This Week at First Pres! October 13 thru 19, 2019
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This week’s eNewsletter feature story
is written by Rev. Raymond Hylton,
FPCE senior pastor.


Have you heard the story of the man who joined a church but never attended worship services?
The man didn’t go to worship, but he came to the church picnic, and it was there that the minister spoke to him. He said, "I haven't seen you in church lately." The fellow said, "That's true. I have learned that I don't need to go to church to be a Christian. I can commune with God in my own way. I don't need to be a part of the worshiping community on Sunday morning."
The pastor said, "I understand what you're saying." Then he casually walked over to a nearby charcoal grill, where hamburgers were sizzling. Using tongs, he moved one of the white-hot coals over to the side of the grill. He continued to chat with his wayward parishioner for a few minutes, then said, "Look at this coal… A few moments ago, this coal was radiant in its glowing heat and was useful for grilling these burgers. But what has happened since I removed it from the fire and set it apart by itself? It has grown cool and has become worthless for the task it was created to do." 
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