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Wisdom from the Depths

This week’s eNewsletter feature story
is written by Rev. Raymond Hylton,
FPCE senior pastor.


There is a beautiful anecdote from  Jonathon Kozol’s book,  Amazing Grace . In it, Kozol, the sociologist regularly visits a woman named Mrs. Washington in the South Bronx.

She and her young son, David, are living at a homeless hotel close to East Tremont Avenue, in a first-floor room with three steel locks on the door.

Mrs. Washington is dying, and each time Kozol comes for a visit, she is visibly weaker. But, oh, the stories she tells about life on the underside of urban America—stories of poverty and injustice, drugs, violence, and rape. Mrs. Washington tells Kozol about children in her building born with AIDS, and about the twelve-year-old at the bus stop who was hit by stray gunfire and paralyzed.

She tells him about the physical abuse she had suffered from her husband, Mr. Washington, and about all the difficulties poor people have getting medical care in the city.

The woman and her son also talk with Kozol about spiritual things. “I wonder how powerful God is,” David admits in one interview. “He must be wise and powerful to make the animals and trees and give man organs and a brain to build complex machineries, but he is not powerful enough to stop the evil on the earth, to change the hearts of people.”
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