November 12 - 18, 2018 


We are working to keep our members informed about the happenings at El Gancho in a timely manner. Each week we will send a brief overview of what you can look forward to at El Gancho.

Our new website features a page showing the weekly fitness schedule. You can follow the link above or find it anytime at


Wednesday, November 21st

Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, November 22nd

A Jump Start on Holiday Shopping...




November 12th - 14th


Barbara Edelman returns to El Gancho with all her goodies!

Shop will be set up across from childcare.


Snow Delays For Fitness Classes 

In the event of snow that results in schools closing or being on a 2-hour delay, the 7:15am and 8:20am classes will be cancelled. The 9:35am classes will continue as scheduled. Please call the front desk regarding the cancellation of any evening classes due to snow. 
Yoga for Absolute Beginners

Tuesday, November 13th
 at 2:20pm 
with Martha Quick

Sign up required by 11/12/18 at 5pm.
Free Nutritional Counseling Session

Tuesday, November 20th
with Pamela Herzenberg
15 min. Sessions
starting at 4:45PM

Sign up required by: 11/19 by 5 PM.
  • Please reserve all courts through the front desk.
  • Obtain the combination for the door from the front desk.
  • Banging or knocking on the door is prohibited.
  • Keep door closed at all times.
  • Do not enter the facility more than 5 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • While waiting, please be quiet and do not interrupt play.
  • If you need to cross a court that is occupied to access yours, please only cross in between points.
  • Please wear appropriate attire on court. Shirts must be worn, non-marking shoes only and no cut-offs or jeans.
  • No profanities, yelling or screaming at any time while on court.
  • Cell phones must be silenced.
  • This is fragrance free facility.
  • Show respect to all players at all times.
  • Do not retrieve a ball from another court while their point is still in progress. Please wait until they finish their point.
  • Please keep the courts clean by picking up all balls and throwing away any trash.
  • Always be safe. Do not participate in any behavior that would risk injury to anyone else, such as throwing or hitting balls when asked not to, throwing your racquet or any other object on or off the court.
  • Please leave the court promptly when your scheduled time ends.

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