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For his birthday month, Quentin Tarantino programs the whole March 2011 calendar!


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Thursday, March 10


Rod Taylor Night

Dark Of The Sun

1968, UK / USA, 100 minutes
Not Available On DVD! 35mm print courtesy of BFI.
directed by Jack Cardiff; starring Rod Taylor, Yvette Mimieux, Peter Carsten, Jim Brown, Kenneth More, Andr´┐Ż Morell, Olivier Despax
Thurs: 7:30

Taking the men-on-a-mission motif and throwing it into a hotbed of bloodthirsty politics and uneasy team-ups, director Jack Cardiff delivers an action spectacle with surprising bite - especially for its time. It's no surprise that Hollywood heavyweights love the film - Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino have both expressed their admiration, the latter going so far as to lift a few musical tracks from the exceptional Jacques Loussier soundtrack for use in Inglourious Basterds. - Jeremy Wheeler, All Movie

- plus on the same bill -

Hell River

1974, USA / Yugoslavia / Liechtenstein, 100 minutes
Not Available On DVD!
directed by Stole Jankovic; starring Rod Taylor, Adam West, Brioni Farrell, Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic, Peter Carsten, Olivera Katarina
Thurs: 9:30



Friday & Saturday, March 11 & 12


White Lightning

1973, USA, 101 minutes 

directed by Joseph Sargent; starring Burt Reynolds, Jennifer Billingsley, Ned Beatty, Bo Hopkins, Matt Clark, Louise Latham, Diane Ladd

Fri/Sat: 7:30, Trailer 


The film has plenty of rip-roaring car chases (Hal Needham was the stunt coordinator), but it also has genuine emotion, in the pain and anger the hero feels over the loss of his brother and in the incidental reactions and attitudes of almost every support.  

- Doug Pratt, DVDLaser


- plus on the same bill -

The Last American Hero

1973, USA, 95 minutes
directed by Lamont Johnson; starring Jeff Bridges, Valerie Perrine, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Ned Beatty, Gary Busey, Ed Lauter, William Smith
Fri/Sat: 9:35, Trailer 


Johnson directs with a keen eye for the subculture of the car tracks and the whisky brewers, so that the film emerges as a winning, intelligent portrait of an aspect of America all too rarely seen in the movies. Like a Thunder Road filtered through the perceptions of the '70s, it's an invigorating and touching movie. - Time Out Film Guide 




Friday & Saturday, March 11 & 12



1974, Australia, 99 minutes 

directed by Sandy Harbutt; written by Sandy Harbutt & Michael Robinson; starring Ken Shorter, Sandy Harbutt, Deryck Barnes, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Roger Ward, Vincent Gil, Dewey Hungerford

Sat: 11:59pm (Midnight), All Tickets $7, Trailer 


A landmark movie that has sadly Been robbed of its place in history.

- DVD Verdict 


Biker film fans hungering for something a bit different may do well to seek out this satisfying cult-classic from Down Under due to the fact that a bizarre soundtrack and some intoxicating stylistic choices make it one of the most oddball biker flicks ever produced... viewers more interested in the outlaw lifestyle, attitude, and the thrill of riding the open road are treated to a hard-edged action thriller that embodies the unique code of ethics practiced by it's dirt-crusted protagonists. - Jason Buchanan, All Movie




Sunday & Monday, March 13 & 14

Paul Mazursky Night

Legendary filmmaker Paul Mazursky will appear IN PERSON, schedule permitting, to introduce Monday's 9:35 screening of Blume In Love!

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

1969, USA, 105 minutes
directed by Paul Mazursky; written by Paul Mazursky & Larry Tucker; starring Robert Culp, Natalie Wood, Elliott Gould, Dyan Cannon
Sun: 3:20 & 7:30; Mon: 7:30

4 Stars - The genius of "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" is that it understands the peculiar nature of the moral crisis for Americans in this age group, and understands that the way to consider it is in a comedy. What is comedy, after all, but tragedy seen from the outside? - Roger Ebert

A seminal film of the 1960s, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice is still relevant today. - Craig Butler, All Movie

- plus on the same bill -

Blume In Love

1973, USA, 115 minutes
written & directed by Paul Mazursky; starring George Segal, Susan Anspach, Kris Kristofferson, Marsha Mason, Shelley Winters, Donald F. Muhich, Paul Mazursky
Sun: 5:20 & 9:35; Mon: 9:35, Trailer


4 Stars - "Blume in Love" has a quality that's hard to analyze but impossible to miss: It sets up an intimate rapport with its audiences. - Roger Ebert




Tuesday, March 15

Grindhouse Night

This show is now SOLD OUT! Any tickets that become available will be sold first come, first served to a standby line the night of the event.


2007, USA, 191 minutes
directed by Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino; starring Rose McGowan, Kurt Russell, Josh Brolin, Marley Shelton, Jeff Fahey, Rosario Dawson, Vanessa Ferlito, Zoe Bell & MORE!
Tues: 7:30, Trailer

The 1970s exploitation movie gropes, bites, kicks, slugs, blasts, smashes and cusses its way back to life in Grindhouse, a 'Rodriguez/Tarantino double feature' that lovingly resurrects a disreputable but cultishly embraced form. - Todd McCarthy, Variety

- plus on the same bill -


2010, USA, 105 minutes
directed by Robert Rodriguez & Ethan Maniquis; starring Danny Trejo, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal, Michelle Rodriguez, Jeff Fahey, Cheech Marin, Don Johnson, Lindsay Lohan
Tues: 11:00, Trailer

"Machete" is gratuitously smutty, sadistically violent, politically aware and somehow also politically incorrect. Put more succinctly, it is awesome, and delivers every goofy gory guilty pleasure "The Expendables" was supposed to but did not.
- James Rocchi, MSN Movies

Wednesday & Thursday, March 16 & 17

Man Friday

1975, UK / USA, 115 minutes
directed by Jack Gold; starring Peter O'Toole, Richard Roundtree, Peter Cellier, Christopher Cabot, Joel Fluellen
Wed/Thurs: 7:30

Turning the familiar Crusoe/Man Friday story on its head, this version becomes a straightforward confrontation between instinctive, spontaneous, lithe and beautiful Black versus repressed, guilt-ridden and mottled White: a fable for our times. - Time Out Film Guide

- plus on the same bill -

Cooley High

1975, USA, 107 minutes
directed by Michael Schultz; starring Glynn Turman, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Garrett Morris, Cynthia Davis, Corin Rogers, Maurice Leon Havis, Joseph Carter Wilson
Wed/Thurs: 9:45, Trailer


Impressively written by Eric Monte and directed with an almost unwavering sense of pace by Michael Schultz, "Cooley High" pulsates with the careless exuberance of youth and captivates with characterizations and incidents presented not for the sake of nostalgia but out of the kind of understanding that cherishes and makes peace with the past. "Cooley High" is good history, good entertainment and good art. - New York Times





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Coming Soon:



18 & 19: Drive-In & Dazed and Confused

18 & 19 midnight shows: Roger Vadim's Pretty Maids All In A Row

20 & 21: Charley One-Eye & Kid Blue

22: The Hot, The Cool and The Vicious & Fearless Fighters

24: Thunder Road & Five Minutes To Live

25 & 26: Shaw Brothers Night: The Avenging Eagle & Duel of the Iron Fist

25 midnight show: Ice Cube in Friday

26 midnight show: The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe


March 27 - April 2: Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair



1 & 2 midnight shows: Pulp Fiction


Schedule subject to change


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