January 13 - 19, 2020 


Welcome to a NEW YEAR! Which means we are hoping you are looking forward to a NEW YOU and a FRESH START!  We are here to help you achieve your best health, clarity and self-esteem.  


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Gym  Lingo 101

"Working In"
Often you'll hear terms that aren't used anywhere except at the gym and they can sometimes be confusing. 

You may have heard the term  "working in" or been asked 
"Can I work in?" 

This is how to ask if it's OK to grab a turn on a piece of equipment or weight area while you are resting between sets.

Keep in mind that it is good gym etiquette to allow someone to work in. It's polite to make sure everyone can get a turn on the equipment they need for their routine.

Also, please be aware that some people are too shy to ask. So you'll want to be conscious of people lingering near your machine or seeming to wait on you. Go ahead and offer to let them work in when you are resting between sets. Also, getting up off a machine for your rest and just standing next to it will help others know that you are not ignoring them or trying to monopolize the equipment. 
"Battle Rope Workout"

Tuesday, January 14th
 at 4:45 PM
with Pamela Herzenberg
  • Blast Fat
  • Sculpt Muscles
  • Increase Mobility
  • Fun to use!

Sign up required by: Monday 1/13 by 5pm.
Minimum of 3 students
Maximum of 10 students.
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