June 7 - 13, 2020
I have a brave friend who, in the midst of a very long trial, is asking herself a great question:  "What’s the fruit?"  It’s her way of looking for the ways her trials are transforming her and also bringing good into the world despite unrelenting challenges.

When she posed that question —  What’s the fruit?  — I pictured the three letters  WTF.  I told her that from now on when I see texts or tweets with WTF I will read them as “What’s the fruit?” We laughed, but there really is a beautiful gift in this. The original WTF is, as you know, blunt and not very kid-friendly. The original WTF accompanies riotous shouts in the face of civil unrest, for example. But what if we paused to look within ourselves and consider the lovingly persistent work God is doing to refine and grow us in the midst of pandemics and pandemonium? We would be wise to ask what fruit God is bringing to life within us. Could it be that God can use the heavy rains of injustice to water seeds and saplings that will eventually bear life-giving fruit? If so…WTF…what’s the fruit?

Anger swells due to centuries of racial injustice, punctuated by appalling images in recent weeks. Anxiety caused by three months of lonely sheltering in place. Fears of looming economic meltdowns, nationwide protests and interpersonal mayhem. WTF. What’s the fruit that God is producing in you, and how could it nourish a hangry world?
This Sunday via Zoom (June 7, 10am)
Join us this Sunday as we continue to gather online to worship together.
Zoomies, Zoommates, Zoom Small Groups
Whatever you want to call them, engage in these online pockets of community. In this season we are in, you need a place to just “be.” In a Zoom Group you will  be ...loved... be  heard... be  prayed for. Which group is your ideal place to  be  this week?
Youth Online
Are you a middle or high school student? Are you finishing up school and wondering what you're going to do with all your free time? Well wonder no more! Join us Wednesdays at 6:30pm for a youth Zoom call. Don't worry, there won't be any homework. Just connection, conversation, and fun. Click the button below to join.
Service Opportunities
We've put together a couple of service opportunities for the coming weeks.

  • The Bayside Martin Luther King Jr. Academy is a historically underserved K-8th school in Marin City, which is a community disproportionately facing challenges of social inequities such as food insecurity. We have the opportunity to help them with their community garden which feeds a number of families in the community. Click the button below for information and to sign up.
  • Our children’s ministry is partnering with Pine Ridge Nursing home to bring uplifting and encouraging art, poems, and notes of hope to the residents there. Stay tuned for more information and contact Brian with any questions.
Need Help? Prayer?
We walk alongside one another as a church body, bearing one another’s burdens. For prayer requests, send us an email at
If you're ready to help, contact Annemarie .
"Gratitude flows from the recognition that who we are and what we have are gifts to be received and shared." Henri Nouwen 

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