April 23 - 29, 2018 


We are working to keep our members informed about the happenings at El Gancho in a timely manner. Each week we will send a brief overview of what you can look forward to at El Gancho.

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Gym Lingo 101 

"Working In"
Often you'll hear terms that aren't used anywhere except at the  gym and they can sometimes be confusing. 

You may have heard the term "working in" or been asked  "Can I work in?"
This is how to ask if it's OK to grab a turn on a piece of equipment or weight area while you are resting between sets.

Keep in mind that it is good gym etiquette to allow someone to work in. It's polite to make sure everyone can get a turn on the equipment they need for their routine. 

Also, please be aware that some people are too shy to ask.  So you'll want to be conscious of people lingering near your machine or seeming to wait on you.  Go ahead and offer to let them work in when you are resting between sets. Also, getting up off a machine for your rest and just standing next to it will help others know that you are not ignoring them or trying to monopolize the equipment. 

Cycle Class Etiquette - Reminder

  • Pre-registration guarantees a place in class ONLY up until class start time.
  • Class Admission cards will be issued up to 5 minutes after class start time.
  • There will be no admittance to the classroom after 10 minutes class time (5 minutes for Express Cycle).                            

Thank you for your help in making our cycle class experience enjoyable and safe for all.

El Gancho Management

"Train for the Century"

Specific El Gancho Cycling Classes during the month of April and May will cover topics preparing cyclists for the annual Santa Fe Century. Cyclists can accumulate miles to build endurance and cross train using other fitness classes to get fit.

WEEK 4 - April 23rd
  • Endurance Training 
  • Speed and Interval Training (Speed drills)

Instructors who will be incorporating "Train for the Century" 

into their classes:

2018 El Gancho Open

The 2018  El   Gancho   open  is fast approaching. This terrific event will take place June 8-10 and will be our USTA-sanctioned adult tournament for the year. To sign up, please visit  and enter the tournament ID  750020518. 

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