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Financial Secretary, Jerry Trexler
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Matthew Wehr will be filling in for Dennis who is on vacation.

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Letter from Our Conference Minister

Dear Friends,
Pastors all around Facebook are discussing how to lead worship this Sunday, as it is July 4, America’s Independence Day. How do we remain close to the Gospel and yet acknowledge the celebration? It is a challenge for us, and we will each and all manage the challenge in our own way. I was reading a weekly news article from one of our pastors, Rev. Steve Engelhardt, and asked his permission to share a portion of his letter with you.
“…the latest copy of Christian Century arrived in the mail. The Editor/Publisher, Peter W. Marty’s column has the first word in each edition. This week’s title: An American Bible?”
Here is the first paragraph: “When an ad recently announced that the God Bless the USA Bible would be available this September, the American flag emblazoned on the cover came as no surprise. Whenever the Bible gets wrapped in the American flag, we can pretty much assume that a misuse of our nation’s history is at play. The conflation of Christianity and American patriotism has never done any favors either for the integrity of faith or for national character. The use of scripture to promote American exceptionalism always takes me back to Jerry Falwell Sr.’s claim that Isaiah’s prophecy of a ‘nation tall and smooth, a people feared near and far, a nation mighty and conquering’ is actually God championing the United States.”
For me, this approaches Christian nationalism and worries me deeply. We are called to be followers of Jesus – primarily and completely – to love God with our whole hearts, minds, spirits, and strength and to love our neighbors, ALL our neighbors. Yes, the US should be blessed, but all nations should be blessed. Americans should be blessed but all people on the planet should be blessed. Are we edging toward worshipping the United States as an idol?
Steve said, and I agree, “This new edition of the NIV bible is a crass play to the nationalistic fervor among us. The flag and the cross are seen as of equal importance. The Church is lumped in as part of the Americana we love: football, family, faith. Sadly, there are pastors and churches who are bowing to the golden calf of exceptionalism.”[1]
Now, on Sunday, I will be celebrating our nation’s independence, for I am proud of our nation’s move toward the freedom that is exemplified in the Declaration of Independence, even though it was not independence for all people living in our nation at that time. I will be praying for our nation on Sunday – and for nations all over the world. And I will be dedicating myself to love God, to follow Jesus and to move into the direction the Holy Spirit leads.

[1] Steve Engelhardt; A Posting from the Pastor; The First Presbyterian Church; June 29, 2021
Members and Friends of Faith UCC, CV, PA

We’re ramping up efforts to return to a new normal in the coming weeks - and many of you will be an important part of this effort. Music at Faith has always been a primary component of our community worship experience. Your weekly singing since April 11 reopening has been an inspiration to all of us. I hope more will attend these safe surroundings. Thank you for that beautiful experience! Before we can be in full gear later in the year, I invite and encourage those who possess a magical talent to be part of special music in the coming weeks. You are NEEDED. No money requests from you just share your talent of music in  community worship experience. It really has a significant impact on everyone - sanctuary and cyberspace. Want to sing, choose a favorite hymn tune - solo, duet, etc.; play guitar, trumpet, piano or harp, just choose a Sunday to  offer your gift. It is a critical moment for ALL of us as we journey through this challenging time. Check your life calendar, choose a Sunday and call me... Dennis Duda at 215.361.8641 or ddduda@verizon.net. We can make this a wonderful moment for everyone at Faith Church. Thank you so much. Miss you all so very much! DD
Interested in joining Faith Church?
Contact Pastor Bruce for more info.
We will be welcoming new members during worship
on Sunday, September 19th.
We have some openings for Lawn Crew volunteers. Please take a look at the 2021 schedule and see how you can help. Call Tim Hovis (484-223-9476) to let him know what dates you can cover.
Let's remember our Friends, Members, Forget-Me-Nots and others as we continue through some uncertain times. Keep each other in your thoughts and prayers and stay connected if possible.

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06 Steve Mitchell
07 Bebe Moyer
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    12 Rachael Christman
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