March 13, 2023

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Weekly Devotional

Psalm 119:12-16

Blessed are you, O Lord;

teach me your statutes.

With my lips I declare

all the ordinances of your mouth.

I delight in the way of your decrees

as much as in all riches.

I will meditate on your precepts

and fix my eyes on your ways.

I will delight in your statutes;

I will not forget your word.


As Christians, we often find ourselves questioning right from wrong; we desire the purity that comes from following the footsteps of Jesus; we seek His discernment but fall short of temptation too often. Consequently, we ask ourselves, what is the right way to live in accordance with God and his vision?


My best answer is we must carefully revert back to the calmness and goodness of the Bible. In Psalm 119, Verses 12-16, the psalmist praises and exalts God, telling Him all the different ways that they follow His commands. There is a use of synonymous words that resound throughout the text: decrees, laws, statutes, precepts, ways, word. All of these words relatively mean the same as “law.”


Without any biblical context, some may find the word “law” appalling; we naturally (or at least me) do not like to face rules. However, when it comes to our Lord, our Best Friend, Guide, Leader, Inspiration, Dwelling, and Heart, it is His authority that opens the gateways to endless peace and freedom. Stop and think about that; isn’t it ironic that rules and guidelines lead to freedom?


An excellent note from an author in my life application Bible states in response, “Most of us chafe under rules, for we think they restrict us from doing what we want. At first glance, then, it may seem strange to hear the writer talk of rejoicing in following God’s statutes as much as in great riches. But God’s laws were given to free us to be all he wants us to be. They restrict us from doing what might cripple us and keep us from being our best.”


Oftentimes because we do not know all of God’s Ways, we have to perceive information in the Bible to derive the meaning, make personal conclusions, and form educated guesses. It is far too easy to fall into the trap of “perceiving” something that we want to think is right but is actually false. To avoid this, we can ask ourselves, “Is there a more probable meaning to God’s text, even if it is something that I do not like the idea of as much?” I can imagine that the Pharisees either approached the text with a closed mind or a selfish one. For example, they condemned many acts of lawful work on the Sabbath. However, one time, Jesus implied that acts of grace like healing cannot be punished even on the Sabbath. Although the Pharisees should have intuitively known that, Jesus had to explain it regardless.


While Jesus was good every second of his life, there will never be a human that can match his perfectness. For that reason, we must acknowledge our wrongdoings and humble ourselves. God’s true law, the epitome of Jesus’s life, may guide us, and anything else we may deter. You may achieve this by seeking the transparent truth, knowing that you might be unconsciously wrong with your end belief, and that is okay as long as you can acknowledge the possibility of being wrong. So, when we think of God’s law now, we need to know that good or bad things can come out of it, and if we can extract the truth of God’s laws, they will bring immense beauty to God, ourselves, and our loved ones. So go be like the psalmist! “Meditate” on the Lord’s Ways, and “Rejoice” in them like you “Rejoice” in great riches! Open your heart to God’s laws as his heart is open to you! Amen!


-Austin Frantz

Lenten Devotional

Throughout Lent, each day will feature a devotional and music selection available on the RCPC Blog. You can subscribe to the RCPC Blog to receive the daily Lenten Devotionals in your email inbox from Wednesday, February 22 through Saturday, April 8, 2023. Subscribe at the link below.

Lenten Devotional

Fellowship & Community Happenings

Easter Flowers

If you would like to dedicate Easter Flowers in honor or memory of someone special, please complete envelope in the pew rack with name(s) for dedication along with a check, note "Easter Flowers” in the memo. Place the envelope in the offering plate. Deadline to order is March 29. A list will be included in the bulletin on Easter Day, April 9. Cost per dedication is $13. You can also complete the form online at

Fellowship Dinners

Fellowship Dinners continue this winter and spring each Wednesday at 6:15 PM. Meals are a suggested donation of $7 for an individual 12 years and up, $5 for children ages 4-11, and free for 3 and younger, with a max of $20 for a family. Please register by noon the Tuesday before each meal online at

Menu for March 15: Chicken & Rice Casserole, Salad Bar, Bread, Mega Chocolate Cake, Squash & Quinoa Casserole

Menu for March 22: Spaghetti & Meatballs, Italian Green Beans, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Brownies a la mode, Vegan Meatball

Fellowship Dinner Weekly Sign-Up
Fellowship Dinner Volunteer Sign-Up

Earth Care at RCPC

Earth care has been an important issue to many of us, and has been increasingly a topic of concern in many pockets throughout our church family. We’ve gotten to hear from Dr. Laura Hartman talking on environmental issues, and learned from our Youth about climate change and conservation at their local mission week last summer. Taking care of the environment and all of God’s creation is something we can all take a part in. We’d like to continue this conversation and find more ways we, as a congregation, can incorporate environmental care and conservation in our church and community.

If this is something you’ve been thinking about too, or want to learn more about, please let us know by contacting Abby Pierson at 864-361-6274 or by email at Let’s get together and find more ways we can combine earth care with our worship! 

NCAA Tournament Brackets

Join the RCPC NCAA Tournament bracket for this year's basketball tournament. Join in the fun with fellow congregants to see who can take home the title:

NCAA Men's Tournament Bracket

NCAA Women's Tournament Bracket

May the best predictor win!

Church Softball

Spring will be here soon and with spring comes Church Softball Season! We’d love to have a team play in the City Recreation League this Spring. In order for us to play we need at least 10 players and a willing team manager to coordinate the team. If being the softball team manager is up your alley please contact Jeff Bossert, chair of the Fellowship Committee at

Preschool Door 

Decorating Contest

In honor of Read Across America/National Reading Month, the RCPC Preschool held a door decorating contest! They all worked really hard on their fantastic doors and now we need you to vote for your favorite! Check out each door and then at the bottom vote for your favorite. Voting closes Friday, March 17. Please only vote once.

Door Decorating Contest Voting

Christian Education

The Pharisee in Me

Sermon Series

Jesus was not crucified because evil people plotted his death. Jesus died because he wasn’t good enough for the religious people. How often do we sit in the seat of those who are convinced that they are correct and righteous? Would we want Jesus crucified too? This Lent we will examine how we try and live by the “correct” standards and how our obsession with being “good” might actually lead to the most evil results.


March 5

 “On the Inside” -- Matthew 15:1-20

March 12

“Self-Deception" -- Matthew 16:1-12

March 19

“Will This Be on the Test?” -- Matthew 22:34-39

March 26

“Public Image” -- Matthew 23:1-12

April 2

 “Save Us Our Way” -- Matthew 21:1-11

April 9

 “The Good Redeemed" -- Matthew 28:1-10

Adult Sunday School Offerings: February 26 - April 2

The Seekers: Sermon on the Mount by Amy-Jill Levine (DVD)

In Sermon on the Mount, Dr. Amy-Jill Levine takes a detailed and colorful overview of Matthew 5-7, collectively known as Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. Through Dr. Levine’s engaging method of biblical interpretation, learners will come away with a solid understanding of the Sermon on the Mount in its full historical and theological context. Room 201

For Doubters, Skeptics and Cynics: A Lenten Study of Ecclesiastes

The writer of Ecclesiastes -- Qohelet, the Preacher -- speaks in a register that does not often appear in the Bible: philosophical grappling with a world apparently beyond comprehension, and a God who too often seems absent. Reading through Qohelet’s questions, answers, and musings should give us plenty to think about as we pass through the Lenten season where we remember Jesus’ 40 days of testing in the wilderness. Led by Mike Lockaby, Room 101

Seculosity: How Career, Parenting, Technology, Food, Politics, and Romance Became Our New Religion and What to Do about It by David Zahl

Seculosity makes the case that being religious is alive and well in modern society. While American organized religion may be declining, the desire to fill the void with everyday life pursuits is another form of worship. In our striving, we chase a sense of enoughness, but it remains out of reach. Human effort and striving is causing burnout, depression, and anxiety. Even our leisure activities, such as dating and movie watching, become to-do list items and once accomplished, we hope to feel contentment with ourselves. Seculosity takes a thoughtful yet light-hearted tour of “performancism” and its cousins. Author David Zahl challenges the conventional narrative of religious decline claiming society has become religious about busyness and accomplishments. Zahl unmasks the competing loyalties our lives revolve around in a way that is approachable, personal, and accurate. Eventually, Zahl brings readers to a fresh appreciation for grace -- the grace of God in all its counter cultural wonder. Led by The Rev. Andrew Whaley, Room 102

Opportunity for Generosity & Mission Updates

Lent Opportunity for Generosity: Almsgiving

This Lenten season we will again be engaging in the spiritual practice of Almsgiving - giving intentionally of what we have to others. The hope is that items are brought in weekly so that each week we are reminding ourselves to be considerate of others as we do our shopping and go about our lives. 

For the first three Sundays of Lent, we will be providing items to support the Presbyterian Community Center’s food pantry and for the last three Sundays of Lent, we will be supporting the food pantry as well as leggings for girls at Woodrow Wilson Middle School. When bringing in a canned item, a pull-top lid is preferable.


For the Presbyterian Community Center: 

  • February 26 - Canned: Chicken, Tuna, Salmon, Beef Stew, and Chili; Canned and Dry Beans 
  • March 5 - Canned: Spinach, Carrots, Beets, Mixed Veggies, Turnips, and Diced Tomatoes
  • March 12 - Boxed Cereal, Oatmeal, Pancake Mix, Pancake Syrup, and Jelly


For Woodrow Wilson Middle School:

  • March 19 - Canned or individually packaged fruit
  • March 26 - Boxed Mac and Cheese, Noodles/Pasta, Spaghetti Sauce
  • April 2 - Leggings, Size Girls 10 through Adults 10 

Meal Train for Roena Barbre

Roena Barbre had neck nerve surgery this week and may be in a neck brace for 4-6 weeks. Let's help Roena and Marvin with meals as she recovers! To sign up to provide a meal, visit

Join the Meal Train Group

RCPC uses a dedicated email list to send out Meal Train requests. If you would like to join our group to be notified whenever there is a need, please email Katelyn Burton at to be added. Thank you for your generosity.

Sudanese Mission Needs

A 10th grade South Sudanese girl needs tutoring for her English 10 and Algebra I classes. Anyone willing and able to help please contact Sandra at 540-330-3451 or

Two families need a reliable car. If you have one to donate (tax credit) or sell, please let Sandra know.

Together in Prayer

Prayer Requests

Roena Barbre, Dawn Blakeman, Lisa Boylan, Donn Branch, Brendan Brown (Kathy and Les Brown's grandson), Billy Grove, Susan Lindstrom, Joe McCrobie, Betsy Neathawk, Nancy Smith (Alan Smith’s mother), Roger Tims, and all caregivers.

(Prayers request as of Friday, March 10 Names in bold indicate an addition to the prayer list this week.)

This Week @ RCPC

Birthdays: March 13-19

3/13 Nancy Favor, Emily Gannon

3/15 Gary Scott, Hazel Skinner, Nancy Trussell

3/16 Marsha Ellison, Violette Gannon, Amy Thisdell

3/17 Mark Currie, Louise Morris, Sylvia Mutcheson, Scot Thomas, Jack Whitehead

3/18 Dick Kepley, Susan Lindstrom

3/19 David Burtis, Helen Hertz

Monday, March 13

9:00 AM - Preschool

10:00 AM - Monday Morning Prayer Group

10:30 AM - Small Group: "The Pastor's Porch" - Whaley

6:00 PM - Fellowship Committee

6:30 PM - Cub Scouts

7:00 PM - BSA Troop 2

7:00 PM - Deacons

Tuesday, March 14

9:00 AM - Preschool

10:15 AM - Presbyterian Women

10:30 AM - Primary Purpose: AA

4:00 PM - Small Group: “The Parking Lot Fools” – Dixon

6:00 PM - Tai Chi

7:15 PM - Raleigh Court Ringers

8:00 PM - Small Group: “Soul Sisters” - Biddle


Wednesday, March 15

9:00 AM - Preschool

12:15 PM - Preschool Staff Meeting/Planning

4:00 PM - God Alive

6:15 PM - Fellowship Dinner

7:00 PM - Small Group: "The After Dinner Crowd" - Sackett

7:00 PM - Preschool Committee

7:15 PM - Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, March 16

9:00 AM - Preschool

9:00 AM - Hunger Mission Packing

10:00 AM - Centering Prayer (St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church)

10:30 AM - Primary Purpose: AA

4:30 PM - Tai Chi

6:30 PM - Hip Sober Chicks

7:00 PM - Third Thursday Evening Prayer Service


Friday, March 17

9:00 AM - Preschool

11:45 AM - Al-Anon

5:00 PM - Girl Scout Troop 170

7:00 PM - Youth Lock-In Starts


Saturday, March 18

7:00 AM - Youth Lock-In Ends

10:00 AM - Susan Currie Funeral

Sunday, March 19


9:00 AM - Worship – Chapel

10:00 AM - Sunday School

11:00 AM - Worship – Sanctuary

12:15 PM - Youth Bells

12:15 PM - Youth Committee

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