Finding Hope

This week’s eNewsletter feature
was written by Julie Ruchniewicz,
FPCE Parish Nurse.


By now, you have been inundated with messages on the virus: how many tested, how many deaths, possible vaccines, phases of reopening, and how this will affect our lives going forward. You have listened to the news on racial tensions, police brutality, looting, and violence - all valid and extremely important information. Sometimes, however, I find myself sifting through all the words, anxiously awaiting to hear just one: HOPE! That intangible, but profound, sense of hope.

We here at FPCE have made sure that HOPE is alive, well, and very tangible through our many ministries. We have heard so many stories, from our staff and from all of you, of the amazing work that is being done to help others. We so appreciate our essential workers, but I hope you recognize that the work you are doing is essential also.