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April 6, 2020
COVID19: A Shift in Our Holy Work
Melissa Walker-Luckett
I am an ACPE Certified Educator in a pediatric hospital. While COVID-19 does infect children and there have been fatalities, the greatest numbers of deaths are adults. The adults in my hospital take care of the children who have or are carriers of COVID-19. The adults in my hospital do not want to take COVID-19 home to their children or significant others in their household. We are all vigilant.
That said, I'm entering my third week of what we call an "Upside Down Schedule" - or what I think of as our pandemic schedule. In order to get ahead of the required call for reduction of staff, our department members are working as teams. Team "A" works their regular shift Sunday - Wednesday. Team "B" works their regular shift Wednesday - Saturday. Each team is comprised of two CPE Residents (employees) and three full-time Staff Chaplains. CPE seminars are held all day Wednesday via ZOOM and staff chaplains cover the hospital. Our residents continue to do on-call when our night staff chaplain is off duty. We continue to attend all deaths and codes and respond to trauma calls in the Emergency Department. Our chaplains in critical care areas make rounds with the staff, and we attend to referrals and patient requests throughout the hospital. Infection control has determined that staff members may stand safely in a RED BOX just inside the door of an isolation patient's room (except presumed positive Covid-19 patients) without PPE followed by proper handwashing. The box, in red tape on the floor, was initiated to safely conserve PPE.

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Guidance from Accreditation Commission
Pam Lazor
As our accredited centers continue to be impacted by COVID-19, the Accreditation Commission is providing the following guidance related to the minimum number of students required to form a group for a unit of CPE:
  • The ideal number of students for a group remains between 4 and 8 and the minimum number of students required to start a unit remains at 3.
  • Understanding the challenges posed by COVID-19, the Commission has determined that a unit that is ALREADY IN PROGRESS may continue if the number of students drops below the minimum 3-person threshold. A new unit may not be started with less than 3 students. 
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Know an Institution Needing Help with Spiritual Care?
Many of you received the email last week inviting Institutions to sign up for spiritual care volunteers to help meet the needs of patients, especially for centers whose staff are ill but also those who are simply overwhelmed by the needs of their communities. Over 1000 people from around the country - chaplains, educators, therapists, students, professors - have volunteered. We are only beginning to place people. Please let us know if we can help connect you with this talented and eager group. To make your needs known, please complete the online form May we all be held in light and grace as we strive to make our way through this pandemic.

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Throughout the last week, including during ACPE's online town hall meeting , we heard from members and students seeking guidance and clarification on upcoming residencies and summer units, international student visas, accreditation and certification policies, and peer review. We attempted to answer your frequently asked questions below. For more information, please visit our COVID19 Response webpage or email .

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Practicing Intercultural Evidence-Based Spiritual Care
Carrie Doehring
In this article ACPE Psychotherapist Carrie Doehring describes how chaplain interns can practice intercultural evidence-based spiritual care with each other by exploring calming practices that help them cope with coronavirus stress. Practicing with each other prepares them to offer spiritual care that does no harm. 

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New Book by ACPE Spiritual Care Professional
ACPE Spiritual Care Professional   Earl Johnson published his book, "Finding Comfort During Hard Times" from Rowman & Littlefields. The book is  about easing grief and trauma after unimaginable horrors - mass shootings, catastrophic natural disasters and terrorist acts. Personal recollections of responding to tragedy, combined with a practical application, Earl Johnson offers readers the tools they need to seek support and offer it to those in need.

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Exhausted, Dispirited, Overwhelmed in your Care for yourself and Others?
Join Pete Buecker, M.D., PhD., for suggestions and conversations about your self-care and your care for others. Join Dr. Buecker live via Adobe Connect at 3:00 or 7:00 pm EST on Thursday, April 9th.  The insights and conversation is brought to you from the Oates Institute but requires a registration by email to .  There are a limited number of slots. 

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Who? What? When? Images from ACPE's Past
Do you recognize these folks or the event in the photo above? Send us a note at

Last week's photo  was of ACPE's Board of Representatives at their 2011 meeting in Salt Lake City, UT.  Back row: Harry Simmons, Dean Dyk, Tim Thorstenson, Miriam Needham, Robert Morse, Bill Baugh, Anne Gatobu, Bruce Fenner  Middle Row: Ted Hodge, John Roch, Mary Virginia Burks, Doug Watson, Sheilah Hammond, Robin Brown-Haithco, Mark Tabbut, Wayne Menking, Ken Hayden, Peter Yuichi Clark  Front row: Kathleen Gallivan, Greg Stoddard, Teresa Jefferson-Snorton, Sally Schwab, Sharon Engebretson, Don Ledbetter, Michelle Shields, Jenny Lannom

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COVID-19 News
COVID-19 Response and Accreditation Updates
ACPE is actively monitoring the COVID-19 (commonly known as the coronavirus) situation. The health and safety - of our students, members, and the community we serve - are our paramount priority.

We are committed to providing updates and information as the COVID-19 situation continues via email and the website. We encourage you to monitor the CDC website for additional information.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the office at (404) 320-1472 or

COVID-19 Resources for Members
In the midst of these uncertain times, many of us are hungry for information - information that can inform our decisions, help us process what we're experiencing, and connect us with those around us.
The Professional Well-Being Committee is working to gather such resources and make them available to our members. Here you will find articles, videos, and reflections that will bolster our resilience and strengthen our practice in the days and weeks ahead.
If you or your Community of Practice has a resource that you would like to submit to share with our members,  please email Katherine Higgins .

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In Case You Missed It
Leadership Town Hall Recording
Watch the Leadership Town Hall recording to hear the ACPE conversation on the impact of COVID-19 on our association.


SIP Trainer Training Now Online--Application Window Re-opened
The realities of COVID-19 have altered but not derailed ACPE's first Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy Trainer training. That training will still happen as scheduled, May 29-30, but online rather than in person.

We would much prefer to hold this training face-to-face, but all 32 applicants have cleared those dates on their calendar, and we believe it wise to avoid the rescheduling crunch (weddings, funerals, reunions, conferences, etc.)   likely to happen whenever life returns to normal (whatever that will mean). Beth Toler and Russell Siler Jones will be leading the training. They both have experience teaching online and are confident they can resource the group using this format.

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A Spiritually Integrated Mindfulness for Treating Depression Webinar
Clark Echols
Mindfulness meditation has been shown to give patients control over their own depression and anxiety levels and can cut the recurrence of depression. Recent discoveries in neuroscience both confirm many practitioners' experiences, and give direction to developing therapeutic interventions. This webinar will be facilitated by  Clark Echols, PC,
MDiv, and MA in Mental Health Counseling.


Notice for Individual Membership Invoices
Because of the current COVID-19 situation, we have extended the due date for individual ACPE memberships to April 30, 2020.  If you have experienced an unexpected delay in payment, please let us know the status of your payment or if you are experiencing a hardship.

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Weekly Highlights
This Week's Reflection
As we begin to develop new patterns, routines, practices, and ways of being, we cannot help but wonder when this will end. Many of you have likely seen this poem from Laura Kelly Fanucci. May we stay the best of what we become because we have encountered the worst:
This blog post from Poetry Foundation contributor Mia You invites ruminations on "a good day"

Elizabeth Watson-Martin
A poem by Certified Educator Elizabeth Watson-Martin of Texas Health Resources.

April 6
Mahavir Jayanti (Jainism)
Mahavir Jayanti, the most important holiday in Jainism, celebrates the birth of Mahavira, the last Tirthankara. A Tirthankara is a human being who achieves enlightenment and becomes a role-model and teacher. On this day, Jain temples are decorated with flags, and lectures are often held to discuss the path to virtue. Special ceremonies and processions are also performed, and devotees make offerings of rice, fruit, milk, and other items to those participating in the procession.

April 7 
Lord's Evening Meal (Jehovah's Witness Christianity)
The Lord's Evening Meal, a memorial to commemorate Christ's death, is the only holiday in which the Jehovah's Witnesses participate. They believe it is the only holiday that the Bible commands Christians to observe. On this day, a service is held and unleavened bread and wine is offered, though a very small minority partake in this offering; only those who believe they have a heavenly hope will partake.

Laudation of the Mother of God (Russian Orthodox Christianity)
At the end of the fifth week of Great Lent Russian Orthodox Christians celebrate the Most Holy Theotokos in the service to her called the Laudation of the Mother of God.

April 7-9 
Theravada New Year (Buddhism)
In Theravada countries the New Year is celebrated on the first full moon day in April. On the first three days after the full moon in April, the Theravada Buddhists of Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Laos, celebrate the New Year. This is a time to reflect on one's karma, focus on cleansing, and offer good wishes to others.

April 8   
Hanuman Jayanti (Hinduism)
Hanuman Jayanti is the birthday of Hanuman, a monkey god and devotee of Rama. Seen as a symbol of physical strength and perseverance, Hindus often perform special chants to Hanuman when they are faced with obstacles. On this day worshippers fast and visit temples.

Feast Jalál (Bahai)
First day of the month of Jalál (Glory), the second month of the Badí' Calendar. The Badí' Calendar is a solar calendar consisting of 19 months of 19 days each (361 days), with the addition of either four or five "Intercalary Days" to adjust the calendar to the solar year. The days and months are named after the attributes of God. The Nineteen Day Feast, the primary community gathering for Bahá'ís in each town and city, is held on the first day of each Bahá'í month.

Farvardinegan (Zoroastrianism)
Farvardinegan is a monthly Zoroastrian ceremony. This ceremony takes place on Farvardin 19th. Farvardinegan is a ceremony to remember the deceased; it is celebrated as a feast, and the spirits of the deceased are called to unite in their joy.

April 8 (Begins at sundown) 
Laylat al-Bara'ah (Islam)
Occurring on the night between the 14th and 15th day of the eighth month on the Islamic calendar, Laylat al- Bara'ah is a night when Muslims are given blessings and Divine Mercy. Allah descends upon the earth after sunset and asks followers if they seek salvation. Muslims spend the night reciting the Qur'an and special prayers, and often visit deceased friends and relations.

April 8-16 (Begins at sundown April 8)
Passover/ Pesach (Judaism)
The eight-day "Feast of Unleavened Bread" celebrates Israel's deliverance from Egyptian bondage. Pesach, or Passover, commemorates God "passing over" the houses of the Jews-sparing them-during the tenth plague of Egypt. In some traditions, Passover lasts for seven days, with major feasts on the first and last days. The first night of Passover is celebrated with a seder, a special dinner where the story of the Exodus from Egypt is retold. The last day, celebrated with prayer services and special meals, commemorates the day the Children of Israel reached the Red Sea and found safety. Generally, all Jews abstain from eating chametz (leavening and fermenting agents) as it is commanded in the Torah.

April 9 
Holy Thursday (Christianity)
Also known as Maundy Thursday, it is celebrated on the Thursday before Easter commemorating the Last Supper, at which Jesus and the Apostles were together for the last time before the Crucifixion.

April 10
Good Friday (Christianity)
Known as Holy Friday in Eastern Christianity, it commemorates the Crucifixion of Jesus on the Friday before Easter/Pascha.

April 11 
Lazarus Saturday (Orthodox Christianity)
Celebrated the day before Palm Sunday, this holiday celebrates the resurrection of Lazarus, as told in the Gospel of John. Though this day is still a fast day, some cultures celebrate with special permitted foods, like caviar in Russia, and a special spice bread called Lazarakia in Greece.

April 12 
Palm Sunday (Orthodox Christianity)
Called Willow Sunday in some Slavic countries, Palm Sunday commemorates the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem and was greeted as the Messiah. Palm Sunday is celebrated on a different date in Western Christian churches.

April 12 
Easter (Christianity)
Christians believe that Jesus was resurrected from the dead on Easter Sunday, on the third day after his crucifixion. This day is celebrated in different ways among the many Western and Eastern Christian traditions,  including vigils, readings, reenactments, and the eating of special foods. The egg is a significant symbol of Easter, as it represents the resurrection: it is dormant, but contains a new life. Easter traditions involving eggs include egg hunts, egg games, and the gifting of candy eggs.

April 13
Vaisakhi (Sikh)
The festival which celebrates the founding of the Sikh community as the Khalsa (community of the initiated). On this day, Sikhs gather and celebrate Vaisakhi at their local Gurdwaras (Sikh house of worship) by remembering this day as the birth of the Khalsa.

Easter Monday (Christianity)
The Monday immediately after Easter Sunday. It is observed primarily by the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic traditions. It marks the beginning of Easter Week (Roman Catholic) or Bright Week (Eastern Orthodox).

Vaisakhi/Baisakhi (Hinduism)
In Hinduism, Vaisakhi celebrates the Solar new year. Vaisakhi marks the first day of the month. It is also a spring harvest festival.

Solar New Year Mesha Sankranta (Hinduism)
On this day, worshipping Lord Shiva, Hanuman, Vishnu and Maa Kali are considered auspicious. Devotees take sacred bath in holy water bodies of Ganga, Jamuna, and Godavari. On this day, some communities believe in preparing a special drink, which is called Pana to be consumed by everyone.
Visit the ACPE website for more dates and information. 
  • Board member Claire Bamberg requests prayer support for her grandson, Griffin, who at 5.5 months was hospitalized through the ER in serious condition last week. Having ruled out physical anomalies, medical personnel determined Griffin had a virulent infection (not COVID19) which almost robbed his precious life. Claire requests prayers for Griffin's swift and complete recovery, and his parents, Matthew (Claires's son) and Genevieve, his wife. The family is unable to be together, separated between California and Vermont, because of the COVID19 pandemic.
Visit the ACPE Memorials and Milestones page for more details. Please email to add someone to our thoughts.
This Week's Career Opportunities & Residency/CEC Openings
Career Opportunities

Location Posting Date
CPE Program Director Erlanger Health Chattanooga, TN 3/27/20
CPE Educator Vanderbilt University Medical Center Nashville, TN 3/20/20
CPE Educator Catholic Health Services of Long Island Rockville Centre, NY 3/20/20
CPE Educator Mercy St. Vincent Toledo, OH 3/13/20
Manager of Pastoral Care and CPE Penn Medicine - Princeton Health Plainsboro, NJ 3/13/20
CPE Educator PIH Health Hospital - Downey Downey, CA 3/13/20
Chaplain Resident UCLA Health Los Angeles, CA 3/6/20
Director of Pastoral Care Centra Health Lynchburg, VA 3/6/20
CPE Educator VA Midwest Health Care Network St. Cloud, MN 3/6/20

Residency/CEC/CPE Unit Openings


Posting Date
2020-2021 Residency University Medical Center New Orleans New Orleans, LA 4/3/20
CPE Residency Baylor Scott & White - Temple Temple, TX 3/20/20
CPE Residency Covenant HealthCare Saginaw, MI 3/20/20
CPE Residency Baylor Scott & White Health - North Texas Dallas, TX 3/20/20
2020-2021 Residency UnityPoint Health - Des Moines Des Moines, IA 3/20/20
1st and 2nd Year Residencies Baylor St.Luke's Medical Center Houston, TX 3/20/20
CPE Residency Gundersen Health System La Crosse, WI 3/20/20
CPE Residency Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Tallahassee, FL 3/13/20
CPE Residency  Yuma Regional Medical Center Yuma, AZ 3/13/20
Second Year Fellowship Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Cincinnati, OH 3/13/20
CPE Residency Ascension Seton Austin Austin, TX 3/13/20
Resident Openings Spiritual Health at Emory Healthcare Atlanta, GA 3/13/20
Chaplain Residents Baycare Spiritual Care Clearwater, FL 3/6/20
CPE Residency Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Atlanta, GA 3/6/20
CPE Residency VA Midwest Health Care Network St. Cloud, MN 3/6/20
CPE Residency Michigan Medicine Ann Arbor, MI 3/6/20
CPE Residency Ochsner Medical Center New Orleans, LA 2/28/20
CPE Residency Providence St. Peter Hospital Olympia, WA 2/28/20
CPE Residency East Jefferson General Hospital Metairie, LA 2/21/20
2020-2021 Residency St. Luke's Hospital Chesterfield, MO 2/14/20
CPE Residency Valley Baptist Medical Center Brownsville, TX
Harlingen, TX
2020-2021 Residency Providence Health Torrance, CA
Burbank, CA
1st and 2nd Year Residency WVU Medicine Morgantown, WV 2/7/20
CPE Residency Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center Toledo, OH 2/7/20
2020-2021 CPE Residency University of Kentucky HealthCare Lexington, KY 2/7/20
2020-2021 CPE Residencies AdventHealth Orlando, FL
Tampa, FL
CPE Residency Covenant Medical Center Lubbock, TX 2/7/20
2020-2021 CPE Residency UCSF Medical Center San Francisco, CA 2/7/20
2020-2021 CPE Residency CHRISTUS Spohn Health System Corpus Christi, TX 2/7/20
CPE Residency University of Colorado Hospital
Fort Collins CPE 
Aurora, CO
Fort Collins, CO
CPE Residency Parkland Health and Hospital System Dallas, TX 1/31/20
CPE Residency WellSpan Health York, PA 1/10/20
2020-2021 CPE Residency Kettering Health Network Dayton, OH 1/10/20
CPE Residency St. Mary's Medical Center Huntington, WV 1/10/20
Yearlong Residency Sutter California Pacific Medical Center San Francisco, CA 1/10/20
Residency 2020-2021 UnityPoint Health - Des Moines Des Moines, IA 1/10/20
CPE Residency BayCare Spiritual Care Clearwater, FL 1/3/20
Summer CPE Program St. Cloud Hospital St. Cloud, MN 12/13/19
2019-2020 Residency Program Mayo Clinic Health System Eau Claire, WI 12/13/19
Yearlong Residency Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA 11/1/19
1st & 2nd Year Residencies
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH

Visit the ACPE website for a complete list of Career Opportunities and Residency/CEC Openings Want to advertise with ACPE? Learn more.
Other Educational Opportunities

April 7, 2020
Online April 7, 2020
April 17, May 1, 8, 22 and June 5, 2020
Oates Institute Symposium: Trauma Informed Spiritual Care Online
June 1 - 15, 2020
Durham, North Carolina
August 10 - 14, 2020
Evolution of Psychotherapy Anaheim, CA
December 9 - 13, 2020
Transforming Chaplaincy
Online Spring and Fall sessions
Chaplaincy Innovation Lab
Online N/A
San Francisco Theological Seminary/Online
Rolling Enrollment

ACPE members and centers may post "happenings" in the weekly newsletter. ACPE does not accredit, review, or endorse the events listed above. Send your "happening" to
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