2 NOV 2016
This Week at Grace

Remembering and Honoring the Saints
Dear Grace,

Believe it or not, it's November already!
Among other things, that means that we have arrived at the point in our liturgical year when we celebrate All Saints Day. Officially, All Saints Day falls on November 1st, but the United Methodist Church honors this day of remembrance on the first Sunday of November. So, at Grace, we will mark All Saints this coming Sunday, November 6th.
As many of you know, All Saints Day is the time when we remember the Christians who have come before us, shaping our individual and corporate faith, building the ministries that we enjoy, and giving of themselves for the good of God's kingdom. It is an opportunity to express our gratitude, our love, and in some cases the pain that is still fresh from loss of a loved one. It is also a time to honor the ways in which, as Christians of this time and place, we are tied to the many faithful people who have come before us, throughout history and throughout the world.
I dearly hope that you will join us at Grace as we celebrate All Saints Day. Once again, our worship will be accompanied by the music of Luna Strings. We will also remember the loved ones we have lost this year as part of our liturgy. I invite each of you to honor your personal saints by bringing photos to place on the altar. You may also contact me (cdauterman@graceonponce.org) by this Friday, November 4th, if you would like us to honor a loved one who has passed in the last year.
Perhaps most importantly, I invite each of you to honor the legacy of the saints by prayerfully considering how you can support Grace UMC in 2017. As is the custom in this congregation, we will pledge our commitment to giving in the same service that we honor those who have come before us. It is our way of offering gratitude for the past, while living into the hope and possibility that the future will bring for our community of faith.
So, bring your photos, bring your pledge cards, and bring your open hearts as we celebrate in worship together on Sunday, November 6 at 11:00 AM!

Calissa Dauterman


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The Vision at Grace
To feed our surrounding community, spiritually and physically, while reaching outward with God's love and intentionally welcoming all in the name of Christ.


Sunday, November 6
All Saints Day Worship, 11am, Sanctuary - Featuring Luna Strings

Tuesday, November 8
Needles & Prayers, 7pm

Wednesday, November 9
Women's Group (Bible study and fellowship), 7pm, Calissa's home
FINAL gathering for 2016

Sunday, November 20
GBGM Earthkeepers Commissioning celebration (during worship)

Grace Annual Pie Bake-off (after worship)

Tuesday, November 22
Needles & Prayers, 7pm

Wed., Nov. 23 - Fri., Nov. 25
Church office closed for Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 27
First Sunday of Advent

Congregational Care
Meal Train for Pastor Kate, Dr. Kyle and Daisy

Our Grace Meal Makers Ministry has set up a meal train to coordinate and deliver meals for Kate, Kyle and Daisy as they continue to settle in with baby Samuel. Providing meals is one of the easiest and most helpful ways we can support and bless the Floyd/Tau family during this special time.

Visit the online sign-up sheet or call Shelly Hart  (678.362.5893) to add your name and receive a meal delivery date. We welcome home-cooked meals as well as deliveries from local stores and restaurants.
Thank you for your support and generosity!

Ministry Spotlight


On November 13th, Grace will have a worship service that is focused around accessibility, with specific attention to how people who are differently abled are included in the congregation and encouraged to participate in worship. How do you come to worship? What aspects of the service allow you to participate fully in worship?

Ministry Intern Emily Ripley invites us all to a conversation around these questions. If you would like to participate in planning the service, or would just talk about how worship is accessible or could be more accessible for you, please email Emily at emily.ripley@emory.edu or come chat with her before the service on Sunday in the Grace Cafe.

Sharing Our Gifts
Give to Grace. Safe, secure, one-time or recurring, tax-deductible giving is available by visiting www.graceonponce.org/donate or by scanning the below QR code.

Your gifts make a difference in the lives of our church and community.

And remember that Grace's financial documents are open and available. Simply email our financial assistant, Nora Harris (nharris@graceonponce.org) with any questions you may have.

Thank you for your faithful support of the work that God is doing through Grace Church!

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