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November 4, 2019
Meditation on Impermanence
Amy Greene
Amy Greene
Board Chair
One of the most steadfast truths about life that I'm finally really learning to accept (as I start my seventh decade - slow learner) is that truly, truly, truly I say unto you -- absolutely nothing can stay the same. Even inanimate objects do not remain the same. Otherwise we would not be able to carbon-date them. They may look the same - stones in a museum, bones in a reliquary - but even they are not unchanged by the passage of time, because of decay at the atomic level. I'm no scientist, but even I can get this. So learning to accept the things I cannot change, courageously trying to change the things I can, and carefully discerning which is which can take most of my brain power on any given day.

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Trace Haythorn
Executive Director
As many of you have heard, the Department of Labor is changing the FAIR Labor Standards Act (FLSA), initiating new rules governing overtime compensation. Beginning January 1, 2020, the base salary for one to be considered "exempt" will rise to $35,568, which may be more than some of our residency stipends. All non-exempt staff are eligible for overtime, something our programs have ordinarily not included.
Read the final rule about the updated earnings thresholds for exemption from minimum wage and overtime pay requirements. Read the full notice in the Federal Register for the final rule .
The question before us, then, is what the implications for residency programs are. The following is excerpted from a Memorandum from Bryan Cave LLP that was provided to ACPE on September 28, 2016. Although the Memorandum was written in response to the federal government's previous endeavor to change the FLSA, the strategies outlined offer possible approaches for responding to the new federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Please share this with your human resources department as you make final decisions for your program.  

Thank you to all the members who participated in the 2019 ACPE Election! 867(41.6%) of 2,086 electors voted in this ballot. The election results have been reviewed by Leadership Development Chair Stephen Robinson and ACPE Secretary/Treasurer Linda WilkersonWe would like to thank the members of the Leadership Development Committee. We would also like to thank all of the 2019 candidates. Your dedication and service is admirable. Because of you, ACPE will surely have a vibrant future!

Tere Tyner Canzoneri
ACPE Psychotherapist
Former AAPC President Tere Tyner Canzoneri, MDiv, LCSW preached the following sermon at the Kanuga Gathering on October 27, 2019, in Hendersonville, NC. The former Southeast Region of AAPC has gathered at the Kanuga Conference Center for a fall retreat for more than 50 years. Attendees, old and new, gathered again this year as the association approached the one-year anniversary of its consolidation with ACPE.

Educator Assumptions about Students Survey
Kathy Bird DeYoung
Certified Educator
ACPE Certified Educator, Kathy Bird DeYoung, is working toward
her Doctor of Ministry at Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Detroit,
Michigan.  She is researching the assumptions Certified Educators bring about  students. Your answers will help her add to the body of ACPE
knowledge as we continue to reflect on our practice and learn how to
provide spiritual care education more effectively.

This survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

Spiritual Care Week
ACPE members at University of Texas-MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX enjoyed time in the Smilebooth during Spiritual Care Week 2019!

From left to right: John Opiyo, Jose Cedillo, Carlos Sanchez, Gale Kennebrew, Rebecca Adrian, Naguib Kedeas, Sam Naidoo
Who? What? When? Images from ACPE's Past
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Last week's photo featured Peter Keese, Edith Finsaadal, Steve Pohlman, Harlan Ratmeyer and Jim Corrigan at a board meeting in 2004 in Portland, Maine. 

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In Case You Missed It
ACPE is Joining the Global GivingTuesday Movement to support innovation in spiritual care & the next generation of spiritual care educators
This GivingTuesday, ACPE will celebrate giving by raising $7,500 to support innovation in spiritual care & the next generation of spiritual care educators and providers.

GivingTuesday, taking place December 3rd, is a global day of giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage giving and to celebrate generosity worldwide. Every year, on GivingTuesday, millions of people across the globe mobilize to show up, give back, and change their communities. The goal is to create a massive wave of generosity that lasts well beyond that day, and touches every person on the planet.
2020 Billing will be Mailed mid-November
Linda Wilkerson
Linda Wilkerson
Invoices for the 2020 billing will be mailed in a couple weeks in mid-November. Earlier this year, I wrote about the billing adjustments we are implementing in 2020 based on member feedback.

With the new billing process, your 2020 membership invoice will be billed in November and will include the Center Membership Dues ($2,000) and any Satellite ($200) and/or Certified Educator Candidate ($850) fees for your center. You will then receive quarterly invoices (JAN, APR, JUL, OCT) for the Accreditation Fee, based on student units completed in the prior quarter (OCT-DEC, JAN-MAR, APR-JUN, JUL-SPT). Completed means the unit has ended and credit has been given.

There will be one more reconciliation for your 2019 Accreditation Fee if your actual student units differ (+/-) from the estimate billed for 2019. This will be applied to the January 2020 invoice.

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From the Desk of the Executive Director
Trace Haythorn Executive Director
In 2016, when the Organizational Redesign Work Group began to think through how to implement the new governance structure for ACPE, a key question centered around how the association could provide support for centers and members. Initially, the idea of "area directors" was proposed, positions that would have significantly larger territories and would help integrate the new model. After some conversation, the work group decided that these positions needed to be more about the people and less about the geography, thus the role of directors of community, practice and member development were born. Their task was to visit every center, to meet with members, to serve as "broadcast towers" about changes in the organization, to advocate for ACPE programs in their centers, and to provide support during the many transitions we have experienced as an association in recent years. For the last few years, Katherine Higgins, Steve Ivy, and Wayne Menking served the association dutifully in the new roles.

View from the Road: Leaving What is Old for What is New
Wayne Menking
Director of Community, Practice, & Member Development
Several years ago when I was writing my book, When All Else Fails: Rethinking our Pastoral Vocation in Times of Stuck, I came to the realization that the underlying theory for my work as a pastor, a chaplain, and a clinical pastoral educator could be summarized in this simple phrase: the work of pastoral/spiritual care is helping people leave what is old for what is new. As a pastor and a chaplain, I encountered people navigating transitions and re-situating themselves in new life circumstances, such as learning to live with a new illness that would change their life, or grief and learning to live life without a loved one who is now gone. In teaching and mentoring students, I encountered students searching for ways to leave behind old identities and ways of practicing ministry to embrace new ways of thinking and perceiving themselves as care givers. I now come to a point in my life where this theory - yet again - has personal relevance. In mid-August, I came to the decision that it is now time for me to retire. On September 30, I sent my notice of retirement to Trace, indicating that my last day with the ACPE will be December 31, 2019. I am now in that place of transition: leaving behind an old identity that has shaped my life and moving into a new one that is largely unknown.

When ACPE launched SharePoint, we also introduced Yammer. It is a social network, with Facebook-style communication, just for ACPE members! Yammer allows open and dynamic communication across the entire association. Its strength is its inclusivity. With Yammer, you can: post links; share videos; use emojis and GIFs; share, create, and edit files!
ACPE's Communities of Practice (CoP) also migrated to Yammer for a much more user-friendly experience including conversation, sharing, polling, and file storage. Once in Yammer, click on "ACPE Groups" to view all the Communities of Practice. Join now and start collaborating! 
New Accreditation Process: Sign-up for Q&A Sessions

Join us for New Accreditation Process Q&A Sessions. The sessions are your opportunity to ask anything about the new process or building your center's accreditation portfolio.

Dates are currently posted through the new year. The sessions are 12:00pm to 1:00pm eastern time on the assigned days. The number of participants for each session is limited to ensure individual questions are addressed. 

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Weekly Highlights
This Week's Reflection
A national news program recently ran a story on how untrustworthy essentially all communication is today. A well-informed citizen must critique every form of news media, every social media post, every conversation. No matter the level of education, we tend to look and listen for those messages which affirm our beliefs. In that light, we offer this poem to reflect on the nature of belief:
by Louis Jenkins
We all have certain things we believe in. Usually they don't
amount to much. Some people believe that if you put a
spoon in the open bottle champagne will keep its fizz.
Others believe that hot water will freeze faster than cold
or that when you flush a toilet in the southern hemisphere
the water always turns clockwise. In the absence of anything
better these beliefs serve to separate your life from others
lurking in the forest around you, like scent marking. People
have certain words they use, also. Words such as "paradigm,"
"trope," "facilitator," "objecthood"....Words that don't
mean anything. We drop them like breadcrumbs to mark
the way home - where we all intend to return one day.
Louis Jenkins, "Belief" from Just Above Water. Copyright © 1997 by Louis Jenkins. 

The last several years have seen a significant uptick in the number of suicides in the US, especially among young people 16-24. Here's a story that offers some hope for reducing those numbers:

Monday, November 4
Qudrat - Bahá'í 
The beginning of the thirteenth month of the Bahá'í year, meaning "power."

Friday, November 8
Mawlid al-Nabi - Islam
The anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in Mecca in ca. 570 C.E., observed by Sunni Muslims beginning at sundown.  Shi'a Muslims celebrate five days later, on November 13th.
Visit the ACPE website for more dates and information. 
Community of Practice Event Highlights 
Registration is now open for the following Community of Practice events: 

Stony Point, NY
November 7-8, 2019
St. Simons Island, GA January 12-14, 2020

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This Week's Career Opportunities & Residency/CEC Openings
Career Opportunities

Location Posting Date
ACPE Educator Houston Methodist Houston, TX 10/25/19
Full-time Counselor/Therapist Pastoral Counseling of Northern Virginia Fairfax, VA 10/18/19
ACPE Educator AdventHealth Orlando CPE System Center Metro Orlando, FL 10/18/19
CPE Program Manager Covenant HealthCare Saginaw, MI 10/18/19
Manager of Spiritual Care & Education WellSpan York Hospital  York, PA 10/11/19
ACPE Educator Ascension Seton Austin, TX 9/6/19
Spiritual/Pastoral Care Minister (Chaplain)
St. Joseph Villa
Flourtown, PA 8/16/19

Residency/CEC/CPE Unit Openings


Posting Date
Yearlong Residency Albert Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, PA 11/1/19
Yearlong Residency Gundersen Health System La Crosse, WI 11/1/19
Yearlong Residency Community Regional Medical Center Fresno, CA 11/1/19
Residency Audie Murphy VA Medical Center
Michael E. Debakey VA Medical Center
San Antonio, TX
Houston, TX
Yearlong Residency University of Kentucky HealthCare Lexington, KY 10/25/19
Level I & Level II CPE Houston Methodist Houston, TX 10/25/19
CES/C Position  UCSF Health San Francisco, CA 10/18/19
Yearlong Residency Mount Sinai Center for Spirituality and Health New York, NY 10/11/19
1st & 2nd Year Residencies
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH
Residency Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services
Grand Rapids, MI 9/13/19
Chaplain Resident Catholic Health Sisters of Charity Hospital Buffalo, NY 8/16/19
Residency 2020-2021 
Kettering Health Network
Dayton Area, OH
Residency 2019-2020 Mayo Clinic Health System Eau Claire, WI 2/15/19

Visit the ACPE website for a complete list of Career Opportunities and Residency/CEC Openings Want to advertise with ACPE? Learn more.
Other Happenings This Week

Global Spiritual Traditions and ChI Culture & Foundations-Part 2 Berkeley, CA November 12-16, 2019
Transforming Chaplaincy: Certificate in Spiritual Care Management and Leadership
Online Fall 2019
Chaplaincy Innovation Lab
Online N/A
Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Care Education and Leadership
Union Theological Seminary/Online Rolling Enrollment
San Francisco Theological Seminary/Online
Rolling Enrollment
Conyers, GA February 20-23, 2020

ACPE members and centers may post "happenings" in the weekly newsletter. ACPE does not accredit, review, or endorse the events listed above. Send your "happening" to
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