Join us for the 2nd Sunday of Advent
The Holy Eucharist
in the Sanctuary

Bach Cantata Series continues with:

BWV 70a - "Wachet! betet! betet! wachet!" 
SUNDAY PARKING at the Back Bay Garage (entrance located at 199 Clarendon Street Boston, MA 02116). Vouchers are available during coffee hour. Your ticket is good for a 3 hour period on Sunday beginning at 8:00am. The price for 3 hours is $5. Beyond that the regular rate applies. 
Emmanuel's Pledge Stewardship Season Continues
Thank you to the 80 pledgers who have indicated their intent to support Emmanuel Church in 2018! If you have not yet returned your pledge card, please do so as soon as possible, so the vestry can prepare a budget for staff and programs in the coming year. If you would like to pledge, but have not received a packet of materials, please speak with a member of the clergy or vestry, or email Amanda March, our Parish Operations Manager, at
Stories from the pews…pledge season 2018

My name is Charley Blandy. I’m a member of Emmanuel Music, a singer in the choir.… and I pledge to Emmanuel Church. I’ll cut to the chase: This is an ask to make a written pledge for your 2018 giving.

I started giving to Emmanuel on the … firm suggestion of Frank Kelley. I’ve set up my online bill-pay for a check to go out quarterly, and I simply tell the church I’m doing it and how much. That’s it. It’s easy, and this organization needs the predictability in order to thrive.

Emmanuel to me represents things that are ever more precious in this world: Peace. Mercy. Justice. Intellectual and spiritual challenge, through interrogation of our foundational texts. Beauty through art, as both solace in itself but also as moral and spiritual meditation. An communion with a universal notion of the “body of Christ” — one that I recognize as true and real and relevant.

I take communion to be in a relationship of grace with myself and others, to find peace where I can. It’s a reminder of my connection and solidarity with other human beings. I fail continually and pathetically — the texts of the cantatas do not really exaggerate, if we’re honest — so I need the reminder.

I liken Emmanuel Music a bit to the church itself. We have a core of musicians who play Bach with each other nearly every week, who then play in other freelance gigs with a similar sense of camaraderie and swing. Emmanuel Music is a Hub of musical community.

Similarly, if you were to imagine a contemporary spiritual organization that wished to retain its foundations while living truly and relationally in a diverse city and world, you might imagine something like Emmanuel. This is a spiritual hub. It’s in the sermons; it’s in the hosting of services, and concerts, and the homeless, and the recovering. It is a node of justice, mercy, grace and beauty, for our souls, and this city. How precious that is, right now. Isn’t it good to be here?

Greening of the Church - beginning next Sunday, the 17th
Please, help us Green the Church on Sunday, December 17th, immediately after worship. We will be hanging evergreens in the chancel, on lecterns, in the hallway and in the chapel. We will complete the Greening on Sunday the 24 th . Please, see Mary Blocher or Garrett Garborcauskas, or just show up in the chancel immediately after church on the 17th.
Offerings for Christmas Flowers and Greenery
If you would like to make an offering for flowers or greenery in memory of, or in thanksgiving for a loved one, checks may be mailed to Emmanuel or placed in the offering plate. Kindly write "Christmas Flowers" in the memo line of the check so that your offering is recorded accurately.

Cash may be placed in the Flower Offering envelopes in the backs of the pews. If your offering is made in memory or thanksgiving for an individual, etc., please write the name on the envelope or e-mail this information to Amanda at no later than Monday, 12/18.

These names will be included in the Christmas worship bulletins.
This Sunday! A Light through the Ages
Sunday, December 10th, 4 p.m.
Central Reform Temple and the famed Zamir Chorale once again join together for the eighth annual Boston presentation of “A Light Through The Ages,” a celebration of Chanukah in story, song and light. This event has become a beloved holiday season tradition for hundreds of people of all faiths. The Temple will once again honor community leaders representing organizations and issues that emulate the core spiritual and social values of the congregation.    This year the Episcopal Diocese is among the Community Honorees, and Bishop Gates will be lighting one of the Menorah Candles at the Ceremony.     Each of these special guests will participate in the lighting of the Menorah, symbolically spreading the light of their various gifts to the civic, cultural and social life of our city. The original text of “A Light Through the Ages,” written by Rabbi Howard Berman, chronicles the celebration of Chanukah in different times and places over the past 2000 years – celebrating the struggle for peace, justice and religious freedom through times of darkness and moments of light and triumph. The voices of the world-renowned Zamir Chorale, under the leadership of artistic director Joshua Jacobson, will accompany these timeless stories with traditional and contemporary holiday music.

All are welcome to this free event. 
No re servations or tickets are required.
For more information, please visit

Holiday Giving Tree for Safe Haven Shelter
Emmanuel Church has been invited to spread some holiday cheer among our neighbors who are Safe Haven residents. Safe Haven’s social work intern is willing to shop for personal items for the women and their children and/or grandchildren. If you would like to be a part of this, please offer your gift in a check made out to Emmanuel Church with Safe Haven Xmas on the memo line, or cash in an envelope marked for Safe Haven no later than Sunday, December 17.  Thank you! - plw
Bach Christmas Oratorio
Saturday, December 16, 2017 at 7:30 PM

Bach’s magnificent Christmas Oratorio traces the events of the Christmas season from the birth of Jesus to the arrival and worship of the Magi. In a rare complete performance we present all six glorious cantatas, each with its own vivid sound world—pastoral double reeds, introspective strings, noble horns, celebratory trumpets and timpani.

A pre-concert talk titled "How Shall I Receive You?" by Daniel R. Melamed will occur at 6:15 PM.

The Orchestra and Chorus of Emmanuel Music - Ryan Turner conducting
Evangelist: Jonas Budris, tenor
Aria Soloists:
Soprano: Kendra Colton, Carley DeFranco, Kristen Watson,
and Sarah Yanovitch
Alto: Carrie Cheron, Pamela Dellal, Margaret Lias,
and Krista River
Tenor: Charles Blandy, Frank Kelley, Jason McStoots,
and Eric Christopher Perry
Bass: Paul Guttry, Will Prapestis, David Tinervia,
and Dana Whiteside

Tickets: General $30; 2nd Tier $60; 1st Tier $95; Patron $150; Students $10
Rector's Bible Study
Tuesday morning Bible Study meets from 7:30-8:30 a.m. in the Emmanuel Room during in odd-numbered months. Come whenever you are able to join us for this lively conversation with the Rector.
Morning Prayer will resume in December
At 8:00 am on Tuesdays during even numbered months, gather with us in the Lindsey Chapel for Morning Prayer Rite II. Services will begin in October and will continue throughout the year on even numbered months. Join us in deepening our connection to God and one another through common prayer.
Note: Morning Prayer will not be held on 12/26.
A word from the Interim Dean of the Cathedral,
The Rev. Nancy Gossling
Advent Greetings everyone!  I want to invite all in the Boston Harbor Deanery (and beyond) to join us at our Cathedral Church on Saturday, January 6 for this collaboration with St. James’s Cambridge (Holly Antolini), Karen Montagno (Congregational Resources and Training), and Bishop Gayle for an anti-oppression Epiphany Lessons and Carols. If anyone would like to sing in the choir from your congregation, please have them contact Pat Michaels, minister of music at St. James’s, directly at He will send the music for the choral piece (The Storm is Passing Over) and a link for audio.

We hope to gather all singers, readers, and leaders at 11:00 for a rehearsal that day, followed by lunch and the liturgy beginning at 1:00. Please spread the word and come! Questions can be directed to Holly, Pat, Karen, or me. And now back to Advent! 
The Gospel in action...
There are so many at Emmanuel who contribute in myriad ways to the BostonWarm Day Shelter ministry – praying for all involved, volunteering on-site, preparing food off-site, organizing, donating funds, collecting and offering warm clothing, advocating for the program at city events, serving on the Ecclesia Board, and more. Those of us who work here and live close by have frequent opportunities to see the impact BostonWarm has for the community of guests who attend, however those who are here on Sundays may not. A parishioner shared the following reflection this week with Pam. Our world is in need of such encouraging news as this.

"Late last Sunday afternoon, long after the sunset, I was walking past the Boston Public Library on the Exeter side. It was cold and dark, but enough light shone from the library reading room to reveal a struggling man on the sidewalk maneuvering slowly to position himself to regain his wheelchair.  He was appeared to be in such distress that I paused, reached into my pocket for some bills, then approached with an extended hand and an offer: “Here, please go get yourself something warm to drink or eat, you seem miserable.” The man, stooped over as he was, shook his head and said, “No thank you, I have plenty of help elsewhere.” I turned away, perplexed but accepting of his attitude.

The next morning my wife prepared sandwiches for the Boston Warm program. It was my turn to deliver the food, so off I went to Emmanuel with the morning’s offering. As I approached the steps leading to Parish Hall, I did a double take; poised at the door was my friend from the evening before, patiently waiting to be let in, including his self-propelled wheelchair. We smiled at each other, then I said, “So this is where you get the help you need?” He replied, “Yes, they really take good care of me, it’s so much better than accepting handouts on the street.”

God Bless all of you that help out with Boston Warm, it makes such a profound difference in the lives of so many of us."
Ordination to the Priesthood
Ordination to the Priesthood
God willing and the people consenting

The Right Reverend Alan M. Gates
Bishop of Massachusetts
will ordain

J. Amanda March
to the Sacred Priesthood
on Thursday, January 4, 2018
at six o’clock in the evening
Parish of St. Paul
1135 Walnut Street
Newton, Massachusetts 02461
Your prayers and presence are requested.
Clergy: Red Stoles       
Reception follows    

Ecclesia Ministries
Support Ecclesia Ministries and common cathedral’s programs : Click on the link below that will take you to a new way to support the programs. Please consider checking out our wish list by clicking the green button below. Click on an item and help out! 
Thank you!
Amanda Grant-Rose
You can help...
Episcopal Relief & Development urges prayers and financial contributions for all who are dealing with the impact of the recent hurricanes, earthquake, and fire. Please visit the organization's website for more information about relief and recovery efforts and donate at .
Central Reform Temple
  Central Reform Temple has a monthly e-newsletter, Kol Nefesh (Every Voice). To keep abreast of their upcoming events you can read it by clicking the button below to visit their website . If you are interested in receiving CRT's monthly bulletin, Kol Nefesh, please send an email request to: 
Becoming Beloved Community: the
Episcopal Church’s Long-Term Commitment
Becoming Beloved Community : the Episcopal Church’s Long-Term Commitment to Racial Healing, Reconciliation and Justice. Churchwide discussion and webinars have begun. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and House of Deputies President the Rev. Gay Clark Jennings and officers of the House of Bishops and House of Deputies are inviting Episcopalians to study and commit to using Becoming Beloved Community: The Episcopal Church’s Long-term Commitment to Racial Healing, Reconciliation and Justice. Leaders say Becoming Beloved Community is designed as a strategic path through distinct phases that lead to personal and structural change.

  • Telling the Truth about the Church and Race, via a census to determine church demographics and a Racial Justice Audit to study the impact of racism on the Church’s leadership, organizations and bodies
  • Proclaiming the Dream of Beloved Community, via a series of regional public listening and learning engagements, starting with a partnership at Washington National Cathedral
  • Practicing the Way of Love, via a churchwide Beloved Community story-sharing campaign, multilingual and multigenerational formation and training, pilgrimages and liturgical resources
  • Repairing the Breach in Institutions and Society, via advocacy for criminal justice reform, re-entry collaboratives shaped by people moving from prison back to community, and partnership with Saint Augustine’s University and Voorhees College (the historically black university and college associated with the Episcopal Church)

For more information go to  
At Emmanuel - 

Name Tags for All - Because it's always nice to be able to attach a name to a face, we encourage you to wear a name tag. You may find them along the wall in the Parish Hall, alphabetized by FIRST name. We encourage you to put your pronouns (he/him, she/her, etc.) on your name tag. By doing this, we help make Emmanuel Church a more welcoming place for transgender worshippers. If you don't see a name tag along the wall in the Parish Hall, and would like to have one, please find Penny Lane at church or email her at with your name and pronouns.

Emmanuel Church Photography and Social Media   Communicating through social media helps our efforts to build community and expand our reach to people who are new to Emmanuel, as well as to Emmanuelites around the world. Volunteers help spread the Word by taking photos before, during and after services, posting and sharing online. We value the sanctity of our worship and aim to strike a balance between sharing life at Emmanuel and creating a sacred space for all, filled with wonder, love, thanksgiving and praise. No one will be tagged or identified by name in a photo without their permission and other privacy wishes will be respected on request. If you are interested in helping in these efforts or have concerns please see a vestry member after the service.

Care Commission If you can write notes or make visits, we would love to have your help. Do you know someone who is in the hospital, or confined at home? Know someone who needs a ride to or from a medical appointment, or would just appreciate a visit? The Care Commission wants to help. Contact Pauline Ratta (617-469-2232) or Walter Jonas (617-696-8020) and we will see that a pastoral response is provided.
Reminder of Sanctuary
In a typical week, Emmanuel Church provides sanctuary and hospitality for as many as 1500 people who are living on the various margins of our society because of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, disability, addiction, immigration status, religion, and so on. Coming together to help lift heavy hearts and carry heavy burdens is what we do, and many hands make light work. Every single one of us has some capacity to join in this vital mission, thanks to Love. – plw

Emmanuel Church supports the mission of religious, social service, and artistic organizations by providing space and some staff support for meetings, concerts, events and functions. As our mission states, Emmanuel Church strives for justice and peace. Your financial contributions help us continue to support these organizations vital to the health and spiritual wellness of the City of Boston. We are proud to support the mission of: 

  • AA and Al-Anon Meetings
  • Artists-in-Residence: Sara Peattie, Puppeteer & Ted Southwick, Woodcarver
  • Back Alley Puppet Theater & Free Lending Library
  • Back Bay Chorale: weekly rehearsals
  • Boston Gay Men’s Chorus: weekly rehearsals
  • Boston Early Music Festival
  • BostonWarm (see Ecclesia Ministries below)
  • Calliope: weekly rehearsals
  • Central Reform Temple
  • Ecclesia Ministries: BostonWarm day center for people without shelter; and the common art studio program for unhoused and marginally housed people
  • Eliot Center: Safe Haven, a shelter for women
  • Emmanuel Music, Inc.
  • Ethos: weekly GLBT Senior luncheon
  • Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti
  • Onnuri I:um Chapel Korean Presbyterian Campus Ministry
  • Universal Worship in Boston: A Celebration of One Human Family
  The Episcopal Church welcomes you! Come and see...
watch the video below and learn more.   

Contact: The Rev. Amanda March,
Parish Operations Manager
Learn more by clicking the links below.

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15 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116
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