February 24, 2018
EBCBOR & AREAA Celebrate the Year of the Dog!
Over 200 REALTORS and industry professionals from across New Jersey and New York came out to celebrate the year of the dog with EBCBOR and AREAA! The evening had an exquisite array of traditional Asian cuisine and beverages as well as a fabulous lion dance presentation that had the entire audience captivated. EBCBOR wants to give very special thank you to our Equal Opportunity & Cultural Diversity Miriam Yu, Chair and Nathaly Castillo, Vice-Chair for helping put this amazing event together, and to all our proud sponsors for making this event a huge success. VIEW IMAGES
Monthly Indicators - 10K Reports for January 2018

Last year, U.S. consumers seemed to be operating with a renewed but cautious optimism. The stock market was strong, wages were edging upwards and home buying activity was extremely competitive. Not much has changed in 2018 in terms of those measures, yet there is a sort of seasoned prudence mixed into the high emotions that go with a major expense like a home purchase.

IRS Issues Guidance For Deducting Home Equity Loan Interest Under The New Tax Law

Word spread quickly in the days leading up to tax reform: The home mortgage interest deduction was on the chopping block. Ultimately, the deduction was spared, but the amount of home mortgage allowable for purposes of the deduction was limited to $750,000 for new mortgages. Existing mortgages were grandfathered, but that didn't appear to be the case for home equity debt, raising some questions for taxpayers

Where are Global Buyers Searching in the United States?

New data from realtor.comĀ® offers more comprehensive reporting to display true market interest of global buyers searching in the United States. The graphs below show the countries searching U.S. properties, and which U.S. cities were of most interest to them.

What Will MLS of Choice Mean for You?

A long-simmering proposal colloquially known as "MLS of Choice" has become the law of the land. Last November in Chicago, the National Association of REALTORSĀ®' Board of Directors voted 654 to 58 to revise NAR's longstanding policies for the assessment of MLS dues, fees, and charges. These changes refine terminology and update the MLS service structures to add a mandatory waiver policy enabling licensees who don't use the MLSs' services to opt out.

What's the Proven Formula for Success? Take the Next Right Step

What's that one thing that's just out of reach in your business or your life-or, what's that one thing you've always wanted to have or achieve, but seems unattainable? To varying degrees, we've all got them. The first step to achieving any goal is to simply take that first step. It doesn't have to be perfect, or even good. It's just the initial action.


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