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August 26, 2019
From the Executive Director's Desk: Exciting and Transitional Times for ACPE - Are you willing to lead? 
Trace Haythorn
Executive Director
I recently spoke with the chair and chair-elect of one of our committees. They shared the story of finding themselves in a conversation with a widely respected pastoral theological educator who was expressing interest in working as a part of their committee. Needless to say they were thrilled, and that theological educator is (1) now a member of the association and (2) seeking to be appointed to that committee by the Board of Directors.

2019 ACPE Election: Are You Ready to Serve?
Deadline is August 30th to be Considered for the 2019 Ballot
Stephen Robinson
LDC Chair
As you know, the work of our association is accomplished by a combination of our great ACPE staff and a large number of volunteers who give their time, energy, passion, and talent to our good work. The Leadership Development Committee  continues to focus our energy on nurturing and preparing leaders, and helping to provide our board, commissions, and committees with competent leaders who reflect the complex diversity of our entire ACPE membership. You can find job descriptions and other leadership resources  here.

SharePoint Upgrades: Access to SharePoint will be limited between September 6-13th
SharePoint Logo
During the downtime, September 6 - 13, 2019, members will not be able to access certified educator portfolios, educator candidate portfolios, or accredited center portfolios. Other portions of ACPE's SharePoint, such as Yammer and email, will still be available. If you are preparing for a peer review, certification committee appearance or assessment review, or accreditation review, please make the appropriate arrangements.

Service Awards Nominations: 
Deadline Extended to September 15!
The Service Awards Committee invites you to nominate yourself or a colleague for recognition of outstanding contributions or service to ACPE, the field(s) of spiritual care, pastoral counseling and/or psychotherapy. We are blessed as an association with an abundance of talented, smart, and generous members. Who do you think deserves special recognition?

ACPE is seeking nominations for the following awards: Distinguished Service Award, Helen Flanders Dunbar Award, Inspiration Award, Emerging Leader Award, and Emeritus.

The deadline to submit a nomination is September 15, 2019. Awardees will be honored at the annual conference in May 2020. Please send your feedback to Jasmine Okafor, ACPE Development Specialist.
Introducing Ruth McPhail Ubaldo
Ruth McPhail Ubaldo Program Coordinator
Ruth McPhail Ubaldo joins ACPE as the Program Coordinator Her primary responsibilities are supporting the Psychotherapy Commission and the 800+ former AAPC members who joined ACPE.  She will work with  the commission   and  the ACPE team  to  process  membership  and   continuing education  applications plan continuing education events, and implement the spiritually integrated psychotherapy curriculum .  
Ruth is originally from Oregon but since graduating from Willamette University, she h as lived in Atlanta, Germany, and most recently, Texas.  She  graduated from Candler School of Theology with an MDiv. Before joining ACPE, Ruth worked for Fort Bend Hope, a small non-profit in Richmond, Texas.   In her spare time, Ruth enjoys hiking and travelling with her husband, Thomas.
ACPE Member Receives APC DSA
Receiving award from Dr. Marg Atkinson, former APC President
Dr.  Jacob George , BCC, ACPE Certified Educator  at Phillips Theological Seminary, Tulsa, OK was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the  Association of Professional Chaplains  (APC) for his work as a chaplain, an educator and a relief volunteer during the Tsunami in Sri Lanka (2005) and Hurricane Michael (2018).  
Vicarious Trauma: A Descriptive Case Study of Pastoral Counselor Experiences 
Lisa Battle is a  student member of the ACPE and a  doctoral student at Grand Canyon University. She is looking  for participants who may be interested in her study.   The title of her research is Vicarious Trauma: A Descriptive Case Study of Pastoral Counselor Ex periences.  Your participation in this study can promote awareness and understanding of vicarious trauma in spiritual and pastoral counseling.

Who? What? When? Images from ACPE's Past
Do you recognize these folks or the event in the photo above? Send us a note at

Last week's photo featured ACPE Certified Educators Bridget Piggue, Jim Shumake, and Jim Gibbons at a REM meeting in the early 2000s.

Have any photos from your personal ACPE archive that you would like to share? Send them to to be featured in an upcoming newsletter.
In Case You Missed It
Interim Psychotherapy Commission: Communities of Practice
A Structure for Professional Growth

Joann Heaney-Hunter
Psychotherapy Chair
One important ACPE member benefit is access to Communities of Practice. Former AAPC members are familiar with a regional structure, where geographic groups gathered periodically for information sharing, community building, and learning. Some regions sponsored events several times throughout the year; some regions had one conference. What bound groups together was common geography.

At the ACPE Conference in May, I discovered that until recently, ACPE members had a similar regional structure. Like AAPC members, ACPE members gathered locally to share community and learning. Now, all members are working to develop and participate in diverse Communities of Practice.

Accreditation Commission: How do I organize my portfolio?
Pam Lazor
Accreditation Chair
As summer winds down, many of us are gearing up for new residents and our fall units. It has been great to see so many colleagues participating our Q & A sessions about the new accreditation process. If you have not yet participated or wish to sign up for another session, please click here.

One of the most frequently asked questions that we have received is, "How do I organize my portfolio?" The answer is that there are many ways to do this and there is not one 'right way' that the Accreditation Commission wants to see. The organizational structure that you choose should be one that allows you, as the educator, to best tell your center's story. To help you get started..

Future Trends: Great Opportunities
The President's Address for The Association of Professional Chaplains
Amy Greene
Amy Greene
Board Chair
In lieu of reading a column from me this month, please take 30 minutes to view this speech from Rev. Ron Oliver, President of the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC), from their annual meeting in June in Orlando, FL. The Strategic Partners for Spiritual Care (ACPE, APC, NACC, NAJC, and CASC) are going deep with this question: "What do we need to be and do to ensure the vitality of our great profession?"

Read more
ACPE Begins Quarterly Billing for Student Unit Fees in 2020
Linda Wilkerson
Linda Wilkerson
Many of you are deep into teaching a summer unit of CPE and are thinking about how to assist your students to bring this rich learning experience to a close. Budgeting and payments to ACPE for the opportunity to conduct those units may be the farthest thing from your mind. However, I have good news that was first shared at this past May's annual ACPE Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Coming under the heading of "we heard you," in calendar year 2020 we will begin billing centers quarterly for the number of units actually conducted.

Read more
New Accreditation Process: Sign-up for Q&A Sessions

I hope that everyone's summer is off to a great start!  As we are continuing our preparation for the new process, we are excited to publish the sign-up information for small group Q & A sessions that will being on June 11 and will continue throughout the rest of the year as long as needed.  These sessions are the opportunity  to ask everything you always wanted to know about the new process and building your center's accreditation portfolio.

Read more
Weekly Highlights
This Week's Reflection
Nature has its own symphony of sorts, and one of the leading instrumentalists can often be heard as a part of a larger ensemble in the summer months. While one of these as a soloist can make me a little crazy if I hear it indoors, I often find my heart and soul soothes a bit when I get to hear a large group of these in the wild. Perhaps this poem will conjure something similar for you:
by Sue Owen

Some summer nights you
can hear them getting all
worked up over this idea
of cheerfulness and song.
Deep in the grasses where
they hide, there is a need
to be heard in the darkness,
even if their voices are
so small they sound
like a door creaking on
its hinge, or the squeak
a drawer makes when
it opens up at last.
It seems as if the damp
air and dew are trying
to hold their song down
out of sheer gravity,
but neither dampness nor
darkness makes them stop.
In fact, the crickets like
to show off their song,
to let it lift up off
the earth the way that
all notes rise to the stars,
and float up through the
thick night, as if their
joy itself were the only light
we needed to follow.

"Crickets" by Sue Owen from
The Yellow Shoe Poets: Selected Poems 1964-1999.
© Louisiana State University Press, 1999.
Every once in a while (okay, probably several times a day), I find it is really important for me to lift my eyes to the sky, to look to the tiny things of nature and the grand things of the cosmos. If you're stuck indoors or don't get a good view of the night sky, I hope you enjoy this:

This Week from the Members
Eli Snider
MDiv Candidate
Eli Snider is a second year  M.Div  seminarian at Meadville Theological School in Chicago, IL and a candidate for ordination with the Unitarian Universalist Association. He just completed his first CPE unit at Providence Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, WA. This reading was offered as a reflection during his graduation ceremony.
Read his reflection,  The Big White Boxd elivered at a CPE graduation ceremony at Providence Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, WA.
Monday, August 26
*Ullambana - Buddhism
A day when Buddhists make offerings to the Triple Gem-the Buddha, the Dharma [teachings], and the Sangha [monastic community]-on behalf of their ancestors. 

*Paryusana or Paryushan Parva begins - Jainism
The beginning of an eight-day festival that is considered a holy convocation by Jains.  Believers impose restraints on their daily activities by fasting, meditation, and prayer.  The last day of Paryusana is called Samvatsari (Tuesday, September 3rd) and is a solemn occasion for examining one's thoughts and feelings, and for asking forgiveness for offenses committed against others through deeds, words, or thoughts.

Friday, August 30
*Ra's al-Sanat al-Hijriyah: Islamic New Year [First of Muharram] - Islam
Commemorating the migration of the prophet Muhammad and his small band of followers from Mecca to Medina in 622 C.E., in order to escape persecution and to establish the first Muslim community.  The Islamic year 1441 begins at sundown.

September 2019 
For Native Americans, September marks the season of Genuuqwiikw, the season of mountain trails and the beginning of the fall hunt for game; the Iroquois Green Corn Ceremony, a time of renewal involving dances, fasting, offerings, and readings from the code of Handsome Lake; and the Jicarilla Apache Ghost Dance in New Mexico.

Sunday, September 1
*First Parkash - Sikhism
The commemoration of the installation of the Adi Granth, the first edition of the Sikh scriptures, in the Golden Temple by Arjan Dev, the fifth Sikh guru, in 1604 C.E.

Monday, September 2
*Ganesh Chaturthi - Hinduism
A festival celebrating the birth of Ganesh, the elephant-headed god and son of Shiva and Parvati who removes obstacles and brings luck.
Visit the ACPE website for more dates and information. 
Community of Practice Event Highlights 
Registration is now open for the following Community of Practice events: 

East Central CoP 2019 Fall Gathering Dayton, OH September 19-20, 2019
Richmond, VA September 22-23, 2019
Appalachian CoP Fall Retreat Hendersonville, NC September 26-27, 2019
Central States Consortia Fall Meeting
Kansas City, MO
October 17-18, 2019
Kanuga Fall Conference Hendersonville, NC October 25-27, 2019
Wisconsin Dells, WI October 27-29,2019
Pacific CoP Educational Colloquium San Diego, CA October 28-30, 2019

  • ACPE Communications & Conference Specialist Tiffany Kindred underwent surgery last week. The operation was a success and she is home recuperating for the next few weeks.
  • ACPE Certified Educator John Takacs reported that his 96-year-old father-in-law died on August 22, 2019. His father and mother-in-law were married for 71 years. John's in-laws were more like parents and he had a very close relationship with them. The Memorial Service will be held on Tuesday, August 27th, at The Journey Church, 4309 Colleyville Blvd, Colleyville, TX, 76034.
  • ACPE Certified Educator Harvey Rogers at Prisma Health in Columbia, SC is quite ill. His
    family appreciates prayers and good thoughts on his behalf.
Visit the ACPE Memorials and Milestones page for more details. Please email to add someone to our thoughts.
This Week's Career Opportunities & Residency/CEC Openings
Visit the ACPE website for a complete list of Career Opportunities and Residency/CEC Openings Want to advertise with ACPE? Learn more.
Other Happenings This Week

Berkeley, CA September 21-23, 2019
Berkeley, CA September 24-25, 2019
Updates in Hospice and Palliative Medicine and Intensive Physician Board Review Houston, Texas September 24-26,2019
Global Spiritual Traditions and ChI Culture & Foundations- Part 2 Berkeley, CA November 12-16, 2019
Transforming Chaplaincy: Certificate in Spiritual Care Management and Leadership
Online Fall 2019
Chaplaincy Innovation Lab
Online N/A
Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Care Education and Leadership
Union Theological Seminary/Online Rolling Enrollment
San Francisco Theological Seminary/Online
Rolling Enrollment
Conyers, GA February 20-23, 2020

ACPE members and centers may post "happenings" in the weekly newsletter. ACPE does not accredit, review, or endorse the events listed above. Send your "happening" to
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