Dear Church,

I am one of about 40 clergy invited and financially supported to attend the Credo conference. For the next 7 days, CREDO conference participants enter “a program designed for learning, sharing, reflection, worship, exploration, and laughter. Yes, even fun and joy. Large-group plenaries, component workshops, small-group interactions, one-on-one discussions, daily worship, prayer, and free time for exercise and relaxation round out seven days focused on holistic health. “. This program is offered each year to encourage continued spiritual, vocational, physical, and financial well-being for active clergy. In some ways it is a complement to my sabbatical last year. I admit this has been a bit of a hectic time with all my other travel to see family recently, and our very intense Lenten and Holy Week season. The time with my parents and siblings has been very important and rich, but it is also good to be able to just stop and pray for a bit too. I expect to travel again to Ireland later this year.

This is a big weekend at First Church, with Holly Brauner’s graduation from Boston University Theological School with a Masters of Divinity degree. As Bill writes: this is “the culmination of over five years of effort. Come celebrate Holly's achievement at a party in her honor on Sunday May 19th from 2-5:30 PM. The party will be held at 107 Puritan Lane in Swampscott (the home of Heidi and Bruce Whear). It will be an 'open house' and is not a surprise so feel to come by briefly or stay for the whole time. There is no need to bring food or beverages, and Holly has requested that guests not bring gifts.” She will also be preacher on May 19th.
Please RSVP online here:

Amy Weston will be attending a dear family member’s memorial service on the 19th, but she will return on the 26th to offer her last sermon and Sunday with us for this academic year. Blessedly, she will return again to us in September for the Fall semester.

Excitement is ramping up for the Build a Bed project on June 1. The church is sponsoring the building of 10 beds for children in our area who have no beds of their own. This will happen in the parking lot on June 1, at 9 am. This is a an activity for every age, and every skill level! All the materials and instructions will be provided to teams of 2 or 4 or a family, for each bed. Please call the office to tell Cathy you will be there��
You also can register here:
There will be folks from surrounding areas and faith communities with us that morning, so it will be FUN.

As you know, we have begun series of sermons on the fundamental ideas of our faith, and I am asking you for your thoughts and questions. What do you think about the Bible? What role has it played in your life, if any? Is it confusing or inspiring? Do you have any questions about it, but never had the opportunity to ask? Or perhaps were you embarrassed to ask? This is the time.... ask it now��. We will spend time with our questions about the Bible in June.

Lastly, a number of our key folks are traveling in the weeks ahead (I know!) and we need some help hosting and setting up our coffee hour time. Can you help out for a few weeks? If so, please contact Lorraine Follis directly or via the church office.

Lastly lastly lastly! Tonight in Clarke Hall there will be a showing of the movie
INTELLIGENT LIVES, a film by Dan Habib.

INTELLIGENT LIVES stars three pioneering young adults with intellectual disabilities – Naieer, Micah and Naomie – who challenge perceptions of intelligence as they navigate high school, college, and the workforce. The film describes their lives, their culture and how "re-imagining" IQ enhances their lives and ours.

The movie will start at 7pm and will be followed by panel discussion.

Peace and love to all
May God help us all.
Pastor Ian