22 MAR 2017
This Week at Grace

Encouragement for the Run
He gives power to the faint,
and strengthens the powerless.
Even youths will faint and be weary,
and the young will fall exhausted;
but those who wait for the Lord shall renew their
they shall mount up with wings like eagles,
they shall run and not be weary,
they shall walk and not faint. ~Isaiah 40:30-31

As I was driving to church on Sunday morning, I (as many of you did) sat in marathon traffic. By this I don't mean the kind of marathon traffic we see in Atlanta on Friday around 3:00 PM, but literally traffic caused by the Publix Marathon. I found as I sat at a complete standstill, a unique opportunity to observe and pray for the runners coming down Ponce. And, I noticed something - all along the course there were groups of people gathered with signs cheering on the runners. Now, I am sure that man of them knew people running the Publix Marathon that morning, but surprisingly, their encouragement was not saved for one single runner. Their encouragement was offered to every runner and walker as they went by. On several steeper sections of the course, I could see how the cheers would push on those who looked like the weariness of the long journey was catching up to them.

What a great model for the work we are called to do as Christians! The prophet Isaiah is often quoted in relation to running as saying that "those who wait for the Lord ... shall run and not be weary." Lacking any athletic prowess, I have never taken this as a personal charge to run 26 miles. However, thinking about those cheerleaders on the sidelines, I wonder if this isn't a call to remember what God can do through us when we encourage each other. What would it look like if we all became cheerleaders for our brothers and sisters? What would the world look like if this work was not just something we did inside the walls of the church for those we already know? Just like those standing along the race course on Sunday morning, I think God is calling us all to find ways to cheer on each other and indeed the world because let's be honest, life can make us weary.

This week if you find you are weary, I hope you know there are people cheering you on! And if you find yourself stuck in traffic or in a rare, still moment this week, I hope you will take time to pray for and cheer on another person.


Pastor Stacey

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The Vision at Grace
To  feed  our surrounding community, spiritually and physically, while  reaching  outward with God's love and intentionally  welcoming  all in the name of Christ.


Sunday, March 26
Young Adult Brunch, immediately following worship, Ponce City Market

Tuesday, March 28
Needles and Prayers, 7pm

Sunday, April 2
Young Adult Brunch, immediately following worship, Ponce City Market

Friday, April 7
"If There Be Any Sorrow: A Concert of Choral Music," 6:45pm dinner + talk (Fish Fry) | 8pm, concert, Sanctuary

Sunday, April 9
Palm Sunday (Holy Week begins.)  Meet in Grace Cafe at 10:30am to process with palms.

Tuesday, April 11
Needles and Prayers, 7pm

Thursday, April 13
Maundy Thursday, Worship, 7pm, Inman Park UMC (Visit their website for address/directions.)

Friday, April 14
Good Friday, Prayer Stations, drop in from 11am-1pm, New Church Atlanta (Formerly Epworth UMC - Visit their website for address/directions.)

Church office closed in observance of Good Friday holiday.

Sunday, April 16
  • Sunrise Worship, 7am, location TBD
  • Children's Egg Hunt and Family Brunch, 9:30am, Grace Front Lawn & Grace Cafe
  • Festival Worship, 11am, Sanctuary
Sunday, April 23
Young Adult Brunch, immediately following worship, Ponce City Market

Church Council Meeting, 12:30pm, Living Room

Ministry Spotlight

IF THERE BE ANY SORROW: A Concert of Choral Music

Friday, April 7
  • 6:45 pm dinner + talk (fish fry)
  • 8pm concert
How do we empathize; how do we mourn? How can we locate our own humanity in others?

Through the story of the Little Match Girl and the biblical passion, our music persistently asks us to reach out to those in need. A pre-performance talk will discuss issues of injustice and suffering directly and as they reveal themselves in the music. The rest of the program will include music by Renaissance composer Tomas Luis de Victoria and Baroque giant Johann Sebastian Bach. Please join us for a profound and beautiful evening of music.

If you would like to help support this event with a donation in any amount, please contact Michael Dauterman (mdauterman at graceonponce.org).


Please see above for our calendar of worship services and events.

Congregational Care

Heartfelt Christian sympathy to Shawn and Angie Stephens on the death of their son, Alex Huff.

Please remember in your prayers all who are experiencing health issues/recovering from them:
  • Marilyn Altman
  • Tom Callery (Jenny Barwick's uncle)
  • Johnny Chappell
  • Jane Gable
  • Alice Maclin
  • Betty Nash
  • Shawn Stephens

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