Join us next Sunday
December 27, 2020
10:30am Sunday Service | The No-Resolutions New Year
Congratulations—we’ve made it (almost) to the end of 2020! How might it feel if, instead of making resolutions and plans for self improvement, we choose to step gently into the New Year with no expectations, just letting ourselves be who we are?

Speaker: Bridget Watts

Due to COVID-19 we will be holding our worship services online
for the foreseeable future. We will hold on-line services
each Sunday at 10:30am (our regular worship time).
Upcoming Events &
Additional Announcements
Please note: The church office will be closed and staff will be off from 12/25/20 to 1/1/21. Our hardworking staff looks forward to seeing you again after the holidays!

Tuesdays | Drop-In Discussion: "The End of White Christian America"
White Christians Americans (particularly white Protestants) lost their majority status in the year 1994. How is this affecting American culture? What are the ways "WCA" are still hanging on to power? And how might things play out for our country if WCAs won't accept or adjust to these realities. Janus Mary Jones will lead a presentation and discussion of the ideas in this book by political and religious commentator, Robert Jones. Drop-In Discussions are virtual now! We meet on Tuesday nights from 6:30-7:30pm. Look on the First Universalist homepage for details and a link, or click the Zoom meeting link on the title of this description!

Wednesdays | Midweek Meditation
First Universalist Church will be hosting Midweek Meditation services with Rev. Lane and Rev. Michelle on Wednesdays from 11:30am-noon. On second Wednesdays, an extra half hour of meditation and sharing will follow the traditional format. An extended time to connect for deep breathing, meditation, singing, and silence. Look on the First Universalist homepage for details and a link, or click the Zoom meeting link on the title of this description! Note: Midweek Meditations last session for 2020 will be 12/23/20. Regular sessions will resume on 1/6/21!

Dec. 24 at 7pm | Christmas Eve Service: That Glorious Song of Old
It's Christmas Eve! Complete with a no-rehearsal Christmas Pageant, a time to tell the stories and sing the songs. In advance of this service, please send us a photo of you holding a candle in the dark– it will be used during the service.

Grief Support Group - 8 Weeks Beginning Jan. 14
A semi-structured support group for congregation members who are experiencing grief, following the loss of beloved family members. The group will be limited to 12 members who are asked to commit to attending all sessions. Facilitated by Theo Munson, Rev. Lane Campbell & Rev. Michelle Yates virtually via Zoom. The group will meet for 8 weeks on Thursday mornings from 10am to 11:30am beginning January 14, 2021. To sign up, please email Rev. Michelle at

Jan. 17, 2021 | The Jim and Eunice Eckberg Racial Justice Memorial Film Series| “The Hate You Give”
Discussion, led by Melissa Parrish, will be held from 2- 3:30pm. Please preview the film: it can be found on Hulu, HBO, YouTube, & Amazon Prime. Note: This entire series features films that address racial justice through history, music and spiritual avenues. Free-will donations to the church are greatly appreciated.

Third in the series of four dialogues that provide a forum to
learn, grow, and act toward antiracism. This discussion,
"Rochester’s History of Systemic Racism", will take place
(virtually) from 7-8:30pm. Free-will donations to our
church are greatly appreciated. RSVP to

Save the date: Jan. 31, 2021! AUCTION AMNESTY!
We can’t gather in person for a Service Auction, but we CAN raise some funds… and fun… anyhow! Do you have a favorite memory from Auctions in years past? A particularly fabulous, ridiculous, or
special item that you successfully bid on? Pictures from a service Auction event? We would love to have you share those memories and photos! Please send them to, and stay tuned for lots more information about Auction Amnesty!
Spotlight on
Social Justice Circles!
Crafting Blankets for our Homeless Neighbors
Leader: Lisa Gwinner

We create and distribute knitted and crocheted blankets for our homeless neighbors and families in need. Some group members make 5” squares & some assemble the blankets, depending on skills and interest. Yarn can be provided. Past recipients of our blankets have been the Homelessness Initiative, the Street Medics (during the recent BLM protests), and the House of Mercy, although we are always looking for organizations that need blankets.

If you enjoy knitting or crocheting squares, or assembling blankets (we’re happy to teach!), you can reach us by contacting the Faith In Action Council for more information or to express your interest in joining our SJ Circle.
Joys & Sorrows
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  • A Joy from Hal Bauer and Gayle Mosher: Our daughter, Emily, is in her second trimester and is expecting a new baby in May!! Our first grandchild!!
  • A Joy from Charlie Courtsal: After 6 weeks, I finally got back my board certification scores: I scored slightly below the mean, but I passed! Good for another 4 years!!!
  • A Joy from Karen LoBracco: On Wednesday we were surprised by the early arrival of Apollo Maurizio Simon, grand-nephew of Karen LoBracco. The originally scheduled baby shower on Zoom will still take place today (Sunday). Mom is home but Apollo will be in the hospital in OH for a few more weeks.

  • A Sorrow: Lillian Kellogg has been infected with Covid. Cards are encouraged and welcome.
  • A Sorrow from Gary Levine: Joyce Nakada’s mother passed away last week. She was over 100 years old. She died in her sleep at her grandson’s home. Her family was fortunate to say their good byes and comfort each other. Our thoughts and prayers for the family.

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