Mountain Lion Foundation Update July 13, 2012
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Thursday, December 27, 2012
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Mountain Lions

  Photo of lion kitten laying against fence.

Half Moon Bay Lions were Starving Kittens

The California Department of Fish and Game released the results of the necropsies conducted on the remains of two mountain lions shot by law enforcement in Half Moon Bay on the first of December 2012.

Far from the subadult cats that officials had feared would threaten the public, these were kittens a third the size and age originally estimated.

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Photo of Deanna Dawn in the field.
Lions Lose a Friend: Researcher Deanna Dawn Passes Away

Just before Thanksgiving, the mountain lion research community lost a coworker and a dear friend when biologist Deanna Dawn unexpectedly passed away.

Deanna suffered a severe brain aneurism on Saturday, November 17th and despite being rushed to the hospital, never regained consciousness. Deanna was surrounded by her mother, sisters and good friends until the time she passed.

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Trail cam photo of lion walking in field.
Kansas Confirms Ninth Lion Sighting

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) confirmed the ninth sighting of a mountain lion within the state of Kansas in modern times. The sighting was originally made sometime in October on a remote trail camera by a deer hunter in Stafford County, Kansas. An investigating KDWPT biologist visited the site and confirmed the photo's validity.  

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Photo of lion face, text: Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to Common Questions About Mountain Lions

Cougar. Panther. Puma. Catamount. Whatever you call America's Lion...

he's more than a trophy...
too few in numbers...
across far less habitat...
in a land with more people.
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  Image of hunter in camo with gun in snow, text: Let the killing begin!

It's the day after Christmas, and South Dakota's lion hunters - all 4,000 or so of them - are enjoying the present South Dakota's Game, Fish and Parks Commission gave them: an early and expanded lion hunting season.

This year, so as to not frustrate all those impatient lion hunters that received new guns or hunting equipment in their Christmas stockings, the Commission moved opening day forward six days and increased the Black Hills lion hunting quota to an unprecedented level. Now the killing begins.

Reminiscent of the global warming debate, South Dakota's game commission believes that it can authorize the killing of as many mountain lions as it wants with no repercussions. As far as they are concerned there will always be sufficient lions to kill, no matter what scientists say.

The following excerpt from a letter we recently received sums up the problem facing South Dakota's lion population:

"The situation here in South Dakota is worse than grim; you would have to live here to realize what a backward state this is. Not that many of the people are not friendly, generous and hardworking, but there is a stubbornness against change (no matter how needed) that borders on pathological. That, coupled with an entrenched good-old boy political climate that views words like "environment" and "progressive" as Satan's vocabulary and subscribes to the idea that animals are only here for our enjoyment; having no other intrinsic worth other than monetary value . . . ."

Things look pretty bad for South Dakota's mountain lions. The season just started a few hours ago and already one female lion has been reported killed. Worse still are the 27 mountain lions that have died in South Dakota since the close of last year's hunting season: mortalities that don't count against this year's lion hunting quota.

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South Dakota's small lion population has proven to be critical to the recolonization of the American Midwest. However, chances are that within the next three months the population will be so decimated that experts will be more concerned as to whether it still exists, much less whether it can propagate the species in other states. 


To help fight for their survival, please donate to MLF's South Dakota Defense Fund   

Photo of MLF 2013 lion calendar with text: Bring them home for the holiadys.     
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Photo of lion and man shilouette with text: An unlikely ally for California's mountain lions.     
More than 40 years ago, Senator John Dunlap (D-Napa) made conservation history when his mountain lion hunting moratorium passed the California Legislature and became law in 1971. He recalls the fight to pass the bill and his guiding principle, "when in doubt, preserve."

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Today, MLF and our dedicated members are working hard to build upon his legacy and expand protections for America's lion, nationwide. 
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