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April 15, 2019
Late last week, we learned that an arsonist was responsible for the burning of three historic black churches in Louisiana. It is hard not to think that somehow we have gone back in time, and yet African Americans can tell you these stories have persisted as acts of terror throughout US history including in recent years. ACPE condemns these acts and calls for our members to continue to advocate for justice, diversity and inclusion.
From the Desk of the Executive Director
Trace Haythorn,
Executive Director
It is hard to believe that over 450 of us (and probably more!) will be together at the annual conference in Scottsdale in just a couple of weeks. Commissions, committees and boards are busily finalizing agendas for their work together, and the staff has worked diligently to find accommodations for people and to address all the logistics of the conference. Though we've been doing this for decades, the energy always begins to peak at about this time as we eagerly anticipate the learning nurtured, time shared, the stories remembered, the memories made, and the good work completed.

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Update from the Interim Psychotherapy Commission: Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP) 
Russell Siler Jones,
Interim Psychotherapy Commission Member 
Mental health professionals are hungry for training in spirituality. Our professional colleagues across the psychotherapy spectrum-social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, addiction specialists, marriage and family therapists, professional counselors-want to know what pastoral counselors have known for decades: how to work respectfully within the belief- and value-systems of those they serve, while also drawing on their own belief- and value-systems to understand themselves, the people they serve, and the nature of transformation and healing.

New Resource: Topics in Bioethics
Check out our new Resource Library on the Members' Site Home Page in SharePoint!. 

In the library, you will find a series of short presentations, discussion guides, and reference lists for topics in bioethics. The series was voluntary developed by Dr. Carrie Fisher, a community member on the Children's Hospital, Los Angeles (CHLA) Spiritual Care Advisory Committee where she facilitates a monthly ethics discussion group with the staff and student chaplains.

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FAQ Regarding ACPE-AAPC Consolidation
ACPE knows well that uncertainty and questions can accompany significant change. We are committed to seeking clarity together throughout this process of consolidation and transformation. We hope you will find the FAQ to be a helpful resource. We also encourage you to look for regular updates in our weekly newsletter, This Week @ ACPE.

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Pastoral Counselors, CPE Educators, and Chaplains! Your expert input is needed to help determine the very best new approaches to training so that we can better serve our clients and patients. Could you take a quick survey to help?

Researchers at Bowling Green University, the University of Massachusetts, Baylor University, and the Institute of Noetic Sciences are seeking pastoral counselors, CPE educators, and chaplains for a research project (an online survey and computer task) to obtain expert opinions on training for people working in mental health care professions.
Who? What? When? Images from ACPE's Past
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In Case You Missed It
Join us at the 2019 Annual Conference in a place of expansive skies and hidden treasures - the desert of Arizona. The theme this year is "Exploring the Soul of Spiritual Care Education."

Check out our exciting conference workshops and plenary speakers

Pre-registration closes on Friday, April 26th! Register today!

2019 ACPE Symposium on Supervision: April 19th Deadline
The Pacific Community of Practice is excited to invite all Certified Educator Candidates, those both in the "old" and "new" process, to participate in a unique educational opportunity. The Symposium model of education is one we have adopted and practiced for five years with great success. Many Educators and Candidates have collaborated to develop the Symposium, which we have built around the identified needs and interests of the participants.The Symposium will include: 

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Transforming Chaplaincy Webinar Recording Now Available
The latest Transforming Chaplaincy webinar "Advancing Chaplaincy with Innovative Staff Support Programs" is now available for viewing. 

These webinars are designed to help leaders and early-career professionals strategize on advancing chaplaincy, both within their own institutions and as a profession. After their conclusion, webinars and their ancillary materials are made available on ACPE's website and Transforming Chaplaincy's fully searchable database.

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We have revised the Preceptor Orientation Presentation. The revised document can be found on the Accreditation Resources page of the website. 

As a reminder, a preceptor must be engaged at all clinical placement sites.
Cecelia Walker
Cecelia Walker
Certification Chair
There are many wonderful things happening with our CEC's and it is very exciting to see the growth of the new certification process as we continue to experience all that it has to offer.
I am pleased to address a few of the areas that have recently generated questions:

Do You Want to Become a Member of the National Faculty?
We are pleased to share that the Certification Manual section on Becoming a Member of the National Faculty has been updated. The page includes an overview of how to become National Faculty and what must be done to maintain this status.  Additionally, the page has links to documents that provide the National Faculty Competencies as well as a National Faculty Competencies Assessment Form.
Weekly Highlights
This Week's Reflection
Ted Kooser spent many years as an insurance agent, stealing time to write poetry early in the morning in his home on a Nebraska farm. His use of language resembles Billy Collins in its clarity and specificity, but there is also a deep emotional content to his poetry that is simply beautiful. Here's a great example:
 A Color Slide
by Ted Kooser

It's an Ektachrome slide of my grandfather
in his early nineties, hoeing his sweetcorn patch
on a hot summer day, the photograph bleached,
the plants like pale green fountains falling
back, a billed cap cooling the top of his face,
bib overalls and workshirt damp and salty
even at this distance, sixty years from then.
He didn't look up to see me there, taking
his picture. He was looking for weeds, not
immortality, but this stamp-sized piece
of color film and three grown grandchildren,
all in their seventies now, have given him
another fifty years to be remembered,
the blink of an eye. And here he is, bent
in his garden, chopping away at his weeds,
reaching out with his hoe and hooking it
into the earth and pulling himself forward,
like a man standing up in a rowboat, a few feet
from the future, tossing a rope to the shore.
Another great episode of "1-100" from the good people at Soul Pancake. Take a look

Tuesday, April 16
* Yaqui Deer Dance - Native American spirituality
A ceremony that integrates ancient rites of the Yaqui people of Arizona with the Christian Easter rituals.

Wednesday, April 17
* Mahavira-jayanti - Jainism
Celebrating the birthday of Lord Mahavir (Great Hero), the 24th Tirthankara (and last of this time cycle). Jains remember their most important prophet by decorating their temples with flags, with prayers and fasting, and by making offerings of rice, fruit, milk, and other items.

Thursday, April 18
* Maundy Thursday [Holy Thursday] - Christianity (Western churches)
The remembrance of Jesus' last supper with his disciples and his institution of the "love commandment" (the term "Maundy" comes from the Latin word for "commandment") while he washed their feet as a servant.

* Birthdays of Guru Angad Dev and of Guru Tegh Bahadur - Sikhism
Guru Angad Dev (1504 - 1552 C.E.) was the second and Guru Tegh Bahadur (1621 - 1675 C.E.) was the ninth of the Sikh Gurus.

Friday, April 19
* Good Friday - Christianity (Western churches)
A commemoration of the passion of Jesus of Nazareth, i.e., his death by crucifixion. At sundown some churches begin the Easter vigil either this evening or on Holy Saturday (April 20).

* Eve of Pesach [Passover] - Judaism (ends on April 27)
The beginning of an eight-day festival celebrating God's deliverance of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. The story is told during a Seder meal at sundown, including readings from a book known as the Haggadah. Some Jews refrain from work on the first two and the last two days of this holiday.

* Laylat al-Bara'at or Nisf Sha'bān - Islam
According to Muslim tradition, Allah approaches the earth on this night (the middle day of the eighth month in the Islamic calendar) to call humanity to repentance and grant forgiveness of sins.

* Hanuman Jayanti - Hinduism
A celebration of the birth of Hanuman, the faithful servant of the god Rama who can assume any form in order to conquer evil. Believers visit temples and apply sindoor (red powder) to their foreheads, since Hanuman is often portrayed as a red half-monkey, half-human.

Saturday, April 20
* Lazarus Saturday - Christianity (Eastern churches)
A commemoration of Jesus' miracle of raising his friend Lazarus from the dead, celebrated on the eve before Palm Sunday.

* Eve of Ridván - Bahá'í (continues through Thursday, May 2)
Commemorating the twelve days that Bahá'u'lláh spent in the garden of Ridván during his exile in Baghdad and when he proclaimed himself as the one announced by the Báb, which occurred in 1863 C.E. On the first (4/21), ninth (4/29), and twelfth days (5/2) of this festival, work is suspended. The festival begins at sundown.

Sunday, April 21
* Easter Sunday - Christianity (Western churches)
Celebrating God's raising of Jesus of Nazareth from the dead, this day is the oldest and most central festival in the Christian year and initiates the fifty-day period culminating in Pentecost.

* Palm Sunday - Christianity (Eastern churches)
The remembrance of Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem, when crowds spread palm fronds on the ground as Jesus rode into the city. Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week.

* Theravadin New Year - Buddhism
The New Year festival for Theravadin Buddhists, celebrated for three days beginning on the first full moon day in April.
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This Week's Career Opportunities & Residency/CEC Openings
  • Residency/CEC/CPE Unit Openings
  • UCLA Health, Santa Monica, CA
  • Ingalls Center of Pastoral Ministries, Birmingham, AL
  • Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center, Houston, TX
  • UCSF Health, San Francisco, CA
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Other Happenings This Week

Resilience in Leadership Initiative
Chicago Theological Seminary/Online
Applications due April 5, 2019
Emory Johns Creek Hospital
April 10, 2019
Unique Mental Health Challenges of International Students Online April 11, 1-2 PM (EDT)
San Francisco Theological Seminary  April 12, 2019
On Faith and Food: Ministry in the Time of Climate Change Delaware, OH Applications due April 15, 2019
Bioethics Intensive Course
Houston, TX
April 29, 2019
Jewish Spiritual Care Collaborative
New York/Online
May 2, 2019
10th Summer Institute on Theology and Disability
Holland, MI
May 20-23, 2019
Spiritual Health Symposium: Cultivating & Sustaining Compassion in the Practice of Health Care
New York, NY
May 31, 2019
G-Wish Art of Presence 14th Annual Healthcare Renewal Retreat
Assisi, Italy
August 14-20, 2019
Transforming Chaplaincy: Certificate in Spiritual Care Management and Leadership
Online Fall 2019
Chaplaincy Innovation Lab
Online N/A
Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Care Education and Leadership
Union Theological Seminary/Online Rolling Enrollment
Diploma in Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care Research Literacy
San Francisco, CA Rolling Enrollment

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