Eliot’s October Volunteer of the Month is member, Dick Gordon . A retired architect, Dick has shared the skills and experience of his profession in creating a 3-D model of Eliot Chapel along with architectural drawings of the church and the house at 222 E. Argonne. This will help us plan for future expansion of the church. This work was also helpful when it came time to obtain new liability insurance as Dick could readily provide our business administrator with a reckoning of every square foot in Eliot Chapel. He's worked for several years with the Fillmore Park gardeners, most recently accepting the baton from Claire Robertson to lead that group in making our “adopted” section of Kirkwood beautiful. Additionally, he was one of several who answered the call to help beautify 222 E. Argonne's property, putting in many hours raking, trimming, and planting during the hottest days in September and making 222's lawn the jewel of the neighborhood.   
Our hat's off to Dick Gordon for beautifying our neighborhood and being a great member and volunteer of Eliot Chapel.