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July 6, 2020
Melissa Walker-Luckett
A couple of weeks ago, friends in my denominational group challenged me to speak to the current events regarding racial bias in our country. I honestly told them I don't know what to say. I have so many feelings, I get lost in them. I feel sad. I feel angry. I feel helpless. I feel afraid. I know I am ignorant, and I feel ashamed about that ignorance. That is very common among we white women. I rarely feel helpless unless my shame gets in the way. (Around racial disparities and injustice it looms large and loud.) What I know about myself is the most energy producing emotion I have is my anger. And, when I use it well, I get determined. It is okay to weep over injustice, but the most important next step is action.

On Thursday, July 2, we received the following communication from the US Department of State:  " On June 22, 2020, President Trump issued a Presidential Proclamation extending and expanding the suspension of certain visas through the end of the year to ensure American workers take first priority as we recover from the economic effects of the coronavirus.  This Proclamation includes, among other things, suspension of the entry  of aliens to the United States on certain non-immigrant visas, including J visas (with respect to certain Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) categories), through December 31, 2020. 
Bernard Kynes
As we mover deeper into our relationship and our new home within ACPE, we remain ultimately committed to nurturing and sustaining our identity as pastoral counselors and psychotherapists. The fall gathering that the Southeast Region has successfully held since late in the 1970's, has been a place where genuine fellowship and communion was certain, and affirming our shared identity as Pastoral Counselors and Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapists (SIP) was assured; it has been our annual AAPC Homecoming. Understandably, I have heard how many of you from other regions have longed for your own "Kanuga" experience. 

Brandy Thompson
Brandy Thompson joins ACPE as the Accountant. She graduated with an MBA from the University of Phoenix and a B.A. in Finance from Temple University. Prior to joining the ACPE team, Brandy worked in the Financial Services industry for 14 years in International Tax and Accounting, Commercial and Residential Real Estate and Property Management Services. 

Brandy is originally from Pittsburgh, PA but relocated to Georgia by way of South Jersey just a few years ago. In her free time, Brandy loves to craft, organize, decorate and spend time with her family which includes her husband Rodney, their 4 children and her Mother!

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COVID-19: Global Reflections on Faith, Health, and Justice 
ACPE's partnership with The Journal of Pastoral Care Publications (JPCP) brings you special member benefits. This non-profit has been advancing theory and professional practice in our field through scholarly and reflective publications for over 25 years. Access, at no extra cost to you, to printed publications such as the Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling is part of your benefit-but JPCP has also made excellent digital publications, especially blog posts and podcasts, available to members.

The Journal of Pastoral Care Publications, and their partners the World Council of Churches (WCC), and the Interfaith Health Program of Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health (IHP) invites ACPE's members to contribute to, or just learn from, the new JPCP, WCC & IHP initiative featured on the JPCP website, "COVID-19: Global Reflections on Faith, Health, and Justice." 

Read written theological and spiritual reflections on COVID-19 from ministers, theologians, chaplains and pastoral counselors from around the world. There is also a video series with interviews that discuss the racial and economic disparities highlighted by the global pandemic. To discuss publishing a written reflection through JPCP, IHP, and the World Council of Churches, email the JPCP President, Rev. Dr. Beth Toler .

Who? What? When? Images from ACPE's Past
Do you recognize these folks or the event in the photo above? Send us a note at

Last week's photo featured  ACPE Certified Educator Ngan Ling Lung, Retired Educator George Fitzgerald and ACPE Certified Educator Kido On at the 2014 Annual Conference in Austin, Texas.

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In Case You Missed It
Please register for ACPE Annual Member Meeting on July 29, 2020 at 3:00 PM EDT.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

The Advocacy Committee, Curriculum Committee, and Anti-Bias Task Force will be presenting a series of eight webinars addressing issues of race and racism.  Topics will include:

- Social Construction of Race/Racism
- History of Racism in Healthcare
- Social Location and Intersectionality
- Black Liberation and Womanist Theology
- White Privilege, White Fragility & Anti-Racist Identity
- Queer Theory and Queer Theology
- Violence and Police Brutality
- Psychological and Behavioral Implications of Racism 

Contact  Jeremy Gilmore or  Danielle Buhuro with questions.

Shawn Mai
The Application Process is Open!
Deadline to apply for open positions is August 31, 2020
The good work of ACPE is accomplished by dedicated volunteers who give their time, energy, passion, and talent to the important work of the organization. The international healing and transformational work of ACPE reaches far and wide. With the new governance structure, the association has been able to broaden its reach of spiritual care and education.
The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) is committed to continuing to build a strong, diverse leadership structure in the organization. The LDC works with commission and committee chairs to match the gifts of ACPE members with organizational needs. As you know, ACPE's leadership structure supports advocacy work, strengthens our organizational connections here and around the world, attends to the professional development and well-being of its members, ensures our work is ethically and financially responsible, and oversees robust certification and accreditation processes. The Leadership Development Committee is committed to ensuring this vital work is seamless and ongoing.

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  • Deadline to Declare and Pay for Subcommittee Meeting: August 24th.
Must complete both to secure a space on the docket:
  1. Email Appendix 10- Letter of Intent to,
  2. Pay the subcommittee meeting fee (If your center is paying your fee and they need an invoice, please email to request an invoice)
We will not hold online registration this fall, as we don't want this to interfere with creating our new website.
  • September 21 at midnight: Deadline to Submit Materials into SharePoint Portfolio
  • November 2-6: Associate Educator Subcommittee Dates 
(We will not hold subcommittees on Election Day November 3)
  • October 26-30: Certified Educator Subcommittee Dates

All Subcommittees will be conducted by Zoom


Contact Sheilah Hawk at with any questions.
#ACPEproud, August 3-7, 2020, is a week-long celebration, education, and advocacy event to encourage support of clinical pastoral education, spiritually integrated psychotherapy, and the spiritual care community. ACPE is proud of our students, graduates, and members. #ACPEproud will highlight the meaningful ways our members and accredited centers heal, strengthen, and transform people and communities in the US and across the globe.
During the week, ACPE will recognize our newly certified members and newly accredited centers, celebrate our awardees, install a new board chair, and honor our members who died during the last year. Throughout the campaign, ACPE will provide tools for you to share with your institutions and communities about the positive effects of spiritual care for patients and society.

Do you know a student who has written a powerful reflection about their experience with CPE? Are you a current ACPE student who would like to share your experiences from your time with CPE?
If so, please send your reflections to us! Email your reflection with a current headshot to Reflections may be published in the ACPE newsletter and in promotional materials to help tell of the transformative work of spiritual care education.

Katherine Higgins
Thanks to all of you who have made our Virtual Educator Gatherings and our Virtual Psychotherapist Gatherings a vital place to connect, debrief, and share ideas during these uncertain times.  We will continue to offer one meeting time each week for both Educators and Psychotherapists.  Please drop in as you are able; no registration is required.  The zoom link was emailed last week; if you need it again, please email Katherine Higgins. 
The meeting times will be:
  • Virtual Educator Gatherings:  Thursday, 12 Noon, Eastern Daylight Time
  • Virtual Psychotherapist Gatherings:  Friday, 12 Noon, Eastern Daylight Time
COVID-19 Response and Accreditation Updates
ACPE is actively monitoring the COVID-19 (commonly known as the coronavirus) situation. The health and safety - of our students, members, and the community we serve - are our paramount priority.

We are committed to providing updates and information as the COVID-19 situation continues via email and the website. We encourage you to monitor the CDC website for additional information.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the office at (404) 320-1472 or

Weekly Highlights
This Week's Reflection
Many leaders of social change note the importance of empathy in helping people cultivate awareness of the experience of "others." This poem invites just such empathy, perhaps also begging the question of what we might say or do should we observe such an interaction (Note: this poem was accessed at Split this Rock, a site dedicated to supporting poetry that speaks to themes of social justice - we encourage you to explore it):

by Alexis Smithers
Standing in line, waiting to go into the Library of Congress
a black woman stands two people ahead of me and
a white security guard says to her,
It's a beautiful day.
She nods,  Yes, it is.
and turns to the front.
He does not move.
He says,  If it's such a beautiful day,
why aren't you smiling?
She does not answer and the white people in line
do not notice
but she and I,
we hold our breaths and stand
very still.
The guard walks closer
into her
space and demands,
She does not.
In the silence, we hear blood
staining the concrete steps.
She does not.
No one will pull a weapon
fast enough to stop what
already happen(ed)(s)
She does not.
I don't know how to turn on my
camera fast enough
to keep the truth from unravelling
from the lie laced white lips.
She does not.
He looks around.
there are other white people
Decides not
We still are not breathing.  
The line moves.
I marvel at the black woman ahead
of me.
to be that brave
while holding your breath
to be that truth in the face
of threaten
your ruin to gather strength
and shoot it through your bones
those who don't know 
call it magic
and it does wonder
but only if you haven't been
paying attention.
Accessed at
Since summer vacations will likely involve very little travel this year due to the pandemic, we want to offer occasional glimpses at places around the world that can invite you to imagine and perhaps appreciate the beauty of other lands. This week, we offer stunning images of tile mosaics from mosques in Uzbekistan:

July 6
Vassa (Buddhism)
This date marks the start of a three-month retreat for monks during the rainy season in Asia. Worshippers often donate candles and other necessary supplies to temples.

July 9
Martyrdom of the Bab (Bahá'í)
Observance of the anniversary of the execution by a firing squad in Tabríz, Persia, of the 30-year-old Siyyid 'Alí-Muhammad, the Báb, the prophet-herald of the Bahá'í Faith.

July 11
St. Benedict Day (Catholic Christianity)
This day recognizes St. Benedict of Nursia, who lived from 480-547 AD. St. Benedict was the founder of Western Christian monasticism and started twelve communities for monks in his lifetime.

July 12 
Feast of Kalimát (Baha'i)
The Baha'i calendar has nineteen months, all named after attributes of God. Kalimat is the Arabic for words. A Bahá'í Feast consists of three main components: spiritual devotion, administrative consultation, and fellowship. Usually held at a community center or in a local Bahá'ís home, Feasts are restricted to members of the Bahá'í Faith, mainly because of the consultative aspects of the gathering.

July 13-15 
Ullambana/Obon (Buddhism)
Ullambana, a Sanskrit term that means "hanging upside down and suffering," honors the spirits of past ancestors and strives to relieve aching souls from suffering. Obon, the Japanese transliteration of Ullambana, is only three days and varies from region to region-July in the eastern region and August in the western region.
Visit the ACPE website for more dates and information. 
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This Week's Career Opportunities & Residency/CEC Openings
Career Opportunities

Location Posting Date
Part-time Hospice Spiritual Counselor Kaiser Permanente Seattle, WA 6/26/20
Network Director of Pastoral Care St. Luke's University Health Network Bethlehem, PA 6/19/20
Manager, Religious Services Deaconess Hospital Evansville, IN 6/12/20
Spiritual Care Director Genesis Healthcare System  Zanesville, OH 6/12/20
Counselor Community Pastoral Counseling Services Iowa City, IA 6/12/20
Staff Chaplain Riley Hospital for Children Indianapolis, IN 6/12/20
Certified Educator Houston Methodist Hospital Houston, TX 6/5/20
CPE Manager St. Mark's Hospital Salt Lake City, UT 4/17/20
CPE Manager Centra Health Lynchburg, VA 4/3/20

Residency/CEC/CPE Unit Openings


Posting Date
2020-2021 Residency Gundersen Health System La Crosse, WI 7/3/20
CPE Residency Providence St. Peter Hospital Olympia, WA 7/3/20
CPE Residency Baycare Spiritual Care Clearwater, FL 6/26/20
CPE Residency Covenant HealthCare Saginaw, MI 6/26/20
CPE Residency NYP Brooklyn Methodist Hospital Brooklyn, NY 6/26/20
CPE Residency Penn State Health  Hershey, PA 6/19/20
CPE Residency University of Kentucky Healthcare Lexington, KY 6/19/20
Level 1/2 CPE Residency East Jefferson General Hospital Metairie, LA 6/19/20
2020-2021 Residency North Shore University Hospital Manhasset, NY 6/19/20
CPE Residency Barnes-Jewish Hospital St. Louis, MO 6/19/20
2020-2021 Residency UnityPoint Health - Des Moines Des Moines, IA 6/12/20
CPE Residency University of Tennessee Medical Center Knoxville, TN 6/12/20
CPE Residency Baptist Hospital  Pensacola, FL 6/5/20
2020-2021 Residency Ochsner Medical Center New Orleans, LA 5/29/20
2020-2021 Residency Albert Einstein Medical Center Philedelphia, PA 5/29/20
CPE Residency Baylor Scott & White Health - North Texas Dallas, TX 3/20/20
CPE Residency Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Tallahassee, FL 3/13/20
Second Year Fellowship Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Cincinnati, OH 3/13/20
2019-2020 Residency Program Mayo Clinic Health System Eau Claire, WI 12/13/19
1st & 2nd Year Residencies
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH

Visit the ACPE website for a complete list of Career Opportunities and Residency/CEC Openings Want to advertise with ACPE? Learn more.
Other Educational Opportunities

July 19, 2020
International Association for Spiritual Care
July 21, July 28, August 4, August 11, 2020
Durham, North Carolina
August 10 - 14, 2020
Evolution of Psychotherapy Anaheim, CA
December 9 - 13, 2020
Transforming Chaplaincy
Online Spring and Fall sessions
Chaplaincy Innovation Lab
Online N/A
Emotional Intelligence Training
The Value of Existential Pain Online Self-Paced
San Francisco Theological Seminary/Online
Rolling Enrollment

ACPE members and centers may post opportunities in the weekly newsletter. ACPE does not accredit, review, or endorse the events listed above. Send your opportunity to
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