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May 14, 2018 ~29 Iyar
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May 5, Emor
T: Leviticus 21:1-24:23
  H: Ezekiel 44:15-31
May 12, Behar/Bechukotai
T: Leviticus 25:1-27:34
   H: Jeremiah 32:6-27
May 19, Bemidbar
 T: Numbers 1:1-4:20
   H: Hosea 2:1-22
May 26, Naso   
T: Numbers 4:21-7:89
   H: Judges 13:2-25

About CBI Miniatures
CBI Miniatures is a fundraiser. A diverse selection of paintings, photographs, prints, and mixed media works will be on display and for raffle. Members of the public will have the opportunity to win their favorite pieces by purchasing raffle tickets for $3 each or 10 for $25Donations of Miniatures are being accepted March thru April 27th, 2018 - For a complete list of rules and dimensions for our miniatures fundraiser please click below.

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Nay 14 - 1:00 @MOMA La Mirade
Art of the Jewish Prayer Shawl

May 15 - 6:30 PM
@CBI Trustees Executive Meeting

May 16- 4:30 PM @CBI Hebrew School final day of the school year
7:00 PM - Worship Committee Meeting

May 16- 7:30 PM Jewish Food Festival Meeting@CBI

May 18 - 7:30 PM Erev Shabbat Services, led by Rabbi Bruce Greenbaum and Cantor Alisa Fineman

May 19 - 10:30 AM
Shabbat Service when Jacob Carlyle becomes a Bar Mitzvah

May 20 - 9:30 AM Final day of Religious School K/6 10:00 AM family breakfast & teacher appreciation

2:00 PM At Home with CBI @ Kitchen Shower Rosemary Lande's 
@ CBI - Torah Reading Continues

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Jacob Carlyle Bar Mitzvah
Jewish Food Festival

On May 19, 2018, Jacob Benjamin Carlyle will be called to the Torah to become a Bar Mitzvah.  Jake is a 7th grader at Stevenson School.  His interests include reading, board games and video games, and puzzles.  He is a member of the school soccer, track, and robotics teams.
Jake is a kind and thoughtful person, with an inquisitive spirit and a sharp sense of humor.  He is a good friend, a great brother to Katie and Nathan, and a wonderful son.  His family is so proud of him and his accomplishments, and we congratulate him on becoming a Bar Mitzvah.
For his Mitzvah project, Jake is visiting with senior members of CBI to provide them with companionship and conversation, to hear about their lives, and to learn more about the history of our community.  Jake is sure to benefit from the wisdom of their experience.

One more reminder for everyone. This coming Saturday evening in celebration of Shavuot, we will lead a reading of the Torah. Commencing at approximately 7:30 on 19 May. Many people have come up to me and said they were interested in participating and expressed their concerns on how it was going to work. I wanted to write to everyone out there and explain how I think this whole endeavor is going to work.

We will begin reading from the Torah scroll which will be front and center on the altar for the entire time. One of the few brave souls who have volunteered to be present throughout will be at the Torah following with the Yad as we read through every word. There will be books on each of the pulpits and in the pews for everyone to follow along. For those who feel more comfortable reading in English, or using the Hebrew in the books with vowels, that's great! The Yad will continue to flow long the text of the Torah scroll while each participant reads or chants.
Whenever someone comes in they'll have a chance to orient themselves to what's going on, where we are in our reading, follow along and - when there is a logical break - jump in and continue reading. There are no set lengths for readers to read. If there are only a few folks in the Sanctuary, the reading times will be a bit longer. If there are a lot of people (let's hope that's the scenario) then the reading times will be proportionally shorter. As I mentioned, a few of us will be there the entire time so that there will always be someone reading. This is not a formal prayer service, it's a study group reading Torah.

There will be light snacks, coffee, tea and water available throughout the event and napping will be encouraged for those of you wishing to be there overnight (bring a pillow). There are no formal sign-up sheets, but if you wanted to commit to being present during a particular time frame, that would certainly help us plan and ease our minds about being lonely. Please email me directly at and let me know when you think you'd be able to come by. Keep in mind that I will have access to my email during the event and if you want to check in with my during the reading to see where we are I'd be more than happy to respond.

For those of you interested in a specific Parsha, I need to say, that unless it's early on in B'reshit, there's really no way to tell when that reading will come up. We've never done this before, and although we have some idea of how long it will take, where we will be at any given moment is impossible to predict.

This is something completely new for all of us. I don't know anyone who has participated in such an effort in the past. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens, how it happens and learning why I thought it was so important to do this in the first place. Come join us all. This is going to good.

Attending this event or considering contribution  to our kitchen out-fitting?  Please see the links below to find items the kitchen needs on our "Wish List" and convenient gift registries to make shopping easier.
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The film 1945  is now playing at the Osio in Monterey. if  you missed this well-received film during the CJFF, you have another chance. 

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The 31st Annual Jewish Food Festival planning is in full swing.   Below is the link to sign up for  volunteer opportunities for JFF - 2018.  The festival date is July 29th, 2018.  Volunteers are needed for July 29 and also for several earlier pre-festival preparations.  
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