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1. Guaido Returns to Venezuela

What's going on
Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido successfully returned to Venezuela this week at the risk of being arrested upon re-entry. He ignored a court-imposed travel ban by traveling to Latin American countries to boost support for his campaign and garner humanitarian aid for suffering Venezuelans. In January, Washington recognized Guaido as Venezuela's interim president.
What Ambassadors are saying
"Our policy is correct to get behind the reform leader Juan Guaido from the National Assembly because President Nicholas Maduro was elected fraudulently...we're on the right side backing Guaido. Our policy is moving in the right direction, my concern is a potential military clash on the Colombian border with Venezuela over convoys of humanitarian aid." (Ambassador Bill Richardson on American Ambassadors Live! Podcast )
2. U.S.-China Trade Talks Coming to a Close?

What's going on
 Last week President Trump announced on Twitter his decision to delay the March 1 deadline to increase tariffs from 10 to 25 percent on $200 billion in U.S. imports from China and hopes to conclude an agreement with President Xi at Mar-a-Lago, "assuming both sides make additional progress." If so, this would mark the end of a trade war that's continued over 240 days since July 6 of last year.
What Ambassadors are saying
"While the stakes are very high, trust is low. For China to take the risk of liberalizing during such a major economic transition, the U.S. should give China some certainty on tariff relief if China is implementing the agreement in good faith." (Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat in The Hill )
3. What happened in Hanoi?

What's going on
President Trump left the Hanoi summit with North Korea's Kim Jong-Un with no signed agreement.
What Ambassadors are saying
"It’s important to have contingency plans for different positions that a country could take...I’m hoping that after the meeting there will be some serious thinking about what we do differently next time, maybe bringing in some of the traditional ways in which we have done these kinds of agreements in the past." (Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists )

What to make of North Korea, Venezuela and U.S. Trade Policy

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson joins podcast host Ambassador Jim Rosapepe to discuss U.S. relations with North Korea, the continuing crisis in Venezuela, and the United States role in a variety of international trade policy challenges.

Listen on iTunes , Spotify , SoundCloud or online .
Ambassador and Member of Congress Francis Rooney: Revive carbon tax bill

Ambassador Rooney (R-FL) discusses his support for legislation to revive a carbon tax bill on Fox Business .
Ambassador Chin: Read the fine print

On ABS-CBN New s Ambassador Chin urged the Philippines to read the "fine print" of their loan deals with China to avoid a debt trap.
Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker on U.S.-Taliban talks:

That’s reminiscent of the Paris Peace Talks on Vietnam. The Americans' surrender was already a given. It was only the modalities that remained to be looked at.

Listen to the full interview here .
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