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October 8, 2018
View from the Road
Wayne Menking,
One of the joys of getting around the organization is to see the varied ways that centers and educators are applying our educational process to teach persons in other professions, not just about spiritual care, but simply the basic skill and art of having a presence that listens and understands. As I've made my way around, I have heard stories that have a similar sound: "I'm doing a unit of CPE for medical doctors," or "I'm doing a unit of CPE for administrators." Taking further notice, I realized that the common theme in these stories is the educators' vision that what we teach has profound possibilities for the development of persons in other professional arenas. Just as important is their realization that persons in other professions may actually want the kind of training we offer, even if they may not verbalize it.

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2018 ACPE Election
This week, in accordance with its bylaws, ACPE will hold an election to elect members of the Board of Directors, Accreditation Commission, Certification Commission, Professional Ethics Commission, Finance Committee, and Leadership Development Committee. 

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2019 Annual Conference Call For Poster Applications
You are invited to submit a poster session proposal for the 2019 ACPE Annual Conference.

The ACPE Research Committee invites applications to present research posters at the 2019 ACPE Annual Conference on May 8-10 in Scottsdale, AZ. Applications will be reviewed by the Research Committee and selections will be made by the following criteria:

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Did You Know?
Did you know that the ACPE Membership Directory is available to all members? Keep in touch with your colleagues around the globe by logging into your ACPE account. Need to find someone specific? Use our sorting feature to filter by state, member type, last name, and more.

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Who? What? When? Images from ACPE's Past

Do you recognize these folks or the event in the photo above? Send us a note at .
Thank you for your responses to last week's photo! Your answers helped us identify the four men in the foreground ( from left to right) Mark Anderson, Ron Morgan, Riley Eubank, and Mike Carlson.
In Case You Missed It
Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry
Formation, Supervision and Gender Diversity

In the last few decades there has been a significant change in how gender and human sexuality is understood. Correspondingly there has been an expression of greater gender diversity among the general population. So it is then, more seminarians and other students preparing for religious leadership, do not identify with or transcend conventional gender norms.

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ACPE & AAPC Explore a Common Future
Amy Greene
Amy Greene, 
Board Chair
On August 28, 2018, the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC) Board of Directors voted unanimously to send ACPE a Letter of Intent (LOI) indicating that AAPC would like to become a part of ACPE. Earlier today, Tere Tyner Canzoneri, AAPC President, wrote her membership to inform them of our discussions. You can read her letter here.

The ACPE Board of Directors will meet via videoconference in the next couple of weeks to carefully review the LOI and decide if the agreement meets with our mission and strategic plan. 

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Transitioning from the Old Certification Process
Mary Stewart Hall
Commission Chair
Now that we are well into the New Certification Process, we have recognized that it is not only possible, but maybe even preferable, for candidates who are in the Old Process to transition to the New Process.  While the Certification Commission previously stated that those who achieved candidacy had the choice of transitioning to the New Process, the pathway wasn't as clear as it is now, so we are once again presenting candidates with an opportunity to transition to the New Process.

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Theory Integration Presentation Mentors
Over the past few months, we held our first two training cohorts and now have 25 trained Theory Integration Presentation Mentors. As we know our numbers of CECs will continue to grow, we have scheduled our next four cohort groups so that we can train a sufficient number of mentors. If you are interested in becoming a Theory Integration Presentation Mentor, please click here to complete the sign up and indicate which training cohort will work best in your schedule. If you have questions about the mentor's role, please email Robin Booth or Anastasia Holman.
Spiritual Care Week 2018
Weekly Highlights
This Week's Reflection
The experience of a loss has a strange here and gone polarity within it, where the one who is gone is both no longer here and yet present in memories, artifacts, smells, sounds and songs. This poem captures the both/and quality in a way that invites a slow, contemplative reading:
You Were You Are Elegy
By Mary Jo Bang

Fragile like a child is fragile.
Destined not to be forever.
Destined to become other
To mother. Here I am
Sitting on a chair, thinking
About you. Thinking
About how it was
To talk to you.
How sometimes it was wonderful
And sometimes it was awful.
How drugs when drugs were
Undid the good almost entirely
But not entirely
Because good could always be seen
Glimmering like lame glimmers
In the window of a shop
Called Beautiful
Things Never Last Forever.
I loved you. I love you. You were.
And you are. Life is experience.
It's all so simple. Experience is
The chair we sit on.
The sitting. The thinking
Of you where you are a blank
To be filled
In by missing. I loved you.
I love you like I love
All beautiful things.
True beauty is truly seldom.
You were. You are
In May. May now is looking onto
The June that is coming up.
This is how I measure
The year. Everything Was My Fault
Has been the theme of the song
I've been singing,
Even when you've told me to quiet.
I haven't been quiet.
I've been crying. I think you
Have forgiven me. You keep
Putting your hand on my shoulder
When I'm crying.
Thank you for that. And
For the ineffable sense
Of continuance. You were. You are
The brightest thing in the shop window
And the most beautiful seldom I ever saw.
With the growing interest in and commitment to research in the ACPE, many folks are looking for tools and resources to help them develop proposals, instruments and comparisons. Many folks know about the Pew Center and it's incredible data set. If you're not familiar with the ARDA data set and tools, it is a great site for all of the above as well. Take a look: 

Tuesday, October 9
* Navaratra or Navaratri Dusserha - Hinduism
The beginning of a nine-day festival of the divine mother, honoring Shiva's wife Durga and seeking her blessings. It is also observed as a celebration recalling the days of Lord Krishna. Fasting and prayer are practiced.

Friday, October 12
* Ghambar Ayathrem - Zoroastrianism [through Tuesday, October 16]
This festival celebrates the creation of plants, the sowing of winter crops, and herds' return from pasture.

Saturday, October 13
* Nichiren Shonin Memorial - Buddhism
This day celebrates the monk (1222 - 1282 C.E.) who encouraged his followers to devote themselves to the Lotus Sutra as the exclusive means to enlightenment.
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  • Congratulations to ACPE Certified Educator Fr. Adrian Budica on the birth of his daughter. Baby girl Solomia Vera Budica was born on Sept 20, 2018 weighing a little over 9 lbs. Mama, baby and (now) big brother Elias are all well. 
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This Week's Career Opportunities & Residency/CEC Openings
  • Career Opportunities 
  • Director, Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy, Howard County General Hospital, Columbia, MD
  • Residency/CEC/CPE Unit Openings
  • Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Tallahassee, FL
  • Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, Grand Rapids, MI
  • St. Luke's Health System, Boise, ID
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Other Happenings This Week
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