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Pastor Bruce will be on vacation through
November 22nd. Should you find yourself in need of Pastoral Care during this time, please contact Rev. Teresa Martin of
St. John's UCC at 717-654-4044.

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Thanks for your patience as we work out the glitches for our Live Stream Worship Services - last week's service was live streamed through Facebook instead of YouTube. If you missed the service and would like to watch, here is the link -

Join us this Sunday for our Live Stream Worship Service at
10:15 am. Special thanks Chuck and Karen Talboo for leading
us in worship, to Darin Jellison for his gift of song, and to Darin & Noah Jellison for operating the live stream camera.

Click HERE to print a bulletin to follow along on 11/22/2020

In order to watch the live service at 10:15 am you must go to our YouTube channel (use this link or the link on the home page of Check it out ahead of time - you may want to subscribe and turn on notifications to get notified when Faith UCC, Center Valley goes live! If you prefer to watch the service later in the day, or watch past services, the recorded service will be available on our YouTube page and on Facebook and our web page.

If you have prayer requests you would like Pastor Bruce to share during worship please click here and fill in the information before noon on Saturday.

To listen to the service on your phone, call 855-883-5992.
Next Sunday, November 29th is the First Sunday in Advent. Worship that day will include Communion. You can drive up to Pastor Bruce's office and honk your horns to pick up your communion kits at the following times:

Monday (11/23) - 10 am - 12 noon
Tuesday (11/24) 12 noon - 5 pm
Wednesday (11/25) - 10 am - noon

If these times don't work for you feel free to prepare your own elements prior to the service so you can partake in the communion celebration.

The Worship Committee is asking for your help to decorate the Sanctuary for Christmas next Saturday, November 28th at 9 am. What better way to get into the Christmas Spirit! Any questions, give Mim Allison a call at 610-533-1310.
Please keep Anna Tilley and her family in your thoughts and prayers. James Tilley, 90, passed away Wednesday morning in his home. A viewing will be held next Tuesday, November 24th at Stephens Funeral Home. Click here for details.
As many of you know Donna Schoenberger's family completely lost everything in their house fire the other week. They are living in a motel for another week or so until a house will be leased for them to stay.

I have reached out to Donna and began plans to help by creating a "Fire Recovery Shower". Donna is in the process of listing all their losses for her insurance but I don't know how she'll ever be able to recover all the little things as well as all the necessities she'll need. So I asked her to do a bridal registry that friends could use to lend a hand in replacing the things that she will need in her temporary housing and then to get back on her feet again.

As soon I have a list of Donna's needs I hope to share it with you, our Faith Family. I'm sure when we all offer our support we can help her at least get back on her feet. Donna is not concerned with colors or name brands. So please stay tuned for updates to shower Donna with our love and help for recovering. THANK YOU!

Caroline Frantz 

*We continue to accept monetary donations for the family as well. Please designate your gifts "Helping Hands". Thank you.
How can you help put the "Merry" in Christmas for our pantry families? We are excepting monetary donations for gift cards to be distributed to each family so they can purchase gifts for their children. Please send your contribution designated Christmas Gift Cards to:
Betty Lou's Pantry
PO Box 85
Coopersburg, PA 18036
(Your contributions need to be received by Wednesday.)
We at Faith are collecting new/unused Christmas gift wrap, gift bags, tape, gift tags, ribbon, and bows for the families. You can drop your donations off in the office foyer at Faith Church Mondays - Fridays from 9-5. All donations need to be received by Wednesday.
Family of Faith,
As we prepare for Christmas we have 15 Forget-Me-Nots in our church family at this time. Because of COVID we can’t collect items to share with them as we usually do. So with your help we would like to try something a little different this year. I asked a friend or relative of each FMN to offer a suggestion that was a favorite of each FMN. Below, you will find a wish list prepared in hopes that you will adopt one of the numbers and buy the treat or gift for one of our Forget Me Nots. If you are willing to take a number please call Caroline Frantz at 610-691-8714 so I can be sure that each Forget Me Not is covered. Then please drop off your gift (wrapped or in a Christmas gift bag) to the church conference room by December 12th. Thank you for your support!

Forget Me Not Wish List
#1 Josh Early Nonpareils
#2 Yarn, Dog Calendar
#3 Jar of Cashews, Coopersburg Diner Gift Card
#4 House Plant, Body Lotion
#5 Jar of Peanuts, Coopersburg Diner Gift Card
#6 Josh Early Chocolates
#7 Bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Box of Ritz Crackers
#8 Can Opener, Yarn to Crochet
#9 Ladies Blue Slippers, Socks, Robe (XL)
#10 Pay It Forward to someone needy in Marv's Behalf
#11 Pay It Forward to someone needy in Patty's Behalf
#12 Hard Board Children's Books
#13 Bag of Gumdrops
#14 Box of Russell Stover Candies, Batch of Christmas Cookies
#15 Coopersburg Diner Gift Card
Let's remember our Friends, Members, Forget-Me-Nots and others as we continue through this pandemic. Keep each other in your thoughts and prayers and stay connected if possible.

Birthdays can be found in the latest issue of Focus on Faith. Our friends with Upcoming Birthdays include:

  • Bob Pierson - November 27th
  • Anna Breisch - December 4th (Anna continues to receive her mail at her home address.)

(If you would like to send cards, addresses can be found in the Members & Friends Directory link at the bottom of this email.)

Click here for a list of birthdays and addresses of our Forget-Me-Not's. Some phone numbers are also included if you'd like to give a call! Also included on the list are names, addresses, and phone numbers of members who usually attend services but don't get to see the recorded services on a regular basis. Reach out to them and say hello or fill them in on the weekly news!

I cannot begin to tell you how moved I was during my Service of Installation on Saturday as we gathered, primarily in virtual space. What a joy it was to celebrate my call to be your Conference Minister, even though I have served in that capacity for the last three years! Thank you all for celebrating with me!

I was reading some messages from colleagues today and like them, I am anxious and discouraged about the increases in the numbers of people stricken by COVID-19. The pandemic seems to be moving in the wrong direction. I wonder if it’s because we have become less aware and less cautious, or is the virus just augmented by the flu season. In any case, I ask you each and all to hold those who are ill and their families in prayer.

This somber news is accompanied by my sharing with you some miraculous news. Steve and I want to thank you for your prayers as he has moved through his own COVID diagnosis and long recovery process. That miracle is that STEVE IS COMING HOME. I will go to North Carolina to pick him up during Thanksgiving week. We are more than excited and we have been thanking God for his recovery even as we have been praying for those who are ill or dying.

As I shared with you a couple weeks ago, it is important that we consider moving back into only virtual worship as COVID 19 cases continue to grow, more than 5,000 cases today (November 12) alone. Please err on the side of being safe, and keeping those with whom you work and worship, safe as well.

The tumult of the presidential election continues as well. No matter your stance, party, or for whom you cast your vote, the tension in the news, in the governments, in communities and families is palpable and adds to our anxiety. As we continue to move through the fall this is an additional challenge for us all.

It is a stressful time for each and all of us. With the holidays approaching we are realizing that Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas are not going to be the same as they have been in other years. It’s sad and confusing and our hearts may be breaking as we think about those who will not be gathered at our tables, our sanctuaries, and our celebrations. Be kind to yourself in these days. Be kind to your pastors and your congregation members in these days. There are still many reasons to offer thanks. There are still celebrations to be had. God will still come into our lives and the world – every moment of every day – as we commemorate that night so long ago when Emmanuel, God-With-Us was born. In this time of tumult, we can be comforted by God-With-Us, and we can share that comfort with others.

Be at peace my friends. Be in hope my friends.

Become a Friend of the Conference
Cozy up to the PNEC!

“For we are co-workers in God’s service,
you are God’s field; God’s building.” -1 Corinthians 3:9

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, including the Penn Northeast Conference! Within our congregations, we have 33,000 individuals! If each member were to donate an additional $10, that would be $330,000. And I know what you’re thinking, another thing I have to donate to, but consider the fact that $10 is less than what the average American spends on coffee in a single week…. It’s roughly the cost of a fast food meal. For less than your weekly coffee you can make a difference Don’t give out of obligation, for God loves a cheerful giver. And small gifts in great numbers make a huge difference. If this is something that you believe in, and you want to help the Penn North East Conference by becoming a friend of the conference, you can give online using the conferences, mail in a donation, or email the conference for more giving options.
 431 Delaware Ave., Palmerton, PA 18071
 610-826-3113 /

A Special THANK YOU to all who continue to financially support our ministry as you are able. Through these uncertain times our financial obligations continue and our regular bills are still coming in. Again we'd like to remind you there are several ways you can do this:

  1. Mail your offering directly to the church
  2. Make an electronic donation through on our website's Giving page
  3. Use your bank's Bill Pay service

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