MARCH 22-28, 2020
Our building may be closed, but BayMarin is wide open! Here's how we'll stay connected, deepen friendships, and share our love. 

We are moving to online meetings for most of our activities. Obviously, all in-person activities are postponed or cancelled. Be sure to check our website  for the latest updates. 

With gratitude and love for each of you, 


Watch a message from Gary
Sunday Service Online (March 22, 10am)

Join together online on Sunday! Follow the Zoom link below to join us for worship with Jayne, hear a brief message from Gary, and do what we do really well at BayMarin - hang out (virtually of course). We will even pause for communion, so have bread and cup nearby.

If using a computer, all you need to do is click the link below to join

If using a phone or tablet, please download the iOS for Apple or Android app for all others before connecting.
Faith Communities Online
Our Faith Communities will be meeting online via Zoom. We've already experimented this week and it's fun... plus you don't have to fight traffic to get there. If you're in a Faith Community, you'll get details from your leader(s). If you're interested in joining up just while we shelter in place, come on! Click below or check  and sign up. 
Youth Online
Youth are meeting online on Wednesdays at 6:30pm. Youth will be contacted directly by Bryan . They tried it out this week already, and it was a great break for youth (and parents!).
Sheltering at Home Resources
We'll be posting links to BayMarin YouTube and podcasts, and to other resources that you can use throughout the week. 
Covid-19 Support
If you have a need that's not being met, follow this link to register it with BayMarin. We'll try to respond within 24 hours. 
If you want to be of assistance to our community and across Marin, let us know and we'll work to match you up with a need. Follow this link. 
Postponed for now...
Women's BayMarin Table (was Saturday, March 21)
Men's Dinner (was Friday, March 26) 
We'll do these one way or another...
Stand by for details. We'll let you know as it becomes clear. 
Good Friday Services
Easter Celebration  
Mexico Service Trip - Youth (July 26 - August 1)
We’ll live and work alongside B2Live doing work in La Mision and surrounding communities. Join together to do service responsibly where everyone is honored, and everyone wins! High School youth. 
Although we aren't meeting in person, we have all the same expenses! So, if you are a person who gives in person on Sundays, please give online (below) or send a check to: 
PO Box K
San Rafael, CA 94913

Thank you!