Due to the current COVID surge we have made some changes to our Faith Formation events for Sunday and through the next week: 
  • Our all-age congregational Quilting service project has been postponed. 
Stay tuned for more updates to our Faith Formation events, and THANK YOU for your patience as we navigate these ever-changing times! 

A note from Pastors Elizabeth and Peter:   
Wow! These last few years have been full of challenges, twists, and turns in so many ways. When we hear of people who are ill or need help we ask what we can do for them. Often, they say, “Pray for me.” 
There is so much we have to pray for these days; the pandemic alone brings opportunities to pray for people who are ill that we know and around the world, medical staff and facilities, teachers, and anyone who works at a school, just to name a few. And there are a whole host of other things to pray for in our community and world along with the struggles that you, your loved ones, and others you know may be facing. 
At Advent we want to lift your prayers by creating a flock of prayer doves to “fly” above our atrium under the sky light. You can do this at home on Sunday in place of Advent’s usual Adult Forum and Family Sunday school time using the following instructions—or anytime in the next few weeks. 
To create prayer doves all you need is copy or wrapping paper cut into 8”x 8” squares and a pen or pencil. On a blank side of the paper write what you would like to pray for, and then fold the paper following the diagrams or YouTube video link below. You might want to practice folding a dove or two with plain paper before you start making your prayer doves. Be patient with yourself as you fold your prayer doves! 
Doves can be dropped off or mailed into the church office. We hope to have our prayer doves hanging in the atrium in the next several weeks. 
As you pray, know that we, along with all the staff at Advent, are praying for you. If there is ever anything you need, do not hesitate to reach out. Together, we can continue to show flexibility and resilience in these tough times! 
Pastor Elizabeth and Pastor Peter