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September 3, 2018
Happy Labor Day

Learning Compassion
Amy Greene
Amy Greene
Board Chair
I'm currently in the teacher certification process for Cognitively Based Compassion Training - the amazing program born of a partnership between Tibetan monks and Emory University. CBCT is mentioned in the 2017 book Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain and Body by bestselling authors Daniel Goleman (of Emotional Intelligence fame) and Richard Davidson, founder of the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin, Madison). This book has the most up-to-date research on how the brain really can significantly change - not just in the moments of meditation, but in much more durable way. It turns out, you can teach old dogs new tricks and this old dog is very relieved and hopeful.

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CPE across Borders  
Dagmar Grefe
ACPE Certified Educator
Earlier this year in January, I had the privilege of visiting Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel, during an ACPE mission trip. As a result of the connections I made during the trip, my CPE summer students at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), linked for two seminars with chaplaincy students of Rambam Hospital.

Rabbi Michael Schultz, Director of Spiritual Care at Rambam Hospital, invited me to teach his chaplains studying in a specialty pediatric unit, the first of its kind in Israel. 

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Award Criteria and Nominations Now Available - Nominations due September 4th 
Effective January 1, 2018 the ACPE Foundation Service Awards Committee will receive award nominations, review award nominations, and make a recommendation to the ACPE Foundation Board for awardee selection. This slate of awardees will be shared with the ACPE Board of Directors.

The first task of the new Service Awards Committee was to review the current awards and recognition, procedures, and policies. Below are the revamped criteria and processes including a new award - the ACPE Inspiration Award!

Who? What? When? Images from ACPE's Past

Do you recognize these folks or the event in the photo above? Send us a note at .
Thank you for your responses to last week's photo! W e received the following response from ACPE Educator Emeritus John Moody, "The smiling person in the center of the picture is Len Cedarleaf, who was an ACPE Supervisor in Sacramento, CA at a juvenile corrections facility. He was a student of Pappy Boisen, a member of the 1967 writing group that created ACPE, sixth ACPE President (1978-79), and former Pacific Regional Director. The time of this picture is likely early 1980's. The place looks like the Mercy Center, Burlingame, CA, where the Pacific Region met for many years. When business and committee meetings were over, most evenings were spent playing poker. For Len it was his way of teaching life lessons to new SES's and Supervisors. Poker was a common entertainment following regional and national meetings."
Others identified in the photo, from Len's right, are Cal Brand, John Moody, and Dan DeArment.
Support ACPE on Your Birthday
Did you know Facebook allows you to raise money for your favorite charity on your birthday? We invite you to support ACPE with a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser! Two weeks before your birthday, Facebook users will receive a prompt asking if you want to dedicate your birthday to a special cause. Simply select "Foundation for Clinical Pastoral Education" as your charity. Then, you can begin to ask your Facebook friends in a fun way to support ACPE through a gift that changes lives through quality spiritual care education.
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In Case You Missed It
Transitioning from the Old Certification Process
Mary Stewart Hall
Commission Chair
Now that we are well into the New Certification Process, we have recognized that it is not only possible, but maybe even preferable, for candidates who are in the Old Process to transition to the New Process.  While the Certification Commission previously stated that those who achieved candidacy had the choice of transitioning to the New Process, the pathway wasn't as clear as it is now, so we are once again presenting candidates with an opportunity to transition to the New Process.

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Communities of Practice Q&A Opportunities
Want to learn more about the online collaborative tools available for CoPs? Need help developing an event budget? Curious how the ACPE staff can assist with your next CoP meeting? Sign-up for an online Q&A with ACPE team members to see web demonstrations, learn about event services, and get the answers to your questions. 

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Theory Integration Presentation Mentors
Over the past few months, we held our first two training cohorts and now have 25 trained Theory Integration Presentation Mentors. As we know our numbers of CECs will continue to grow, we have scheduled our next four cohort groups so that we can train a sufficient number of mentors. If you are interested in becoming a Theory Integration Presentation Mentor, please click here to complete the sign up and indicate which training cohort will work best in your schedule. If you have questions about the mentor's role, please email Robin Booth or Anastasia Holman.
Spiritual Care Week 2018
Weekly Highlights
This Week's Reflection
As we celebrate Labor Day, we are mindful of how far we have come as a society in the ways we think about work, and we are also aware that so many of our people feel under threat by the latest round of budget cuts, by shifting priorities within their center, by a sense that the world they trained for is not the world they now must serve. Like the students who will begin residencies in coming days, all of us begin again and again and again. This poem by David Whyte from his new collection provides some guidance and opportunity for reflection about this paradox in which we always and already live:
"There is a Road Always Beckoning" by David Whyte

There is a road

When you see
the two sides
of it
closing together
at that far horizon
and deep in
your own
at exactly
the same
that's how
you know
it's where
to go.

That's how
you know
it's the road
to follow.

how you know.

It's just beyond
where you
need to be.

The Bell and the Blackbird
Poetry by David Whyte
April 2018 © David Whyte and Many Rivers Press

Our neighbors to the north have a wonderful site of letters that share in ways simple, sometimes poetic, sometime complex what others mean to them. Tissue alert:

Read "Before You Go"
Patricia Wilson-Cone
Patricia Wilson-Cone
ACPE Certified Educator
The Rev. Patricia A. Wilson-Cone is an ACPE Certified Educator and Manager of CPE at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage, AK. Her reflection "Just the Other Day" first appeared in her center's monthly newsletter. She may be contacted at

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Monday, September 3
* Sri Krishna Jayanti or Krishna Janmashtami - Hinduism
A festival celebrating the birth of Krishna, the eighth incarnation of the god Vishnu, whose purpose was to destroy the demon Kansa who was responsible for evil's increase in the world.

Thursday, September 6
* Paryushana-parva begins [until Thursday, September 13] - Jainism
The holiest period of the year for the ascetic Shvetambara sect, this festival celebrates Jain ideals through fasting, worship, and reading the life-story of Lord Mahavira from the Kalpasutra. Believers impose restraints on their daily activities by fasting, meditation, and prayer. The last day of Paryushana is called Samvatsari (Thursday, September 13) and is a solemn occasion for examining one's thoughts and feelings, and for asking forgiveness for offenses committed against others through deeds, words, or thoughts.

Saturday, September 8
* 'Izzat - Bahá'í
The beginning of the tenth month of the Bahá'í year, meaning "might."

* Nativity of the Mother of God [Theotokos] or Birth of the Blessed Virgin - Christianity
This festival celebrates the birth of Mary, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth. In Eastern Orthodox churches she is known by the honorific of Theotokos.

Sunday, September 9
* Rosh Hashanah begins - Judaism
Beginning at sundown is New Year's Day for the year 5779 and the anniversary of the creation of the world. Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah with the blowing of the shofar (ram's horn) and apples and honey, marking it as the first of the Ten Days of Awe [or Repentance].

* Festival of Ksitigarbha (Jizō) Bodhisattva - Buddhism
Celebrating Ksitigarbha (Jizō) Bodhisattva, the savior of beings who suffer in the hellish realms, as well as the guardian of expectant mothers, travelers, and deceased children in Japanese culture.
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  • The Rev. Ken Siess, ACPE Educator Emeritus from Edina, Minnesota, died on August 24, 2018 following a progressive illness. 
  • William (Bill) A. Derstin died peacefully August 8, 2018. He was born on October 12, 1933 in Perkasie, PA to Abram N. and Ruth H. Landis Derstine.
  • Chaplain Major, Rev. Matthew M. R. Watkins, Th. M. presented at the National Baptist Convention's Congress of Christian Education, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, held June 18-22, 2018. Rev. Watkins presented during the mandated annual Chaplains Professional Development Institute, which is the granting agency for national ecclesiastical endorsement. He addressed matters of question concerning Bi-Vocational Pastors/Chaplains Issues and Mental Health First Aid to Law Enforcement and other Pubic Studios.
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This Week's Career Opportunities & Residency/CEC Openings
  • Residency/CEC/CPE Unit Openings
  • Bronson Methodist Hospital, Kalamazoo, MI
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH
  • Sisters of Charity Hospital, Buffalo, NY
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Other Happenings This Week
  • No happenings reported this week. 
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