April 14, 2018
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Community Service & Outreach Committee & BVC Mentoring Moms Program! 

The Eastern Bergen Board of Realtors Community Service committee are delighted to announce the delivery of a large donation of household cleaning products and toiletries to the Bergen County Volunteer Center this week, concluding their annual CLEAN HOMES, CLEAN FAMILIES campaign.  Enlisting the participation of realtors from all over Bergen County and with the help of eight local real estate offices, the committee collected hundreds of donated items to be distributed later this spring to families in need who are part of the BCVC's Mentoring Moms program.
Prepaid Property Tax Debate Undecided

Just a few days shy from the 2018 tax deadline on April 17, and controversy surrounding the new tax law-the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act-is leaving multitudes of homeowners uncertain about whether they should claim their prepaid property tax deductions. The new law imposes a $10,000 cap on state and local tax write-offs (previously unlimited) for both single filers and married couples, leaving tax consultants and taxpayers searching for ways to make the most of the decreased cap before it takes effect in next year's filing.

50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act

Fifty years ago on April 11, 1968, the Fair Housing Act was signed into law. This landmark legislation ensures every citizen has equal opportunities to housing. R ead through special literature, compiled from NAR's library - the world's largest real estate library.

As Chinese Investors Pull Back From U.S. CRE, Japan Is Waiting In The Wings

The impact of heightened capital controls on Chinese outbound investment is being keenly felt across the United States commercial real estate landscape. Fear not, say many industry players: There are overseas capital sources not far from China primed to fill the void.

Teaching Agents How to Leverage Social Media

If there's one thing brokers and managers understand, is the ever-changing marketing landscape. In order to stay up-to-date and make sure to be able to train their team, Labbancz tries out multiple platforms and reads endlessly on how social media continues to evolve.

Marketing Tactics Change, but Principles Stay the Same

As the real estate industry evolves, technology advances and everything moves at lightning speed, it's important to remember that while tactics change, principles don't. The basic principles of creating a successful business are as relevant today as they were several decades ago. Here are a few timeless, universal principles I've learned over my 25-plus years in sales and marketing.


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