied clinical ethics in the practice of spiritual care and supervision (See Objectives and Outcomes listed in Standards 309.6; 312.2; 318.6; 319.). To help educators address these core competencies we are developing a pilot online program to familiarize chaplains and students in CPE with current bioethical issues, concepts, and methods.

Check back early in 2019 for videos on: forgoing life sustaining treatment, defining death, and moral distress.
Fall Leadership Meetings
ACPE Office
ACPE leadership and staff are busily preparing for the annual fall meetings held this year from November 10-14, 2018. The ACPE Board of Directors, Accreditation Commission, and Certification Commission will meet in-person at ACPE's office in Decatur, GA. The other commissions and committees are drafting reports and proposals while gathering and presenting via videoconference.

Have a thought or idea? Contact your ACPE leadership. A complete listing is on the ACPE website.
Who? What? When? Images from ACPE's Past

Do you recognize these folks or the event in the photo above? Send us a note at .
Thank you for your responses to last week's photo! Your answers helped us identify ACPE Certified Educators Jim Anderson, (foreground: left to right) Jim Rawlings, David Johnson and Sally Schwab (second to last person). The photo was taken at the 1986 Annual Conference in Atlanta where they received certificates for Associate Supervisor. 
In Case You Missed It
2019 ACPE Annual Dues Billing Coming mid-November
As we approach our billing season, we want to provide you with information to explain your center's invoice. This year's billing statement will look similar to last year's, but there will be additional items that appear. If you have any questions after receiving your bill, please contact or call Jennifer Rochner, Senior Accountant, at (678) 636-6214 or Zizi Krasteva, Accountant Assistant, at (678) 636-6220.

2019 Annual Conference Call For Poster Applications
You are invited to submit a poster session proposal for the 2019 ACPE Annual Conference.

The ACPE Research Committee invites applications to present research posters at the 2019 ACPE Annual Conference on May 8-10 in Scottsdale, AZ. Applications will be reviewed by the Research Committee and selections will be made by the following criteria:

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Certification Updates
As we move further into using the New Certification Process, we want to take this opportunity to remind everyone of some key aspects.  For even more information, please take the time to review the documents on the New Certification Process webpage and to review the New Certification Process Manual.

Transitioning from the Old Certification Process
Mary Stewart Hall
Commission Chair
Now that we are well into the New Certification Process, we have recognized that it is not only possible, but maybe even preferable, for candidates who are in the Old Process to transition to the New Process.  While the Certification Commission previously stated that those who achieved candidacy had the choice of transitioning to the New Process, the pathway wasn't as clear as it is now, so we are once again presenting candidates with an opportunity to transition to the New Process.

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Theory Integration Presentation Mentors
Over the past few months, we held our first two training cohorts and now have 25 trained Theory Integration Presentation Mentors. As we know our numbers of CECs will continue to grow, we have scheduled our next four cohort groups so that we can train a sufficient number of mentors. If you are interested in becoming a Theory Integration Presentation Mentor, please click here to complete the sign up and indicate which training cohort will work best in your schedule. If you have questions about the mentor's role, please email Robin Booth or Anastasia Holman.
Weekly Highlights
This Week's Reflection
This was posted on another group's Facebook page recently by one who is longing for attention to and appreciation of beauty in the world. Amidst so much political discord, we could all use a little beauty:
BARTON SPRINGS by Tony Hoagland

Oh life, how I loved your cold spring mornings
of putting my stuff in the green gym-bag
and crossing wet grass to the southeast gate
to push my crumpled dollar through the slot.

When I get my allotted case of cancer,
let me swim ten more times at Barton Springs,
in the outdoor pool at 6AM, in the cold water
with the geezers and the jocks.

With my head bald from radiation
and my chemotherapeutic weight loss
I will be sleek as a cheetah
-and I will not complain about life's

pedestrian hypocrisies,
I will not consider death a contractual violation.
Let my cancer be the slow-growing kind
so I will have all the time I need

to backstroke over the rocks and little fishes,
looking upwards through my bronze-tinted goggles
into the vaults and rafters of the oaks,
as the crows exchange their morning gossip

in the pale mutations of early light.
It was worth death to see you through these optic nerves,
to feel breeze through the fur on my arms
to be chilled and stirred in your mortal martini.

In documents elsewhere I have already recorded
my complaints in some painstaking detail.
Now, because all things are joyful near water,
there just might be time to catch up on praise. 
Colin Brown,
Summer CPE Intern
Colin Brown was a Summer 2018 CPE intern at Atlanta Medical Center, a satellite of the Training and Counseling Center at St. Luke's CPE program, where he found deep joy in the practice of chaplaincy. He is a second-year MDiv student in the Episcopal Studies Program at Emory University's Candler School of Theology. Colin is a postulant for Holy Orders in the Episcopal Church and hopes to be ordained to the priesthood after graduation from seminary. An Atlanta native, he lives in northwest Atlanta with his wife and two young daughters.

Resurrection in their Eyes

You've fallen and hit your head, and you're in the emergency room alone.
Your old mind is groggy from the pain medicine, but you're alone and you're scared.

You're a 16 year old kid, the kind who gives his parents hell, keeping them up at night.
You've flipped your 4-wheeler, severely injuring your not-yet-fully-formed brain, and now your parents are still up at night, holding vigil by your bedside.

Many of us find the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory to be a helpful tool, even as we know that there is really no science to support its efficacy. A new book, "The Personality Brokers," by Merve Emre was released earlier this year and provides an almost cinematic account of the birth of the inventory, the relationships of the mother-daughter inventors with Carl Jung, and the current state of the inventory. If you don't have time to read the book, here's good review: 

The Tyranny of Personality Testing
Wednesday, October 31 Halloween
* Reformation Day - Christianity [Protestant churches]
This day commemorates October 31, 1517 C.E., when Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany, eventually leading to the Protestant Reformation in Europe. Most Protestant Christian churches will mark this on Sunday, October 28th.

* Samhain - Wicca
Celebration of the Celtic New Year. The dying God returns to the womb of the Goddess in preparation for rebirth at Yule. The souls of ancestors and those who have died during the turning of the past year's wheel are remembered. Vegan Wiccans harvest nuts, the kernels of which symbolize wisdom.

Thursday, November 1
* All Saints Day - Christianity [Western churches]
A commemoration of the lives of people, known and unknown, whose holiness and compassion toward others represent the best Christian virtues. In some Christian traditions, the following day is reserved for intercessions for the dead and is known as All Souls' Day. Latino/a people in North and Central America mark these days in connection with celebrations of Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead.

Friday, November 2
* Coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I - Rastafari
Because Rastafarians recognize Haile Selassie (born Ras Tafari Makonnen in 1892; died in 1975) as an incarnation of God and a messiah who will lead the peoples of Africa and the African Diaspora to freedom, peace, and prosperity, his coronation day as Emperor of Ethiopia in 1930 is remembered as a major festival.

Sunday, November 4
* Qudrat - Bahá'í
The beginning of the thirteenth month of the Bahá'í year, meaning "power."
Visit the ACPE website for more information. 
  • ACPE Certified Educator Jacob George from Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, OK is volunteering at Bay Medical Center Sacred Heart in Panama City, FL which sustained structural, roof, water damage, as well as cooling and plumbing issues, and loss of information systems during Hurricane Michael. All the in-patients have been evacuated. The ER is being kept open with staff from their sister hospitals across the country. The hospital has about 1,700 employees, most of whom have been impacted. Jacob has been assigned to provide spiritual care and support to employees and their families, serve as ER chaplain, and work alongside FEMA, etc. Please keep Jacob and all those impacted by recent hurricanes in your thoughts and prayers. 
  • Rev. MaryBeth Hayes father died this past week. John A. Hayes, Jr, 83, from Bloomfield CT, died on October 21, 2018 at home surrounded by MaryBeth, her partner Nan and her mother after a long struggle with multiple medical problems. A Memorial Service for John will be held at Bloomfield Congregational Church, 10 Wintonbury Ave, Bloomfield CT, on November 17, 2018 at 3 p.m.  
Visit the ACPE Memorials and Milestones page for more details. Please email to add someone to our thoughts.
This Week's Career Opportunities & Residency/CEC Openings
  • Career Opportunities 
  • Associate CPE Educator, Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT
  • Chaplain, Stony Brook Medicine, Stony Brook, NY
Visit the ACPE website for a complete list of Career Opportunities and Residency/CEC Openings.

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Other Happenings This Week
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