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Week of June 12, 2020
With the Children's and Parents' Services Department
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CNN's Van Jones and Erica Hill partner with "Sesame Street" for Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism , a town hall for kids and families.

Watch the town hall in its entirety below:
Upcoming Programs
Kahoot Challenge - Animals!
Friday, June 12 until Sunday, June 14, 9:00pm
Test your knowledge of animals this week and see how you rank.

Try it out HERE
Family Game Night
Friday, June 12, 6:00-7:00 p.m.
For Families

Join Ms. Hillary on Zoom in this virtual program. We will be playing Drawasaurus (like Pictionary.) No registration necessary. Join us using Zoom by clicking HERE or use the Meeting ID: 897 7740 4027  
Crafts & Activities
Try making this easy snack from The Everything Kids' Cookbook by Sandra K. Nissenberg! 

You can download the book HERE or on the Libby app.

Let’s keep things simple!!! This week we are going to make a simple and delicious snack! If you’re anything like me you will know that having a sweet tooth has its ups and downs! My problem is that my sweet tooth starts at breakfast time! OBVIOUSLY, I can’t have candy for breakfast, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have something sweet! -Miss Casey 
Cinnamon Sugar Apples (Makes 1 Serving)

Total Time: 5 minutes

  • 1 Apple
  • 1 Teaspoon of sugar
  • 1/2 Teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1/2 Tablespoon of mini chocolate chips (if you have them)
Let's Get Started!
  1. Peel your apple and ask for help cutting it into slices.
  2. Measure cinnamon and sugar and put into a baggie or a bowl
  3. Add your sliced apples and shake the baggie or mix the bowl!!
  4. Lastly add your chocolate chips (optional.)
  5. Enjoy this sweet treat for your sweet tooth!!!!!

Are you missing our cooking classes with Chef Rob? Check out our Facebook page for his newest cooking demonstrations and recipes and you can bring him right into your own kitchen.

No registration necessary!

With the end of school being a week away get ready to enjoy the summer months while being on PAUSE. This is a one-stop website that has it all.

Mommy Poppins offers an amazing amount of things to do whether you are spending the day outdoors in the sun or indoors on rainy days. It includes places to go, 100’s of activities, books and movies for kids on current topics, time-tested toys, plenty of resources, STEM and creative arts projects and so much more!

They are offering an online camp fair, information on camp openings along with camp guides and a camp safety checklist. Be sure to check it out  HERE !
75 Free Summer Activities for Kids, Adults and Everyone in Between

Are you looking for that great summer experience?
You don’t have to break the bank for a good time, even if you’re seeking activities that adhere to social-distancing restrictions.
Here are 75 ideas to help you make the most of your summer — and best of all, they’re all free. Click on the link…
It’s Disney on Ice 2020 ! Check out this clip of a great Disney song, dance and skating celebration in case you missed the live show earlier this year.

Watch HERE
We’ve been waiting for what feels like forever for summer to come, and it is just about here, so I wanted to share some safe ideas for water play with your baby or toddler that you can do at home. Playing with water outside is not only a way to incorporate some fun into your daily life on a hot day but it also develops your child’s fine and gross motor skills. Add some splashing fun, and you can include the development of hand and eye coordination! It’s all around a positive experience and super easy to do and a fun way to cool off on a hot day.

Outside Water Sensory Play

What you will need:
  • A kiddie pool/plastic bath tub
  • Bubble bath/gel

Make sure the water is lukewarm temperature- perfect temperature for infants:

  • Remember to have your child in a swim diaper so that no messes occur
  • Even if you child is in shallow water, use a safe floatation device to ensure nothing goes wrong
  • You always want to supervise your child, especially while they are in water

Outside Bath Fun : Bring out the bath toys and bubble bath! Turn your kiddie pool into a big bathtub and have fun in the bath while outside! If you have a toy boat you can sing, “Row, Row, Row, Your Boat.”

Kiddie Waterfall : Put some plastic cups in the pool and show your child how to pour water over their head! If you have a small bucket, show them how they can really have some splashing fun!

Ball Pit : If you have some plastic balls, throw them into the pool as well. Even just holding the ball in their hand will help develop their fine and gross motor skills!

--Miss Tara R.
Miss Kathy fans, make sure to watch our Facebook page Friday mornings for her weekly baby and toddler programs. Babies and Toddlers class starts at 10:00 a.m. and class for 2-3-year olds starts at 10:30 a.m. No registration necessary!
Here’s a fun way to develop sensory awareness, and practice verbal clues and listening skills with your preschooler. 

Choose a few small, familiar items, and put them in one paper bag for your child; then create a second identical bag for yourself. Taking turns with your child, put your hand in your own bag, feel an object, and describe it to your child without saying the name of the peeking! See if just by the description, your child can pull out the object you are describing from his/her own bag. Pull out your same object, and hopefully, they match! Then have your child do the same for you...encourage him/her to give you clues without giving away what the object actually is.

For example: “I am feeling something long and skinny and bendy and hollow. You can use it when you drink something.” Or...”I am feeling something round and soft and squishy. You can toss it or roll it when you play a game.”

Adjust the ease or difficulty of the items and how many things you put in the bag according to your child’s age and ability.

Enjoy! -- Ms. Debbie D.
Many kids are seeing the Black Lives Matter protests on TV, online and in our community, and wondering what they are about. How can parents help children process what they’re seeing and manage their feelings? Here are some books to help kids navigate the news. Some of these books are available as ebooks  HERE . Others will be available at the library when it reopens.

Ages 3-5
Lovely explores a world of differences that all add up to the same thing: we are all lovely!

Intersection Allies: We Make Room for All is a celebration of solidarity and community.

The Kindness Book shows different ways to show kindness. (ebook)

All are Welcome celebrates diversity and inclusion at a school where all are welcome! (ebook)

You Matter is a sensitive picture book about seeing the world from different points of view.
Ages 4-8
Each Kindness is the haunting story about the consequences of being unkind. (audio download)

It’s Okay to be Different describes all kinds of differences that are ‘okay’.

Mixed: A Colorful Story portrays the three primary colors living in separate parts of the city until Yellow and Blue meet and decide to mix. (ebook)

In Colors of Us a little girl begins to see her familiar world in a new way, celebrating the differences and similarities that connect all people.

Diversity of Us celebrates the wonderful uniqueness of all people.

Ages 8-12 
The Undefeated is an ode to black American triumph and tribulation. Winner of the 2020 Caldecott Award. (ebook)

Not My Idea: a Book about Whiteness is a timely story that addresses racism and civic responsibility.

Resist : 35 Profiles of Ordinary People Who Rose Up Against Tyranny and Injustice is a collection of profiles of prominent activists.

In New Kid , Jordan Banks may be the new kid at his upper-crust private school, but this remarkably honest story is not just about being new; it's about race. Winner of the 2020 Newbery Medal. (ebook)

Let’s Talk about Race is an introduction to the topic of race as the differences and unique features of races are celebrated while discussing the important bond everyone shares with one another.

Woke is a collection of poems to inspire kids to become a new generation of activists. 
Backyard Safari

Fun Fact: Did you know that an Eastern Cottontail rabbit can jump up to fifteen feet in a single bound?

It’s Rabbit Week in the Nature Corner. Check out our third in-depth Backyard Safari Spotter’s Guide on the MMS Community Library Facebook page to learn all about our speedy, bounding buds. We’ll be giving you everything you want to know, including where to spot them, what to look for, and plenty more fun facts!
Garden Crafts

The Summer Solstice is approaching, which means the fair folk may soon be flitting around your home, getting into mischief. If you want to invite or appease your local fairies, why not build them a home in your backyard? Fairy Gardens are fun and easy crafts for the whole family to do together and can be made from materials around the house or in your backyard. Check out Country Living for ideas to try or get instructions at Life Hacks for Kids on YouTube. 
At Home Learning

You don’t need to be a scientist to do science! Are you interested in nature? Do you like observing and learning about the world? Become a citizen scientist! Citizen scientists are people of all ages who collect data, perform experiments, and share their findings with professionals in order to further scientific knowledge. If you want to get started, check out the education section of , a website that gathers together information on citizen science projects near you!
Color Rock Dominos

Collect stones and make your own game of Dominoes!

Click HERE for the activity.
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