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March 20, 2020 | 24 Adar 5780
Candle lighting | Friday, 7:28 pm .
Online Learning Begins
We had a great first couple of days of online learning. Thank you to our FJA family for bearing with us as we navigate this new normal.

The online learning "live" sessions will be scheduled as follows:
A 11:00-11:30
B 11:50-12:20
C 12:40-1:10
D 1:30-2:00

E 11:00-11:30
F 11:50-12:20
G 12:40-1:10
H 1:30-2:00
Rabbi Cohen Wishes Everyone a Great First Day of Online Learning
Click the video below to view Rabbi Cohen's first day of online class greeting.
First Day of Online Learning: Reflections from Teachers
"Funny the difference a week or two can make; when we were wishing for a snow day or a longer vacation. I suppose this falls into the category of be careful for what you wish for, because you might actually get it. 
I taught two classes this afternoon, a relatively light day.  But it was great seeing the faces of our community.  For a minute we were able to laugh, converse, and learn.  This is a new experience for us all; everyone had questions and a bunch of wondering if this will work, if we will see our friends and classmates.  As strange as it was, after minute of questions it was as if we were in the same room. Joking, asking questions, ensuring each other that we are not going a bit loony.  Yeah this is our new normal; at least for a month or two or perhaps even to the end of the school year.  But we will learn together, be friends together, and look forward to the time when we are all in the same classroom. I'm sad. Sad that I don't get to see the students... Sad we don't get to play baseball... Sad won't see the play until the fall... Sad I won't get to see the seniors do their senior thing. I am inspired though, that we all came together..And we will get through this as a community. "
- Mr. Bernstein, Social Studies Instructor
"This week has been really difficult. The anxiety provoked by the situation itself, the uncertainty of what is to come, the rush to convert our classes to virtual format, and the days spent managing my own little kids while trying to handle everything else left me feeling completely overwhelmed. Seeing my students today was a breath of fresh air. The online meetings were rejuvenating, and I feel like no matter how stressful things get in the weeks to come, it will be uplifting to continue to come together in this way."
- Mrs. Kahn, English Instructor and Department Chair
"I had my Bible I Honors class today. It was SOOOO Wonderful seeing, and speaking with, my lovely students. The half hour went by much too quickly. At the beginning we did our normal ritual of reciting Torah blessings. Just before we started, one of my male students said: Guys, put on your kippah. They did it! I was surprised and delighted. After the blessings we did our next ritual, which was to play Word Warp--a challenging word game from the Detroit Free Press that I love, and I now bring them to class to do together. We did a little bit of Bible, which also went well, and I gave an assignment, which they all seemed actually eager to do. One more thing--when I first entered the "classroom"--all but one student was already waiting for me. I started talking very excitedly, and then one of my brilliant students said, "Rabbi, you need to unmute yourself." They hadn't heard anything I had said. Later in the session, one of my students, frankly one of the most talkative, said to the classmates: Let's all mute now so we can just listen to Rabbi Pachter. Altogether, delightful!"
- Rabbi Pachter, Rabbinic Advisor
Art Prompts with Mrs. Strobehn
Art is a great therapeutic way to calm, and center ones self. Mrs. Strobehn will be posting art prompts on Schoology every couple of days or so for those who want to continue a daily art practice. Below is her first video, for those who would like to join!
Inspiration by: Mr. Shireman
Written on Friday, March 13

I sent this to all of my classes, but I don't feel that this message is limited to my classes. There will be all kinds of changes in the next few days/weeks, but yesterday, something very important was said that I feel needs to echoed, and truly thought about. 

I have had many discussions with students about the impending disruptions in our personal lives. Yesterday, as I whined about the possibility of not being able to go to the gym (lol), a student told me, paraphrased - "but you will have so much more time to work on other things - things you can't do when you are at school for 10 hours per day." Incredibly wise; incredible perspective. 

Assuming most of us remain in good health, just like most of us don't get the flu every year, our time at home, or elsewhere, may prove to allow much more personal time - time that can be spent on individual growth. Here are some things that I will be doing, all rooted in the goal of working on my own happiness: 
  • Actually playing a video game for once - seriously, this one is a big deal for adults! 
  • Reading an entire book cover to cover - I NEVER have time! 
  • Start drawing again - I'm not great...but I enjoy it! 
  • Try and learn how to do 10 new exercises.
  • Cook some dopeee food.
  • Start a show that challenges me mentally. 
  • Catch up on all the movies I've missed out on - starting with Parasite (lol) 
  • Make new playlists with brand new music on them - I used to have time to just sit and listen to music, and appreciate it. (Listen to something that challenges you!) 

We will get through this together, but don't forget to work on  YOU . I will talk with you all soon. 
Calling All Student Artists!
Have you created artwork either inside or outside school that could be on a greeting card? FJA sends cards in honor of celebrations or in memory of someone who has passed away. We need NEW artwork for our cards! It's a great opportunity to have your work published and distributed very widely. Artwork should either have Jewish content or the subject matter should be general enough to be used in a variety of settings (landscapes and still life pieces). 

Any kind of art will be considered as long as it can be photographed - drawings, paintings, photography, ceramics, etc. If you'd like to create something new, you're welcome to do that, too.  

Please send a preliminary photo of anything you already have or you're working on at home by Friday, March 27 to Shana Kantor - .  
Jewish Federation Offers Support
The Jewish Federation is working to take care of those in need in our community during this challenging time, and to provide safe avenues for connection and interaction.

Please note that Yad Ezra is our community’s resource to help provide for families that are food insecure. To find out how you can help, or to obtain help, please reach out to Darlene Rothman, Client/Volunteer Manager at , or if anonymity is a concern, to Lea Luger . Either of them may be reached by phone at 248.548.3663. 
The FJA online calendar has now been updated for the 2020-2021 school year. If you want to know next year's first day of school or the breaks, you can find it on the calendar.

Virtual Events and Activities
In this time of social distancing, we will periodically post virtual events that may be of interest. Please let us know if there are other events we should post.
Opportunities for Students

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