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Jan. 4-8, 2021
Coronavirus Response Team (CRT) Important Message

If you are arriving on campus for the first time since January 1, 2021 and have not been tested for COVID with a RT-PCR test in the past 7 days, you MUST proceed immediately to the WesternU testing site to receive a RT-PCR test. You may not come onto campus until you have a negative RT-PCR on file with

Anyone planning to return to campus on a regular basis effective this week or early next week must take the RT-PCR test early enough (at least 2 days prior) to be sure to receive your results before you are scheduled to return to work on campus.

Prior to testing you need to go to the website to register. Then proceed to the parking lot between the University Service Center (USC) building and the bookstore (near the fountain mid-campus) to be tested. 
The testing center is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday - Friday until January 15.
If you received a COVID test outside of WesternU in the past 7 days, you MUST submit your test results to to be cleared to return to campus.

This is for essential employees only (check with your supervisor if you are not sure if you are considered an essential employee) and for students required to come to the Pomona campus. All other employees and students should continue to work and study from home until further notice.
For additional questions, please refer to the WesternU COVID FAQ webpage.

**If you received a positive RT-PCR test in the past 90 days, you may proceed to campus if you have completed your 10-day isolation period, you are asymptomatic, fever free for the past 24 hours without medication, and you have sent your positive test results to
2020 Annual Report on Giving

University Advancement and Public Affairs & Marketing have partnered to produce WesternU's very first truly digital publication (not a flip book or pdf posted online) - the 2020 Annual Report on Giving.

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Nursing students help quarantined peers at NDSU

CGN Doctor of Nursing Practice student (and North Dakota State University Public Health Clinical Coordinator) Nancy Turrubiates spearheaded an effort at NDSU to provide care packages to students quarantined in their dorm rooms.

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WesternU GCBS holds inspirational white coat ceremony

WesternU's Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences held its white coat ceremony for 29 students in the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (MSBS) and Master of Science in Medical Sciences (MSMS) programs.

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From the College of Pharmacy:
COP faculty, residents and students are assisting local institutions with administering COVID-19 vaccines.

From COMP:
IPE Oregon, in partnership with health sciences faculty at Pacific University, Marshall B Ketchum University, COMP-Northwest, and DPT Oregon, presented an Interprofessional Case Conference (ICC) in November. Second-year COMP-Northwest students joined physician assistant and pharmacy students from PacificU and physician assistant students from Marshall B. Ketchum University in a 90-minute virtual case study. The case emphasized an IPEC Core Competency, Values & Ethics, as a framing for team-based care and centered on patient centered care of patients with bodyweight issues. The event brought together about 150 students in each of two consecutive Zoom sessions and utilized breakout rooms to facilitate small-group discussions.
The event was a result of more than a year of research, communications, and planning to provide WesternU students synchronous, experiential IPE with students of other health professions.
Alumni Association news

Join the College of Health Sciences for an evening of activities and fun at the Master of Science in Health Sciences Reunion Jan. 22. Visit the Alumni and Friends website for more information about this and other activities.

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Please welcome the following recent hires to WesternU:

CHS: Heather Thomas, Professor/Chair, Department of Occupational Therapy Education - Oregon
Anu Raisanen, Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy Education - Oregon
IT: Brandon Lucien, IT Purchasing Assistant
CO: Stephanie Klemencic, Adjunct Associate Professor
From the College of Veterinary Medicine:
Gustavo Ramirez, CVM Research Associate, was first author on a recent article published in PLoS ONE titled “Broiler chickens and early life programming: Microbiome transplant-induced cecal community dynamics and phenotypic effects." Co-authors on the paper include CVM alumni Ella Richardson, DVM '18, and Jory Clark, DVM '20, former CVM post-doctoral fellow Jitendra Keshri, and CVM Associate Professor Yvonne Drechsler. The research team was led by CVM Professor Brian Oakley and supported by several competitive intramural and extramural grants. 
CVM Professor Maria Fahie was one of the authors of the article “Inter-Institutional Collaboration for the Development of a Local Peer Observation Process to Enhance Teaching," Diana M. Hassel, Maria Fahie, Christiane V. Lohr, Rachel L. Halsey, William Vernau, Elena Gorman: Volume 47, Issue 5, October 2020, pp. 555-569.
Interprofessional Design Team members Drs. Jasmine Yumori, Karin Robeck, Gwendelyn Orozco, and Beth Boynton recently completed an interactive seven-week course, “Team STEPPS for Change Leaders and Champions” offered by the American Hospital Association. This course is designed to refresh participants on Team STEPPS tools and principles while placing a larger focus on how to effectively manage change, build team resilience and integrate teamwork practices into existing workflows and organizational initiatives.
Message from Dr. Wilson
Congratulations to the following dedicated employees for their milestone years of service here at Western University of Health Sciences:

20 years
Denise (NeeCee) Cornish, Office of the COO

15 years
Nathan Barlow, Department of Animal Care
Xiaoning Bi, COMP
David Min, COP
Dean Smylie, Office of the Provost
Hrvoje Smodlaka, CVM
Katherine Jimenez, University Financial Services & Treasury

10 years
Dominique Griffon, CVM
Tanisha Hampton, GCBS
Shawn McBride, IT
Cynthia Morton, WesternU Dental Center
Elaine Rauch, COMP-Northwest

5 years
Karen Genco, CHS
Amy Padoongpatt, WesternU Health
Chaya Prasad, COMP
Robin Richardson, COMP-Northwest
Virginia Aguirre, University Advancement
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