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March 1-5, 2021
Addressing vaccine reluctance

Listen to an interview with WesternU President Daniel R. Wilson, MD, PhD, on vaccine reluctance and how to properly communicate the importance of getting vaccinated.

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Dr. Robert L. Austin Endowed Lectureship

4:30-5:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 17, 2021. Keynote speaker Ann S. Masten, Regents Professor of Child Development at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, will present "COVID-19 Risks and Resilience for Child Behavior and Development."

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Applications pouring into CDC's 'disease detective' program

CDC's Epidemiology Elective Program is attracting a lot of interest from medical and veterinary students. CVM Professor Tracey McNamara, DVM, DACVP, emphasizes the importance of vet med students having a strong voice in public health conversations.

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From the College of Optometry:
Click on the image below to read about recognition for College of Optometry alumna Millie Liu, OD, Assistant Professor Naida Jakirlic, OD, FAAO, and Associate Dean Ida Chung, OD, FAAO.
From Human Resources:
Valyncia C. Raphael-Woodward, JD, PhD, Director, Employee Relations and Title IX Coordinator, recently published "Cultivating Institutional Courage: Changing How Baylor University Responded to Sexual Assault by Athletes."

Meet all of the Alumni Couples featured during the month of February at the WesternU Alumni Association’s Instagram @WesternU_Alumni
Message from Dr. Wilson
Congratulations to the following dedicated employees for their milestone years of service here at Western University of Health Sciences:

20 years
Tiffany Witherspoon, College of Optometry
Tyronza Herring, COMP

10 years
Efrain Castellanos, College of Optometry
John Pham, COMP-Northwest
Eileen Cotter, WesternU Health
Nicole McBain, WesternU Dental Center

5 years
Jerome Lacroix, Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences
Karina Moran, Eye Care Institute
Prisma Martinez, College of Veterinary Medicine
From the College of Pharmacy:
Congratulations to Dr. Anandi Law for another successful American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) Peer Review of her Research Fellowship in Health Outcomes. The peer-review committee found that Dr. Law’s program meets the ACCP Fellowship Guidelines and was given the full five-year mark for her next review.

Dr. Patrick Chan and his co-author published two book chapters in the textbook Advanced Pharmacology for Prescribers.
Chan P, Uchizono J. Chapter 2: Pharmacokinetics. In: Luu B, Kayingo G, McCoy V, eds. Advanced Pharmacology for Prescribers. New York, NY, USA: Springer Publishing; 2021.
Uchizono J, Chan P. Chapter 3: Pharmacodynamics. In: Luu B, Kayingo G, McCoy V, eds. Advanced Pharmacology for Prescribers. New York, NY, USA: Springer Publishing; 2021.
Dr. Hyma Gogineni, Jane Kim, PharmD '18, Richard Kim, PharmD '18, and colleagues at VA Loma Linda published a case in the Archives of Clinical Case Reports describing a patient who presented with atypical chest pain and discussed some of the variables that contributed to a delay in the diagnosis of coronary microvascular dysfunction.
Sharon J, Gogineni HP, Ferry LH, Kim J, Kim R, Suppogu N, Wei J, Conn K, and Merz CN. Delayed Care of Microvascular Angina in a Bikini Healthcare System. Arch Clin Case Rep 2021; 2:120-124. 
Dr. Kabir Lutfy, his lab members, and collaborators published the following: 
Stojakovic A, Ahmad SM, Malhotra S, Afzal Z, Ahmed M, Lutfy K. The role of pituitary adenylyl cyclase-activating polypeptide in the motivational effects of addictive drugs. Neuropharmacology. 2020;171:108109. doi:

Nguyen K, Kanamori K, Shin CS, Hamid A, Lutfy K. The Impact of Sex on Changes in Plasma Corticosterone and Cotinine Levels Induced by Nicotine in C57BL/6J Mice. Brain Sciences. 2020;10(10):705. PubMed PMID: doi:10.3390/brainsci10100705.
Nega S, Marquez P, Hamid A, Ahmad SM, Lutfy K. The role of pituitary adenylyl cyclase activating polypeptide in affective signs of nicotine withdrawal. Journal of Neuroscience Research. 2020;98(8):1549-60. doi:
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