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April 1, 2021

Maundy Thursday
April 1, 2021 at 7:30 pm

View the full service on HCC's You Tube Channel:  

Please have your elements for communion ready.
Please note:
If you need financial assistance, please contact Rev. Pete for confidential help at
The 50th Good Friday Walk for Sharing is but a week away. The Walk will once again be an individual, small group, or family one. You are invited to participate in one of several ways
*walk 50 steps, or 50 yards
*ask 50 people to sponsor you
*raise or donate $50
Please consider, “Walking with Kay,” - in spirit - ON Good Friday or any day during Holy Week
 - on your own schedule and choosing your own route.
Racism is still alive in our country and its effect on People of Color can go largely unnoticed by those of us who do not daily encounter obstacles to our hopes and dreams because of our race. The money raised by Sharing, Inc. supports three groups in the Deep South whose work targets lives that are adversely affected by systemic racism - children, young adults, families….. 
If you cannot walk, please consider sponsoring any of this year’s Walkrs: Heidi Valentine, Carolyn Antoine & daughter Becca and grandson, Charlie; Libby King, Caroline Gibson, Lynn Anderson, Linda and Gerald Jones, and Ed B. To sponsor, send the walker a check made out to, “Sharing, Inc.” OR - donate to Sharing through the church website > Giving > Special Offerings > Sharing, Inc. Good Friday Walk. OR mail a check to the church office made out to Sharing, Inc. If you would like to add your name to the, “Walker List,” e-mail me at Further information can be found at the Sharing website. Please check it out.

Easter Sunday Sunrise Service

April 4, 2021

378 Main St

6:00 am

Easter Sunday Worship Service

on HCC YouTube Channel

10:00 am

Hi all,
We are all missing each other and our community, and asking if you could send snap shots of yourselves, your family at play or on a walk, or you and your pet...
whatever we could use during the Sunday service to bring our community closer to mind. Just send your phone photos email to Brett Anderson,  to be worked into the prelude or other parts of the service. Then keep an eye out for your friends during the service.
Thank you. We look forward to seeing you all!
Search Committee Survey
One of the first tasks to complete was to assemble a survey to the congregation with some targeted questions around what we collectively feel are important characteristics and values a candidate should possess as well as focus areas that would best service HCC.  
The link to the survey is below. The committee would greatly appreciate if you could spend 3-5 minutes to answer the 8 questions before our deadline of April 16th.

Justin Macklin - Search Committee Chair
Rosemary Arthur, Angela Scipione, Caitlin English, Alana Snyder, Justin Macklin, Reverend Peter Allen
Pastor Rev. Dr. Peter W. Allen
Drive Through Spring Fling
for all ages!

It was so nice to see everyone!
Thank you all for braving the
nasty weather to come out
and visit.

Teachers: Jen DiMarzio, and
Priscilla Anderson
Ministry Intern: Daryl Denelle
Pastor Rev. Dr. Peter Allen
Jen DiMarzio & Priscilla Anderson
South Shore Habitat for Humanity
Did you know….. That our church has had a long term covenant relationship with South Shore Habitat for Humanity? This means that we have supported them through prayer, fundraising and participating in building projects. Some of our church members have been part of SSHH builds and they remember the satisfaction of working alongside the new homeowner to create an affordable home and to be part of making positive change in our community.
At this time we are re-affirming our commitment to SSHH and we plan to be more active in supporting them and participating in future building projects.
South Shore Habitat has an impressive history. It is an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International and during it’s 35 year history has completed 55 homes in 17 communities located to the south of Boston.  They are continuing to have new projects. We will have more information on SSHH’s projects and how you can participate. In the meantime, we recommend: checking out the web site -
Please reach out to
Meredith Anderson if you have any questions.
New Dates for HCC Zoom Café 
First Tuesday of each month at 9:30am.

April 6, May 4, June 1

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 731 1464 2117 Passcode: huh390
Please join us for a time of fellowship and conversation!

The Fellowship Committee
HCC UCC Outreach News:
UCC's One Great Hour of Sharing Annual Offering
Our annual offering for OGHS is coming up in March. OGHS has been a giving tradition for our church for over 30 years because it has an important mission – to support health, education, refugee and emergency relief initiatives in the US
and around the world. Just a few examples of how OGHS funds were used in 2020: educated people on how to better deal with Covid, emergency support to victims of the wildfires in Oregon and assistance to refugees in Jordan. These funds have helped people in many countries and with major life challenges. Please consider contributing to OGHS during the month of March .You can donate via HCC’s website, scroll down to Special Offerings. Or drop off or mail a check with OGHS in the memo line to HCC at 366 Main St., Hingham, MA 02043. Thank you for supporting this important organization.
Green Tip for the Week
If you would like to get a jump on Earth Day 2021 (which is April 22), check out the ideas at the “earthday” link below. Be sure to get the whole family involved. We have a lot of work to do to help make our planet a more livable home for us all.
Two ideas to check out:
1) Try a foodprint calculator to find out exactly how your meals impact the planet.  
2) Calculate your personal carbon footprint and make changes to reduce it — it’s something we can all do to help the planet.             

Wishing a Happy April Birthday to our HCC family:

3 Emelyn Rowan
7 Caroline Gibson
8 Brett Hale
13 Tucker Rowley, Todd Smith
14 Heather Smith
15 Doug Fortin
17 Max Beal
19 Tom Rowan
21 Audrey Ludley, Eamon Pint
22 Sherry Schib
24 Rebecca Antoine, Timothy Redmond
27 Aila Litchfield, Barbara Gorczyca
28 Davin Thureson, Mats Thureson,
Raymond Childs, Lisa Brini
29 Camden McKenna
30 Daniel Clarke

Wishing a Happy April
Anniversary to:  
23 - Jerry & Beverly Randall - 66 years!
25 - Guillermo & Jody Trinchet - 23 years!