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June 1, 2020
Melissa Walker-Luckett
This month would have been the Annual ACPE Conference hosted with our Strategic Partners. And, then we were hi-jacked by a virus. I have missed seeing each of you. It is no flippant remark to say that our annual conference is where we are truly at home and with our "kin." Via teleconferencing, we continue to be in conversation with our Strategic Partners, guided by the LaPiana Consulting firm. They are helping us navigate our conversations and assisting us to clarify our concerns to continue our talks in productive ways. The board will be meeting in June to discuss where we are so far.
How many weeks has COVID-19 been making this mark on our lives? From the first case in Washington state on January 20, to the World Health Organization's (WHO) naming it a public health concern on January 30th, and declaring it a pandemic on March 11, we have needed to shift our lives and lifestyles to accommodate greater vigilance in remaining healthy. We are now in our 12th week (or longer) of being in this pandemic. Last week the U.S. passed the ominous marker of 100,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19. One hundred thousand is a large number and hard for me to get my arms around. I turned to some comparison data on deaths due to armed conflict (war). With our reaching 100,000 deaths, one source indicates the virus has surpassed the estimated American deaths in the Vietnam, Korean and Iraq Wars combined. Now I can begin getting my head around it. I don't remember the Korean War but the most vivid memory of my adolescence is watching military personnel respectfully and carefully place black body bags of repatriated soldiers and POWs on the tarmac at receiving military bases during the Vietnam War. I recall as an adult watching the bombings in Iraq and being worried that my husband, an ER/Trauma nurse, could be conscripted.
Accreditation center portfolios are due today.  

Please be in touch with your assigned commissioner if you have any questions.

ACPE held its first training for Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP) Trainers over the weekend. ACPE Board Chair Melissa Walker-Luckett, ACPE Psychotherapy Commission Chair Joann Heaney-Hunter, and ACPE Executive Director Trace Haythorn welcomed 21 SIP Trainers on Friday morning May 29. This first-ever cohort of SIP Trainers spent Friday and Saturday getting oriented to the SIP Program, the 30-hour SIP curriculum, and other details of this new ACPE initiative.

Elizabeth McCorvey
A quick, highly directive guide to initiating conversation with your black clients about George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, other lives lost, Minnesota, Louisville, and Racial trauma.  Not sure how to start?

Do you know a student who has written a powerful reflection about their experience with CPE? Are you a current ACPE student who would like to share your experiences from your time with CPE?
If so, please send your reflections to us! Email your reflection with a current headshot to Reflections may be published in the ACPE newsletter and in promotional materials to help tell of the transformative work of spiritual care education.

Katherine Higgins
Thanks to all of you who have made our Virtual Educator Gatherings and our Virtual Psychotherapist Gatherings a vital place to connect, debrief, and share ideas during these uncertain times.  We will continue to offer one meeting time each week for both Educators and Psychotherapists.  Please drop in as you are able; no registration is required.  The zoom link was emailed last week; if you need it again, please email Katherine Higgins. 
The meeting times will be:
  • Virtual Educator Gatherings:  Thursday, 12 Noon, Eastern Daylight Time
  • Virtual Psychotherapist Gatherings:  Friday, 12 Noon, Eastern Daylight Time
The 2020 volume of Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry  marks the fortieth anniversary of this unique journal, including its previous iteration as  the Journal of Supervision and Training in Ministry. 

In this volume, an esteemed and diverse set of authors explore the implications for formation, supervision and theological education in general embedded in the new forms and models of ministry that are emerging among us. The volume begins with a smorgasbord of a few of the many new models of ministry, and of new forms of CPE in particular.

Section 2 explores how CPE might change, as its moves increasingly around the world and beyond its formative mainline Protestant culture? Section 3 explores the future of theological education in the seminaries, particularly in the United States. A rich collection of authors explores the themes, issues and challenges that is and will impact theological education in his or her religious tradition. Section 4 is a wonderful collection of essays from our colleagues in the Association for Theological Field Education, around the theme, "Excellence in Supervision." These five concise, up-to-date and readable essays can serve as a primer for the latest and best of thinking about supervision in a theological/clinical setting.

The volume ends with two ACPE Theory Paper of the Year Essays, ten book reviews on recent publications in our field, and a tribute to our ACPE colleague and friend, Peter Yuichi Clark.

View Volume 40
Join the 900 chaplains worldwide who took the time to fill in our survey on COVID-19 and chaplaincy because:
  • we need at least 1500 chaplains to have a more relevant view
  • we will all learn more about spiritual care in a pandemic
  • we will have arguments to advocate for spiritual care integration in a pandemic
  • every opinion counts and is valued! Encourage those in your network to participate!
The survey will take  20 to 30 minutes. If you wish, you can answer the open questions in your own language.  Thank you!
Professor Anne Vandenhoeck, KU Leuven, Belgium director of ERICH
Professor Austyn Snowden, Napier University, Scotland, senior researcher ERICH
Joost Verhoef, chaplain OLVG Amsterdam, Netherlands, coordinator ERICH

Who? What? When? Images from ACPE's Past
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Last week's photo featured  ACPE Certified Educators Ryan Tidball and Krister White at the 2016 Annual Conference.

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COVID-19 News
COVID-19 Response and Accreditation Updates
ACPE is actively monitoring the COVID-19 (commonly known as the coronavirus) situation. The health and safety - of our students, members, and the community we serve - are our paramount priority.

We are committed to providing updates and information as the COVID-19 situation continues via email and the website. We encourage you to monitor the CDC website for additional information.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the office at (404) 320-1472 or

COVID-19 Resources for Members
In the midst of these uncertain times, many of us are hungry for information - information that can inform our decisions, help us process what we're experiencing, and connect us with those around us.
The Professional Well-Being Committee is working to gather such resources and make them available to our members. Here you will find articles, videos, and reflections that will bolster our resilience and strengthen our practice in the days and weeks ahead.
If you or your Community of Practice has a resource that you would like to submit to share with our members,  please email Katherine Higgins .

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In Case You Missed It
Thank you to all educator who responded to our survey about summer units.  Over the past few weeks, we have had an increase in phone calls from students searching for programs that are having summer units, so we are happy to share the list of centers that responded "yes" to our survey.  We hope that this will assist students looking for CPE units this summer.  As this information was provided to us by the centers, we suggest that prior to sending an application that you contact the center to confirm their plans for the summer unit.  Center contact information may be found in our online directory on the website.
For ACPE Certified Educators, we know that things are changing rapidly, and often on a daily basis, so if your center's plans have changed and you want to be added to the list or need to be removed, please email Marc Medwed, Associate Executive Director.  We appreciate the work you are doing, now more than ever, and wish you all good health.

Pam Lazor
Due to the challenges many of our centers are facing with COVID-19 as well as concerns related to the health of our members, the Accreditation Commission has decided to postpone all in-person site visits until after January 1, 2021.

WHAT will the depth and breadth of impact be on our near and extended futures?
Resources for Advocating for Your CPE Program
Melissa Walker-Luckett
This time has an out-of-sync feeling to me. The question is not "WILL this time have lasting impact?" It is rather, "WHAT will the depth and breadth of impact be on our near and extended futures?"

Perhaps like many of you, I have wept reading the stories of both success and failure for frontline healthcare providers, and the generous responses of individuals and groups toward the people caring for the sick. I've made 'community masks' for friends and family. I've mourned when hearing of the deaths of friends' family members and dread the time I will experience the death of a friend or family member. Only history will measure the magnitude of the losses in life and livelihood in the worldwide community.

Our Research Team wanted to give an update about the CPE & Emotional Intelligence (EI) research study to the ACPE community. Little did we know the magnitude and effects of the pandemic when we announced our research plans in a webinar  in February.

Since many CPE centers expressed interest in being part of this study, our team considered how to be good stewards of this exciting opportunity to partner with you for a nation-wide study advancing our field. We remain committed to this project while fully aware that you are focused on navigating uncertainties in your CPE programs amid the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, we have made adjustments to the timeline and have extended the opportunity to join the project.

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Weekly Highlights
This Week's Reflection
We are getting so many calls from anxious people who are still trying to cling to their plans for the future, who are worried their processes have been derailed by the pandemic. They want to make sure they are still getting their CPE credit on time to keep their ordination process moving. And we keep reminding them that while they may have seen their life in a track, headed in a particular direction, they are now off-road, so quick reflexes, resiliency and adaptation skills are vital. As a globe, we need to collectively say goodbye to the future that we were trying to conjure so that whatever is come may bloom. This poem captures that sentiment:

Funeral for a Future
By Brooke McNamara

I held a funeral for a future
I had always thought was coming,
and buried the world's face as yet.
The silence then
turned me so tiny
the only way forward was to dream
to an early day on earth
before a single heart beat.
The atmosphere filled
with an abiding, cataclysmic knowing -
that if everything
could be born,
Love promises no less.
But a future is gone now.
All we are is this.
Our way could be
to fall toward the medicine
seeded right inside
the untamable, fertile grief
remaking things.
For the last several year, "Soul Pancake" has offered videos on the science of happiness. Many of them involve experiments or discussions that assume that people can be in close proximity. This video made us wonder how the activities might be adapted for this time: 

June 4 
Feast Núr (Baha'i)
The Baha'i calendar has nineteen months, all named after attributes of God. This day is the first day of the fifth month in the Bahá'í year, called Núr, meaning light.  

June 6
Saturday of Souls 4 (Greek Orthodoxy)
Saturday of Souls is a day set aside for the commemoration of the dead. Saturday is a traditional day of prayer for the dead, because Christ lay dead in the Tomb on Saturday. This day is devoted to prayer for departed relatives and others among the faithful who would not be commemorated specifically as saints.

June 7 
Trinity Sunday (Christianity)
This feast celebrates the Holy Trinity, or the three persons that constitute God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Christians recognize this day with special church services.

Pentecost (Orthodox Christianity)
On Pentecost, Christians celebrate the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles of Jesus. The word itself comes from the Greek word for "fiftieth," since the feast day takes place the 50th day after Easter. In Italy, it has been customary to drop rose leaves from the ceilings of churches, to signify the descent of the spirit. The French tended to sound trumpets, signifying the sound of the "mighty wind" that is said to have accompanied the Holy Spirit's descent upon the apostles. Pentecost is usually celebrated with a special church service and or special prayers.
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This Week's Career Opportunities & Residency/CEC Openings
Career Opportunities

Location Posting Date
Certified Educator UCSF Health San Francisco, CA 5/22/20
Certified Educator Moses Cone Hospital Greensboro, NC 5/22/20
CPE Educator Mercy St.Vincent Toledo, OH 5/1/20
CPE Trained Chaplain Maimonides Medical Center Brooklyn, NY 4/24/20
CPE Manager St. Mark's Hospital Salt Lake City, UT 4/17/20
CPE Manager Centra Health Lynchburg, VA 4/3/20
CPE Program Director Erlanger Health Chattanooga, TN 3/27/20
CPE Educator VA Midwest Health Care Network St. Cloud, MN 3/6/20

Residency/CEC/CPE Unit Openings


Posting Date
2020-2021 Residency Ochsner Medical Center New Orleans, LA 5/29/20
2020-2021 Residency Gundersen Health System La Crosse, WI 5/29/20
2020-2021 Residency Albert Einstein Medical Center Philedelphia, PA 5/29/20
Certified Educator Candidate UCSF Health San Francisco, CA 5/22/20
2020-2021 Residency Advocate Aurora Health  Illinois & Wisconsin 5/22/20
Level 1/2 CPE The Christ Hospital Health Network Cincinnati, OH 5/22/20
2020-2021 Residency BayCare Spiritual Care Clearwater, FL 5/15/20
2020 Residency Jackson Health System Miami, FL 5/15/20
2020-2021 Residency Texas Health Resources Arlington, TX 5/8/20
2020-2021 Residency Yuma Regional Medical Center Yuma, AZ 5/8/20
CPE Residency Mayo Clinic Hospital Rochester, MN 5/8/20
CPE Residency Covenant Medical Center Lubbock, TX 5/8/20
CPE Residency WVU Medicine Morgantown, WV 5/1/20
Chaplain Resident The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center Columbus, OH 5/1/20
2020-2021 Residency Ascension Seton Austin, TX 5/1/20
Residency Openings UCHealth Aurora, CO
Fort Collins, CO
2020-2021 CPE Residency UnityPoint Health - Des Moines Des Moines, IA 4/24/20
Residency Openings Spiritual Health at Emory Healthcare Metro Atlanta, GA 4/24/20
CPE Residency Program East Jefferson GeneralHospital New Orleans, LA 4/24/20
2020-2021 Residency University Medical Center New Orleans New Orleans, LA 4/3/20
CPE Residency Covenant HealthCare Saginaw, MI 3/20/20
CPE Residency Baylor Scott & White Health - North Texas Dallas, TX 3/20/20
CPE Residency Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Tallahassee, FL 3/13/20
Second Year Fellowship Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Cincinnati, OH 3/13/20
CPE Residency VA Midwest Health Care Network St. Cloud, MN 3/6/20
CPE Residency Providence St. Peter Hospital Olympia, WA 2/28/20
2020-2021 CPE Residency CHRISTUS Spohn Health System Corpus Christi, TX 2/7/20
2020-2021 CPE Residency Kettering Health Network Dayton, OH 1/10/20
2019-2020 Residency Program Mayo Clinic Health System Eau Claire, WI 12/13/19
1st & 2nd Year Residencies
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH

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Other Educational Opportunities

Oates Institute Symposium: Trauma Informed Spiritual Care Online
June 2 - 12, 2020
Durham, North Carolina
August 10 - 14, 2020
Evolution of Psychotherapy Anaheim, CA
December 9 - 13, 2020
Transforming Chaplaincy
Online Spring and Fall sessions
Chaplaincy Innovation Lab
Online N/A
Emotional Intelligence Training
The Value of Existential Pain Online Self-Paced
San Francisco Theological Seminary/Online
Rolling Enrollment

ACPE members and centers may post opportunities in the weekly newsletter. ACPE does not accredit, review, or endorse the events listed above. Send your opportunity to
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