One question we are often asked is how we meet the different learning needs of each student, so I asked Mrs. Tunick to share a little more about what personalized learning looks like at Charlotte Lab School. (See below.) I also want to invite you for a "Coffee Talk" with Mrs. Tunick and myself on Thursday, Nov 16 at 8:30 am at the middle school campus to discuss any curriculum questions or concerns you may have on your mind. You can also expect progress reports to come home the week of Dec 4, and conferences will be scheduled Dec 6-15.

Have a great week, and don't forget--no school on Wednesday.

Happy Halloween!


Mary Moss Brown
Head of School


We implement a "workshop" approach as our primary instructional model. The workshop model is both a structure for organizing classroom instruction and a vehicle to get students more engaged and invested in the classroom experience. Each workshop is comprised of:
  • A clear teaching point (or objective) which is determined by what student work and formative assessments show that students need to master and is part of a logical sequence of teaching points that comprise the unit of study. Each teaching point helps students draw on their prior knowledge and answers any questions they have;
  • A mini-lesson where the teacher clarifies previous misconceptions, presents new information, models a skill or strategy, and/or shows an exemplar of work;
  • Independent, partner, or small-group work where students develop ownership of their learning as they read, write, discuss, solve problems, practice, collaborate, think critically, and use effective learning strategies, as well as explore and respond to the topics and ideas that they are studying;
  • Time for teachers to confer with individual or small groups of students; and
  • An opportunity to share, evaluate, and reflect upon what the students have learned.
The workshop model is inherently personalized because students may be grouped and taught a mini-lesson based upon their ability level or preferred method of learning, given work that is specific to their current or previous needs, and may choose what they read and write, what strategy they will use to solve a problem, and/or what mechanism they will use to demonstrate what they have learned.  

You can learn more about the various strategies to  improve our instructional model and further personalize learning in each of the content areas, here.

We also believe that  independent practice or enrichment in these content areas is helpful; and therefore, we provide parents and students with online, web-based programs or apps that are specific to the student's ability level. We recommend that your child spends some time, at least once a week, on RAZ Kids, Mathletics, Duolingo and Quizlet to foster a home-school connection and to extend your child's learning outside of the classroom.

Please feel free to contact me at vrtunick@charlottelabschool.org if you have any additional questions.

With the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday, we felt it was appropriate to begin a Kindness Challenge at both the lower and middle schools. Our goal is to build a greater culture of kindness within the school and begin to spread this kindness outward into the community. As kids are working to navigate peer relationships and other pressures, focusing on our foundation and positive school climate, seems essential and ongoing.  

Research has shown that kindness is contagious; positive school climate is tied to high or improving attendance rates, test scores, promotion rates, and graduation rates. We hope that the Kindness Challenge is one way to begin focusing more opportunities to foster kindness, strengthen peer relationships, and increase positive mindsets. This challenge will also align with the school's LAB Way and Code for Living by adding to the positive culture at the both schools.

  1. One or two students from each advisory will be Kindness Captains--leading the charge to spread kindness and helping peers do the same.
  2. Advisories will identify random acts of kindness that they can do within the school. (See links below for some ideas.) We will encourage students to take actions that will add value to relationships, i.e. helping others see when they are unkind or playing at recess with a new friend. 
  3. To kick off the Kindness Challenge, advisories will decorate kindness rocks and hide kindness rocks for others to find. Eventually we will create a rock garden as a display of how kindness is contagious at our school. When a random act of kindness happens to a student, the goal is for that student to PAY IT FORWARD and do one for the next person until a chain of kindness is created. 
  4. This Kindness Challenge will last until the week of Thanksgiving. At that time, students will write a letter or draw a picture for staff member, family member, and peer showing appreciation.
Below, you will find ideas on how you can help support the notion of kindness at home and continue the challenge:
  • At dinner or bedtime, ask your kids their "highs" and "lows" of the day and have the focus be on kindness: What did they do that was kind? What opportunities did they miss?;
  • Start a kindness jar in your house and ask each family member to add notes on how he/she sees kindness at home;
  • Have a discussion about what kindness looks like--as children and adults;
  • Ask your children what kindness looks like in their friendships;
  • Engage in a community service project with our students;
  • Find a local organization to spend your time with as a family;
  • Discuss areas of growth when it comes to kindness--sibling conflict, peer dynamics, frustration, tolerance etc.; and 
  • Find a series of books that you can read as a family about kindness, or your child can read independently, depending on their age.
Random Acts of Kindness Lab Resources:
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


Meegan & Andrea

Our first Parents Party will be this Sunday, Nov 5 from 3-6 pm. Join us at Triple C Brewery (2900 Griffith St) to watch the Panthers game, play corn hole, and meet other Lab School Parents! (We love our kids but this is a parents-only
event to meet and mingle with other parents.) We hope to see you there!

11/4-11/11 - Toys & Co. Fundraiser - looking for an easy way to help raise money for the school? Buy toys during this week at Toys & Co and a percentage will be given back to the school!

11/14 - Nothing But Noodles Spirit Night - Join us for another fun family dining night! 

Looking for something for your kids when school is out this Wednesday? Check out Mini-Camps offered by Children's Theatre. There are still a few spots left. Call 704-973-2828 by 4:00 pm tomorrow to register. (Online sign up not available given the deadline.) Learn more here.

Note: Children's Theatre also offers a mini-camp on the upcoming day off, Friday, Nov 10, as well as other CMS holidays. These camps are listed separately on the Children's Theatre website.
We have posted our November and December Lunch menus. Please note the change to Pizza Friday. While the new pizza lunch has been a hit, it is also a little more work than we realized, so we are going to scale back to once a month. Our caterer will still be providing pizza on Fridays; however, the Pizza Fundraiser (with pizza from Dominos or Papa Johns) will now be the last Friday that we are in school each month. 
We are so grateful to everyone who has donated items from our wish list. Teachers are still updating the list with current needs. Check out the items we still hope to receive, and see if there is anything that you are able to donate.
This year, Lab will be participating in a classic tradition with a twist--the Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade! The parade has more than 100,000 attendees on-site and more than 180,000 television viewers. We will be carrying a larger-than-life balloon down Tryon Street on Thanksgiving Day. This is a great opportunity for more people to hear about Lab. There are only 20 spots available so sign up quickly. If we receive more than 20 sign ups, we will draw names for the spots. 
Please join the Lab Parents Book Club for a special evening discussion of Raising Cain by Dan Kindlon, PH.D.  
  • Book: Raising Cain, Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys by Dan Kindlon, PH.D.
  • Date: Tuesday, Nov. 7
  • Time: 6:30 - 8:30 pm
  • Location: Earl's Grocery on Elizabeth Avenue
  • Pre-Work: Read the book or watch the PBS Home Video, Raising Cain, Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys
  • RSVP: Let us know you are coming by emailing Michele Davis at write2mdavis@yahoo.com. We need a minimum of 4 confirmed attendee's to hold the discussion
Thanks again to our Lab families for your amazing response to the Lab Cares Hurricane Relief Change Drive. In just 3 days, we raised a total of $1,935.95, which will be donated to One America Appeal!  Wow!!
Thanks to Leslie Mueller and Lory Cobb for planning our Lab School Spirit event at the Hornets game on October 20 and to Pamela Bradford for the great event photos! It was a thrilling game and a fun chance for Lab families to get together and raise money for our school. Don't worry if you missed this one because we have 2 more event fundraisers this year: the Checkers in January and Knights in April.
Thanks to Jenny Greenspon for leading the effort to design and produce our new Open House signs. It's a great way to advertise to prospective new families. If you have a visible and centrally-located yard and would like a sign, email Jenny.
It is that time of year again. Come and check out the lost and found items waiting to be claimed near the front office. Don't forget to label all outerwear and water bottles. Please also take a look at the clothes that you have and make sure you don't have another student's clothes by accident. A few parents have mentioned missing clothing that is labeled; those blue hoodies tend to all look the same!
Tues, Oct 31 Love and Logic Parenting Series 8:45 AM
Wed, Nov 1
Teacher Work Day - NO SCHOOL
Sat. Nov 4 - 11 Toys & Co Fundraiser
Sun, Nov 5 Parents Party 3:00 PM
Mon, Nov 6 K-1 Open House 6:30 PM
Fri, Nov 10 Veterans Day-Holiday
Tue, Nov 14 Nothing But Noodles Spirit Night 4:30 PM
Help us celebrate faculty birthdays with a small treat during the month of each staff person's birthday. Learn more and sign up here . (There are still a few spots left.) 

We created a  sign up for donations of chicken feed and bedding in the upcoming months.  If you would like to help, sign up here and follow the links to the website where you can pay online and Mr Luft will pick up the supplies for our feathery ladies (since the site does not deliver). 
Want your kids' candid picture in the yearbook? Have great photos from a school related activity? PLEASE upload it on the ReplayIt app. Download the app once (you will need it as long as your child is registered at LAB School) and upload your photos as you take them. Please tag the children in the photos and their grades. 

Lab is no longer accepting Coke product bottle tops at the school, and we are no longer collecting caps for the school art project; however, we would love for you to create a Coke account, enter the codes from drinks you consume, and donate them to the school. This will help us earn valuable supplies for our school. Email Zoe Balsamo at zbalsamo@me.com for more information. 

LOVE AND LOGICĀ® PARENTING WORKSHOP presented by Wendy Petricoff, Owner of Charlotte Parenting Solutions! 
  • Who: 3rd-6th grade Parents/Guardians Dates: Every Tuesday, 8:45 am-10:15 am for 3 weeks beginning October 31 (Oct. 31, Nov. 7, Nov. 13) 
  • Where: Lab Middle School Large Commons 
  • Cost: $115 per family, includes a workbook 
Register directly with Charlotte Parenting Solutions--select Charlotte Lab Private Course from the drop-down menu.
Lunch payments can be made at  K12PaymentCenter.com . I t is not necessary to order your lunch in advance; however, if your child requires a special meal (gluten free or vegetarian) please let Mrs. Malone know in advance.
If you are making a change to your child's afternoon dismissal, please make sure to complete the online transportation form NO LATER THAN 2:00 pm. After 2:00 pm, you must call the school and let Ms. Fulcher (LS) or Ms. Clinch (MS) know.  And don't forget, e arly dismissal ends at 3:00 pm. If you arrive after 3:00 pm, you will be asked to wait to pick up your child until regular dismissal at 3:30 (LS) or 3:45 (MS). 
Don't forget to like Charlotte Lab School on Facebook. There is also a Charlotte Lab School Parents Page. This page is managed by parents and not visible on Facebook for security reasons, so if you want to join the group, please email the page administrator Nicole Bowen, and she will invite you to join.

Please note that on days that your child is sick or absent, we ask that you email his/her homeroom teacher and our Front Office Managers  Stefanny Fulcher   (Lower School) or Lauri Clinch (Middle School) before 8:30 am. A note from parents (and a doctor's note, if applicable) is necessary and should be sent immediately and no longer than 3 days after the absence. Don't forget that our funding depends on our attendance the first 20 days of school, so please make every effort to ensure your child is at school.

Be sure to sign up for Remind 101 and receive last minute reminder texts from Lab. Just text the correct code (below) to 81010. Be sure to sign up for the Entire School messages, plus the relevant grade levels and after school if applicable. Standard text rates do apply. 

  • Entire School - @Fk2c2
  • Kindergarten - @bea6h
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    Parents are invited to celebrate their children's birthdays at school, and we ask that you follow these policies:
    • Parents may join their child for lunch and bring a small treat to share with advisory to celebrate their child's special day.
    • Birthday celebrations must be arranged IN ADVANCE with the child's advisor so that he/she knows when to expect you and can plan an alternative treat for those children who might not be able to enjoy what you bring.
    • All treats must be NUT-FREE
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