September 10 - 16, 2018 


We are working to keep our members informed about the happenings at El Gancho in a timely manner. Each week we will send a brief overview of what you can look forward to at El Gancho.

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"Working In"
Often you'll hear terms that aren't used anywhere except at the gym and they can sometimes be confusing. 

You may have heard the term "working in" or been asked  "Can I work in?"
This is how to ask if it's OK to grab a turn on a piece of equipment or weight area while you are resting between sets.

Keep in mind that it is good gym etiquette to allow someone to work in. It's polite to make sure everyone can get a turn on the equipment they need for their routine. 

Also, please be aware that some people are too shy to ask.  So you'll want to be conscious of people lingering near your machine or seeming to wait on you.  Go ahead and offer to let them work in when you are resting between sets. Also, getting up off a machine for your rest and just standing next to it will help others know that you are not ignoring them or trying to monopolize the equipment. 



Brenda Sanchez is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. She also has specialty certifications in Pilates, Indoor Cycling, TRX, Older Adults and Tai Chi.  Brenda is Adjunct Faculty at the Fitness Center at the Santa Fe Community College. She also instructs at several other fitness centers in Santa Fe. Brenda instructs a wide variety of group fitness classes and small group trainings and works with different fitness levels and age groups.
Brenda has worked as a personal trainer doing private trainings as well as working for a weight loss and wellness program.

"Being in the fitness industry for the last 23 years, fitness became a passion early on in my career. I believe that fitness is a lifetime commitment and should become part of one's lifestyle. Our bodies are meant to move! I believe with some fitness education, the desire to have a healthy body and mind and positive support one can reach and obtain those goals.

We only have one body and one life, live healthy, be active and live life well!!"

Beginners on Stability Balls
Monday, September 18th
at 4:45pm 
with Pamela Herzenberg

Pamela Herzenberg will be demonstrating techniques for beginners on stability balls. 

Last day to sign up: Monday, September 17th by 5:00pm


Yoga for YOUR Body - Free Demo
Tuesday, September 11th
at 2:20PM
with Martha Quick

Yoga for YOUR body. Age and condition do not matter. Find ways yoga can address your needs. Get personalized instruction in a group setting. 

Sign up required by: Monday September 10th by 5pm. 


Club Championships this week! 
  • The 2018 El Gancho Club Championships will take place this weekend! This terrific event will decide the 2018 club champions in women's singles and doubles, men's singles and doubles as well as mixed.
  • To sign up, please email tennis@elgancho with your name, event(s), doubles partner(s) and any time constraint(s).
  • We will be accepting entries through this Tuesday evening (09/11) . Draws will be posted by this Wednesday afternoon (09/12) .

Block Time #1

Our first indoor court lottery will take place 
Saturday, October 27th at 9AM 
on the racquetball courts. 

Registration sheets will be available at the front desk 
Monday, October 1st. This block will run from Monday, November 5th through Friday, December 21st for a total of 7 weeks. 

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