October 25, 2021
Fall 2021 Service Time:
9:00 AM - Chapel
10:00 AM - Sunday School
11:00 AM - Sanctuary & Livestream
Baby & Toddler Nursery available at both 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM services
Wednesday Outdoor Communion Service - 7:00 AM.
“The princes of Israel in you, everyone according to his power, have been bent on shedding blood. Father and mother are treated with contempt in you; the alien residing within you suffers extortion; the orphan and the widow are wronged in you. You have despised my holy things, and profaned my sabbaths.”
-Ezekiel 22: 6-8

Ezekiel’s indictment of Israel combines neglect for God and neglect for neighbor. I hear a lot in the news every day about ways we have mistreated and abused one another. What I almost never hear is that this abuse of each other is a result of no longer holding anything as holy, especially time.

I wonder if the “princes of Israel” were observing the Sabbath faithfully, if the ordinary citizens cared for this day of worship and rest, if they would honor their parents, attend to the stranger in their lang, and care for the widow and orphan. I think they would.  

In our efforts to maximize efficiency and increase production and protect from the enemy, we miss those moments to step back and evaluate, to take the deep breath, to remember again why we are striving so hard in the first place.

Sabbath gives us that moment to pause and assess. A king who honors Sabbath remembers that he is a servant and not a tyrant. A child who is busy six days a week remembers on the Sabbath that there are a mother and father who wish he’d call and check in. On Sabbath the stranger, the widow and orphan are allowed to rest from their subsistence lives in the same way the merchant or aristocrat is.

Note how God calls them “my sabbaths.” That possessive pronoun matters. Left to our own ways, we would not pause, reflect, or evaluate if our lives aligned with a holy purpose. Functionality, pleasure, and efficiency would drive the day. We would never invent the sabbath. It belongs to God. Only a remembering of holy time to honor a holy God draws us into it again.

Today is Monday. That’s not a Sabbath, but today is a day to begin planning for your next Sabbath day. How can you structure this week so the Sabbath can be honored? How will that structure remind you to honor your parents and care for the neglected and to see your own power as an opportunity to serve and give? Work this week. Then honor the Lord’s Sabbath.  

O God, let us work in the day.
Let us rest in the night.
Let us order our days so we can honor your Sabbaths,
and thus honor our loved ones and neighbors with the care they deserve
because you are a holy God who makes time and people sacred.  

-The Rev. Andrew C. Whaley, Head of Staff
Salvation Army Red Kettle Bell Ringers
NEEDED: Bell Ringer during the Advent Season to ring the bells for the Salvation Army Red Kettle station at Grandin Village
DATES: November 18 through December 24 from 10:00 AM and to 6:00 PM.
It can be a challenge to get a group together to cover the whole day, shifts are 2-hours each. Sign-up sheet is in the Gathering Area. Please sign up today!
Pictorial Directory
Get ready for a new Pictorial Directory! Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church will be creating a new pictorial directory for our members and friends of the congregation. Online sign-up for scheduling pictures opens beginning the week of September 5 and runs through the week of October 10. Picture dates: Thursday, October 28, and Friday, October 29 Thursday, November 4, and Friday, November 5. All dates are 2:00 PM to 8:30 PM each day. Online sign-ups: tinyurl.com/RCPCPictureSignUp

Are you still using a landline or are you only using your cell phone?
Have you changed your contact information with the church office yet?
Well, please make sure to update your contact information with the office.
To do so please contact Anne Currin with your updates at anne@rcpres.org or call the church at 540 343-5541 x 11.
We want to make sure that we submit the most current contact information for all members for the new Pictorial Directory.
Thank you for your attention to these details.
Amazon Smile to Benefit the Rent Assistance Funds Distributed by PCC and RAM
Already shopping on Amazon? Why not have your purchases support RCPC's support of the rent assistance funds distributed by PCC and RAM at the same time! AmazonSmile is a simple way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. AmazonSmile is available at smile.amazon.com on your web browser and can be activated in the Amazon Shopping app for iOS and Android phones. When you shop AmazonSmile, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection, and convenient shopping experience as Amazon.com, with the added benefit that AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.
In Balance Tai Chi meditative movement for health & wellness
Beginners (5:30 pm Tuesdays) & Continuing Students (5:00 pm Thursdays). To try out a free class: call or text Gloria Elliott @ 540-632-2323; email inbalancetaichi@hotmail.com Speak to Linda Marshall about scholarships for RCPC members.
Advent Kits Coming Soon!
Our Advent kits last year helped us to connect in a time when we were apart. This year we are so grateful to be together in worship and within the life of the church. as we approach the season of Advent. This year we will continue with the gift of our Advent kits so that you have activities and practices to engage with during this holy season, both within the church and within the quiet moments of your home. Your Advent kit will include weekly Advent specific practices for people of all ages. If you'd like to receive one of these kits, online signups will begin the week of October 31.
Small Groups
Small Groups resumed last week. We have space for newcomers in several of our existing small groups, contact Leigh Sackett if you need more information! Being a part of a small group is an experience rich in personal connection and spiritual growth. In small groups we discuss what is shared in worship, therefore the experience of worship is more deeply ingrained into our minds and hearts. As we contemplate it all together the concepts take root and our faith grows! Weekly small group schedules:
Sunday: 10:00 AM-10:45 AM Sneak Peek (room 101)
Monday: 10:30 AM-12:00 PM Andrew Whaley (outside at Andrew’s house)
Tuesday: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM David Dixon (church parking lot)
              8:00 PM Jennifer Bryant (rotating homes)
Wednesday: 7:00 PM-8:30 PM Leigh Sackett (library)
Friday: 10:00 AM Elise Hansard (parlor)
Opportunity for Generosity - Peacemaking Offering
Over the next three weeks, we’re supporting a Peacemaking Offering in conjunction with the wider PCUSA. This offering’s collective effort supports resources in dealing with conflict, provide nurturing reconciliation, and stand in support of our global siblings, because the peace of Christ belongs to people everywhere. 50% of this offering will go to the Presbytery of the Peaks to support the organization Reconcile an effort by the Presbyterian Church in South Sudan to bring warring tribes, groups, and people together to promote peace and deal with PTSD. The other 50% will stay right here in Roanoke supporting three organizations working in Roanoke to prevent gun violence:
  • Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Virginia—funding for the Project Learn program, to pilot positive action violence, social, emotional, and violence reduction educational programming
  • Anew Genesis Ministries—funding to address prevention efforts in the Roanoke community through a positive mentoring and entrepreneurial skills program for young persons aged 12 through 18.
  • W.E. Charm—funding to partner with local agencies, police, mental health organizations, after-school programs and firearms safety organizations to provide a violence intervention program to young adults and youth in our local community, including mentorship and educational support, training and workshop materials to our young adult parents raising young children.
These three organizations were selected as RCPC has yet to work with them and we hope to build relationships through this offering. To donate to this offering, please donate online at rcpres.org include “Peacemaking Offering” in the notes field or mailing/dropping off a check with “Peacemaking Offering” in the memo line. We hope you’ll join us in this Peacemaking Offering.
Preschool Fall Raffle Baskets
Don’t miss your opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for your chance to win one of the amazing baskets! All money raised from this raffle will go directly to the preschool. Baskets range from arts and crafts, family games and activities, and even a weekend away at a beautiful condo at Snowshoe resort! See the links below for more details on baskets and how to purchase tickets. Ticket sales end Tuesday, November 2. Church members and others please use the wooden lockbox. Cash and checks made out to RCPC Preschool are accepted. Drawing will be held LIVE on the Preschool’s Facebook page at 11:15 am on Wednesday, November 3. Winners will also be notified by phone.
RCPC Flower Guild
The RCPC Flower Guild offers to arrange flowers in memory or in honor of a loved one. If you would like to honor a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion on a specific Sunday, please contact Anne Currin at
anne@rcpres.org or call the church at 540 343-5541. The cost is $80, which is for two arrangements placed in the chancel of the sanctuary.
October Birthdays
October 25-31
25 Brian Marsh
Cailainn Ptomey
Evan Sperger
27 Emily Mountcasle
28 Chris Rippel
Alec Travers
29 David Price
30 Ruth Whaley
The Herald
The Herald is a monthly newsletter that comes in your mailbox the first of each month. The deadline for articles is the 15th of each month to appear in the next month's newsletter.
This Week @ RCPC
The This Week @ RCPC is published every Monday morning via email. This publication is for weekly activities at RCPC. If you would like to receive this email please contact Julie Satterwhite at julie@rcpres.org or call the church office at 540-343-5541 x 107. The deadline for the This Week is noon on Wednesday prior to the Monday publication.
Video Board in the Gathering Area
Have an upcoming event? Pictures from a recent event? Want to get information displayed on the video board in the Gathering Area? Please send the information to Carole Banks at pixiebowls@gmail.com 
Prayer Requests
Dawn Blakeman, Donn Branch, Brendan Brown (Kathy and Les Brown's grandson), Marie Brown, Alice Cabaniss, Pat Davis, Mary Frances Donnelly, Chris Eberhard, Nancy Farthing, Sue and Jerry Garrett, Macie Goode, Bill Gordge, Robert “PeeWee” Hall, Mary Hampton, Lee Jewell, Susan Lindstrom, Helen Lovelace, Johnnie Maxie, Barbara Neal, Hazel Newman, Robynn Onyett, June Paxton, Lois Pollash, Marion Raney, Bryan Tims, and all caregivers.

(Prayers request as of Friday, October 22. Names in bold indicate an addition to the prayer list this week.)
Monday, October 25
9:00 AM - Preschool
10:00 AM - Monday Morning Prayer Group
10:30 AM - Small Group: Whaley
7:00 PM - BSA Troop 2
7:00 PM - Mill Mountain Ringers
7:00 PM - Session

Tuesday, October 26
9:00 AM - Preschool
10:30 AM - Primary Purpose: AA
12:30 PM - Open Door Prayers (Sanctuary)
4:30 PM - Small Group: Dixon
5:30 PM - Tai Chi
7:00 PM - Hospitality Committee (Zoom)
7:15 PM - Raleigh Court Ringers
8:00 PM - Small Group: Bryant

Wednesday, October 27
7:00 AM - Communion Outdoor Worship
9:00 AM - Preschool & Trunk or Treat
12:00 PM - Isreal's Praise #5 (Zoom)
4:00 PM - God Alive
4:00 PM - Construction Meeting
6:45 PM - Soprano Sectional
7:00 PM - Small Group: Sackett
7:15 PM - Sanctuary Choir
Thursday, October 28
Church Directory Photos
9:00 AM - Preschool
10:00 AM - Centering Prayer @ St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church
10:30 AM - Primary Purpose: AA
5:30 PM - Tai Chi
6:30 PM - Hip Sober Chicks
Friday, October 29
Church Directory Photos
9:00 AM - Preschool
10:00 AM - Small Group: Hansard
11:45 AM - Al-Anon
Sunday, October 31
9:00 AM - Worship in Chapel
10:00 AM - Sunday School & Theology Reading Group #3
11:00 AM - Worship in Sanctuary
NO Youth Choir/Bell Choir
NO Youth Group
1837 Grandin Road SW, Roanoke, Virginia 24015  540.343.5541