11 JAN 2017
This Week at Grace

Lighting the Dark
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Have you ever found yourself in complete and utter darkness? It's actually really hard to do in a world full of ambient light. If you live close to the city, it is barely dark enough to see the stars overhead. Even in the most isolated places in nature it is still hard to be in complete darkness because of those same stars and the moon overhead at night. But, if you go down into the belly of the earth in a cave or mine, you can find yourself in a place completely devoid of light.
I remember touring a coal mine years ago and having the brief experience of "total darkness." Fortunately for me and the other visitors, this was a planned blackout to let us experience what it would be like for coal miners to have all of the lights go out. Let me assure you it was only exciting for the first moment. Once the darkness fell all around where we stood it began to feel heavy and unnaturally still. It was as though the lack of light was a heavy blanket bearing down on us as it snuffed out every ray of light that once shown in that place. When light returned I felt as if I could breathe again. It was truly like a veil being lifted as our squinting eyes adjusted to the feeling of light.
Understanding darkness has made me more aware of light in the world. I think this is true for all of us. When we experience dark times, we become more aware of the importance of light. Certainly this is what the legacy of Dr. King has taught us as we remember how he fought to bring the light of love to places darkened by hate. It is also what our legacy continues to be as people of faith. We are called to bring light into dark places and perhaps just as importantly to testify to the light that we already see in the world.
I hope to worship with you on Sunday as we celebrate the Good News that light overcomes darkness and as we answer God's call to go into the world so God's light can shine upon others!
Light & Peace,


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The Vision at Grace
To feed our surrounding community, spiritually and physically, while reaching outward with God's love and intentionally welcoming all in the name of Christ.


THIS Sunday, January 15
Welcome Potluck, immediately after worship, The Living Room (formerly Fellowship Hall)

Sunday, January 22
Church Council Meeting, 12:30pm, The Living Room (formerly Fellowship Hall), lunch included

Tuesday, January 24
Needles and Prayers, 7pm

Saturday, February 4
Men's Breakfast Meeting, 8:15am, Meet in the Upper Parking Lot, Walk to IHOP, Finish in Grace Cafe, 9-10am

Tuesday, February 14
Needles and Prayers, 7pm

Ministry Spotlight
Join us in officially welcoming our new senior pastor, Rev. Stacey Rushing, and her family THIS SUNDAY, Jan. 15th, immediately following worship in The Living Room (formerly Fellowship Hall).

Our own Chef Jess will make her famous meatloaf, and we will also provide drinks. Please plan to attend and to bring your favorite salad, side dish or dessert!

In an effort to be more transparent and make attendance more viable for those who wish to be a part of our monthly meetings, going forward, Grace's Church Council will meet on Sundays (monthly). In the spirit of openness and accountability, all meetings of the Council are open; all are welcome to attend.

Our first meeting is Sunday, January 22nd, 12:30pm, The Living Room (formerly Fellowship Hall). We will serve a light lunch.

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