This Week at First Universalist

March 2, 2015


First Universalist Church


First Universalist Church of Rochester, NY



Rev. Celie Katovitch


Director of Music: 

 Bryan Holten  


Director of
Life Span Faith Development:

Michelle Yates

Office Administrator: 

Kris White
This Week's Service: 
A Modest Proposal

I once had a friend who sat down to write the "UU scriptures." The story of how the project fared, and more. (In the third and final sermon of our series on prayer, we turn to lectio divina, the practice of spiritual reading.)  Rev. Celie Katovitch.

This Week's Drop-In Discussion: UU Prophetic Witness. Phil Ebersole will review and facilitate a discussion of Reclaiming Prophetic Witness: Liberal Religion in the Public Square by Paul Rasor, which is the UUA's recommended "common read" for 2014-2015.  (repeat of February 15 discussion)

Food Ingathering


The monthly Food Ingathering is this Sunday, March 8. Donations of nonperishable food items will be collected to benefit The Community Food Cupboard on Nester Street. There is a particular need for mac and cheese, canned fruits and vegetables, canned stew, canned tuna, and cold cereal.

Chili Cook-Off


From an article written by Kriston Capps in a Slate January 30, 2015:


"Beans have been forbidden in the annual Original Terlingua International Championship Chili Cookoff. And yet beans are a feature of nearly every so-called chili served outside Texas.I say so-called because even though beans are unlikely to permanently damage your tastebuds, they are anathema to chili. Put plainly, beans do not belong in chili. And non-Texans'-especially New Yorkers'-repeated attempts to add beans to this regional specialty only reveal

their own arrogance and ignorance."


I say let's ignore Texans and their arrogance. Those of you who are planning on participating in our Church Cook Off on March 15th can go ahead and fix your chili your way.  (Let's call our chili Non-Creedal Chili.) -Bill Elwell

Let Your Voice Be Heard!


Our annual stewardship campaign draws near.  We will begin soliciting pledges on March 15th, and will conclude the campaign on April 19th with an old fashioned pie fest.  Please let your voice be heard by making a financial contribution to First Universalist for 2015-2016.

This Week at First Universalist




March 4



Announcement Deadline, noon


Private Event, Clara Barton Lounge, 6:30 pm


Choir Rehearsal, Choir Room, 7 pm




March 5



e-Outlook Deadline, noon


Eastman Concert Series, Sanctuary, 12:15 pm




March 7



Model RR Club Open House, Clara Barton Lounge and Train Room, 9 am


SNYP AA, Clara Barton Lounge and Adult Lounge, 8 pm




March 8



Choir Rehearsal, Choir Room, 9 am


Drop-In Discussion, Adult Lounge, 9:15 am


Sunday Service, Sanctuary, 10:30 am


Food Ingathering, Sanctuary, 10:45 am


Coffee Hour, Clara Barton Lounge, 11:45 am


Membership Committee Meeting, Adult Lounge,  noon


Model RR Club Open House, Train Room, 1 pm



Thank you for keeping us updated, both when you schedule events and when you need to cancel one!  Please continue to do so.  Send news of your events to; or call 546-2826.



ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A WAY TO MEET PEOPLE AT FIRST UNIVERSALIST?  Why not usher?  The duties are easy:  greet people at the sanctuary entrances and hand out order of service; take up the offering; count those attending; give the joys and sorrows cards to the minister; count the offering and process checks after the service.  This would not be an every Sunday duty. Contact Karl Abbott, 256-2611.


EASTMAN LUNCHTIME CONCERT SERIES: Concerts are held in the sanctuary each Thursday at 12:15 pm. They are free and open to the public.




MARCH 4: SEASON OF NON-VIOLENCE sponsored by the Gandhi Institute,"Iron Jawed Angels" will be screened at 7:00pm on Wednesday, 03/04/2015 at Gandhi House,929 South Plymouth Avenue. The film stars Hilary Swank and Angelica Huston. This powerful 2004 film focuses on Quaker Alice Paul, known as the author of the Equal Rights Amendment, and portrays her leadership within the women's movement and her witness for justice and equality.  Note from Social Justice committee members: some of the tactics used to beat back the struggle for women's suffrage are not for those of queasy stomach.  The full schedule of this season's Gandhi Institute activities is at The Social Justice Committee invites you to join other First Universalists to see this film.


MARCH 15: INTERFAITH IMPACT OF NEW YORK STATE: First Universalist Sun, March 15, 2-4:30pm. The topic is "Show Me the Money: Escalating Inequality Hurts". Escalating Inequality is a UUA study-action issue. Contact Dick Gilbert at 244-7403 or


MARCH 27-29: DISTRICT ASSEMBLY will be March 27-28, 2015 in Niagara Falls. This year's theme is "Deep Roots, Broad Wings". If interested, please contact Tom Williams.


MARCH 29: BOOK GROUP: The March book will be The Road From Coorain, by Jill Ker Conway. There are multiple library copies. This autobiography highlights growing up in Australia in the 1930's. We will meet March 29, the LAST Sunday in March, at noon, in the Adult Lounge


APRIL 3: PASSOVER SEDER: Clara Barton Lounge, Friday, April 3 at 6:00 P.M. Based on tradition, it will have a distinctly UU flavor and be an open inter-generational participatory event with children and youth most welcome. (Prizes for whoever finds the Afikoman).  Matzoh ball soup, a la Gilbert & Ward-Baker, traditional beverages, and ritual foods will be provided. Sign-ups will begin in March so we can prepare appropriately. A pot luck dinner will be part of the event so capacity will be limited.  If you would like to help or have questions, please call Lew Ward-Baker at 244-6968 or email at

Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a trumpet. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
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