A Note from the Pastor
Easter is just a couple of weeks away.  Please be faithful to scatter as many of the invite cards as you can.  Don’t be afraid to scatter them indiscriminately in your workplace, neighborhood, or social club. In telling about the sower who went forth to sow, Jesus said he scattered seed indiscriminately. Some fell on hard ground, some on rocky and thorny ground. But some fell on fertile ground and produced a many-fold harvest. You never know what God might do with the card you share. So don’t be picky about where and with whom you share them.
By the same token, please pick one person or family with whom to be more focused and strategic.  Share the card. Pray each day for that individual. Invite that person to join you on Easter Sunday. If we will do our part to get people here, who knows what God might do to bring that person to Jesus. With prayers and gospel sown into their souls, God just might bring them to himself. Will you join me in reaching out to your one this Easter season?
As we continue on the move with Jesus in Mark, we will spend some time with Jesus at the base of the Mount of Transfiguration. Do you remember that story? Jesus and three of his disciples come down the mountain after witnessing Jesus’ glory and walk right into a mess of human need: a boy terrorized by a powerful demon. Jesus told the boy’s father that all things are possible to him who believes. Then, the father said something most of us have said more than once: “I believe; help my unbelief.”  Let’s talk about that on Sunday. See you then.
Your Pastor,
Wednesday Night Supper April
3: Taco/Potato Bar, Pie
10: BBQ Ribs, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Corn Dog, Cake
17: Chicken Fried Steak, Black-eyed Peas, Pizza, Pie
24: Roast Beef, Potatoes, Green Beans, Chicken Strips, Cake
Ministry Fund (3-31-19)
Weekly Receipts            $40,352
Online Giving                 $8,760
Total Given                     $49,112
GCF (Great Commission Fund)
Weekly Receipts: ( 3-31-19) $1,585

If you prefer to give your tithes and offerings on-line, go to our website, firsthotsprings.com , and follow the giving prompts. Please make sure the office has your current email address.
Fitness/Recreation Ministry
We completed Upward Basketball Season 18 last month. And after serving for eight seasons, Blake and Ashley Buttrum have resigned as Upward Directors. As the Upward Directors did before them, Blake and Ashley invested many days praying, planning, recruiting, training, and managing the Upward Basketball ministry to our community. Their ministry extended months before and after every seven-game season. Many of you have benefited from their leadership as they have poured into your children or grandchildren. I am grateful for their partnership in the ministry and excited for what God will lead them to next. I hope you will join me in thanking Blake, Ashley, and Elley Claire for their Upward leadership ministry.
Additionally, in our continuing pursuit of excellence, we successfully implemented a few changes to our Upward ministry. Most notably, we moved away from the large group season-ending Awards Celebration with guest entertainers in favor of individual team ceremonies where parents/guardians were encouraged to offer verbal and written blessings to their player(s). We have heard positive remarks about this change and are excited about how it can impact the children, the families, and their futures! More about that later.
* * * *
Register online at www.fbcrecreation.com
to volunteer with UPPER LEVEL basketball . We have vacancies for 2 more coaches, 6 more administrative helpers, and 10 more player partners.
to sign up for church-league summer softball . Men’s division (Monday nights), Coed division (Friday nights). We’ll make a youth team if we get enough players aged 15-18 years old.
to sign up for Children’s Summer Specialty Camps . Current camp offerings are Mosaics (June 24-27) and Sewing (July 22-25).
  Until we all fall down, Wallace
Education / Outreach Ministry
Who’s Your One?
  “Who’s Your One” you’ve been thinking and praying about inviting to one of our three Easter Services on April 21 at 8:00, 9:30 or 11:00am. Pick up some Easter invite cards to use. These are available at all welcome centers.
Everyone Needs to Find a Group and Connect!
Connect Groups help you:
Connect with God!
Connect with Each Other!
Connect with New People! 
Directories and Guides are available at Welcome Centers.
Invite your friends or better yet, bring them Sunday at 9 or 10:30 and we will help them find a Connect Group!
  “Everybody Needs to Know …”
    The basic goals of the Nominating Committee and how it works:
1.  The Nominating Committee is the Clearing House. Confidentially clear names of potential workers with the committee  before enlisting  to ensure a good match and a manageable spread of responsibilities.
2.  Enlist church members only for Directors and teachers and other critical positions.
3.  Pray for the Lord’s direction and work in the lives of members to place them as He sees fit.
4.  Encourage all church members to discover their spiritual gifts and complete a Christian Service Survey to find a place to serve the Lord, the church and the community.
5.  Thank current workers on the Servant Leaders List and find out if they will continue. 
6.  Help provide names of potential workers to leaders of organizations.
7. O ur Insurance Company recommends that we wait at least 6 months before enlisting new members to work with Birth through Youth age groups to prevent background problems, even if they have a clear background check. Each minister will initiate background checks for their workers with kids.
8. Our Insurance Company also recommends we have at least two adults in each room with kids as well as two on each vehicle for church trips.
Pray for your Nominating Committee as we begin work Wednesday, April 10 at 5:15pm for this coming church year.
Love, Danny