This Week at First Pres!
December 1 thru 7, 2019
This Special Time of Thanks and Hope!

This week’s eNewsletter feature
was written by Jim Teague,
FPCE Communications Coordinator.


In the Summer of 1974, my parents, two of my sisters and I took a road trip to New England. Along the way, we stopped at every historical event road marker, national park, and “George Washington slept here” tavern we could find.

The farthest East we made it was Plymouth, Massachusetts and the famed Plymouth Rock. To be honest, the rock itself was a bit underwhelming to a travel-weary pre-teen, and its historic claim to be the 1620 landing spot of the Puritan Pilgrims and their ship, the Mayflower, is dubious, to say the least.

However, like many monuments, it stands for something far more meaningful (and more complicated) than just the ground it occupies or the event it recalls.
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