Stay Tuned! …Don’t lose 'the signal'

This week’s eNewsletter feature story
is written by Jim Teague,
FPCE communications coordinator.


You may have heard about this week’s flooding that knocked out a power substation in the basement of the Willis Tower in downtown Chicago. As of Wednesday morning, the power was still out, and social media were making note of how “disappointed” the tower looked, darkened against the backdrop of the otherwise dazzling Chicago skyline.

In addition to its impact on the cityscape and the Tower’s workforce, the power outage has knocked several TV stations off the air because their signal is sent by way of the antennae on top of the massive structure.

My wife and I get the bulk of our TV programming via antenna, so we have been without our nightly TV ritual of watching the PBS NewsHour since Monday evening. On the nights when we are not having family dinners together with our sons, Linda and I usually have ours together while watching the news and chatting about the day’s events. But not this week.