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May 12, 2022
Join us for church school fun as we explore the lessons of Jesus through crafts, games and music!

Registration for VBS – Adventure Island has begun: Questions: 

Counselor in training program available for grades 6 and up.

Remember, friends are welcome to sign up with you.

Please bring a 1 lb bag of mini carrots to church on Sunday.
The confirmation class has placed boxes in the narthex and in Hale Fellowship Hall.
Collection is for this Sunday only.

Thank you!
Regular in-person routines - Thursdays 7:30 PM rehearsal. and 9:00 am Sunday mornings.
For encouragement or more info, call David Giessow at 617-686-2581 or email
HCC and the UCC are also set up to help with the ongoing Ukrainian crisis. From the UCC, “Our Ukrainian neighbors need us now. Millions have been displaced, seeking shelter and necessities. Please take a moment now to help our partners in the region meet these needs with a gift to the UCC Ukraine Relief Fund” at Special Offering - Ukrainian crisis or by check earmarked Outreach, Ukrainian Crisis.
Mission Sunday: Meg Glazer, a member of the Steering Committee of the South Shore Action Afghan Resettlement Committee will speak to the congregation this Sunday May 15. Several of our partners in service will attend coffee hour to share information with us.
To the Members of the Hingham Congregational Church:
In accordance with Article VI, section 1 of the Bylaws, the members of the Hingham Congregational Church are hereby notified that the

Annual Congregational Meeting of the Church will take place on
Sunday, May 22, 2022, at 11:00 am – in Hale Hall and on Zoom
Passcode: 311754 Meeting ID: 839 7903 9286

for the following purposes:

1. To approve minutes of:
           March 6, 2022 Special Meeting;
2. To hear and vote on the annual reports of the Boards and Committees;
3. To receive reports from the Senior Pastor and Moderator regarding the status of the church;
4. To hear and vote on the slate of officers, Boards and Committees presented by the Nominating Committee and endorsed by the Executive Council, these to take effect at the conclusion of the Meeting;
5. To hear and vote on changes to the by-laws; and
6. To transact any other business that may properly come before the Meeting.

This is an important meeting and participation by all members of the Congregation is requested.

Karen von Loesecke, Church Clerk
Hingham Unity Council
What does community mean to you? Belonging? Acceptance? Kindness? Love?Brooke Bartletta, a local photographer, has initiated a project called We Are Hingham, as a community builder. Residents of Hingham take self-portraits which will be on the website along with their descriptions of themselves and what community means to them. Check it out! Participate! The website is
In conjunction, the Hingham Unity Council will sponsor a community conversation on May 22 from 2-4 pm at the South Shore Conservatory. Go to to register for this free event.
Hello HCC,

I am helping the church office spread the word thru social media (FB & Insta) about how active and special HCC is! Please email me your photos when you grab a good one (or even an ok one) so we can share the great activities with local folks! #hcc #hinghamcongregationalchurch
Thanks, Stephanie

 “A “Turn Off Your Engine” campaign has begun. Idling your car or truck even for 30 seconds emits pollutants into the air, and we may not even realize we are doing it! Vehicle emissions are the #1 source of air pollution in many areas. When a car/truck is idling, it is also polluting the air. (Think: cardiovascular & respiratory diseases.) It wastes $$$ (Think: price of gas these days). It wastes natural resources (Think: 1/5 gal. of gas/hour of idling.) We often do it without even being aware of our doing it. (Think: texting/phoning while sitting in the grocery store parking lot, waiting to pick up your child from a dance class or sporting event, or when recycling at the Transfer Station…..)
            Go to one of many websites to learn more - like this one of the N. Carolina Dept. of Environmental Quality

Guild Consignment Center!
We currently have a large supply of formal wear, special event dresses, shoes and accessories as well as cute sundresses and “dressy casual” wear for graduations and backyard parties. Fortunately, these cover a wide range of styles and sizes.
Masks are optional.
Tuesday    10-7 Wednesday  10-1 Thursday    10-6
Saturday    10-1 Sales Only
Tuesday Night Bible Study
7:30 pm
Newcomers are always welcome. Please speak with Terri Fortin

Wednesday Evening Prayer
each week at 7:00 p.m.
an email with the link will be sent out on Wednesdays
Growing in Faith Together
Bible Study -

Thursdays at 9:00 am
To sign up please email
Rev. Pete at
Meditation Group
Please join us on Thursday 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm on the third floor, for an introduction to meditation provided by Chris Larsen.<> 
Chris has found the benefits of meditation to be very helpful in developing mindfulness and becoming centered in life. It has also provided growth in his spirituality. Please join us for an hour and wipe out your cluttered mind and become one with us. You may park in the parking lot, go through the back door and take the elevator to the third floor.
Committees and Groups - Please let the office know when and where you are meeting, so that nothing is double booked. Thank you!

Copies of a draft of the Church Directory will be placed in the narthex. If you would like to make any changes to it, please email,

Draft copy of the Annual Congregational Meeting report will be available in the narthex and the black box outside the office on Sunday.
Wishing a Happy May Birthday
to our HCC family.
1 Valentina Scappini
3 Wendy Wilson, Tracey Kelley,
4 Sara Warwick
5 Nicholas Pinto, Cullen Moriarty, Lynn Mayo
6 Paul Rasmussen, Trevor Hale
7 Nancy Ham, Carolyn Antoine
12 Logan King
15 Steph Schlosky
17 Steve Waynen
18 Rosemary Arthur, Barbara Wollan
19 Eric Peterson

20 Dave Thorell
22 Reed Schilb, Jeff Swain
23 Spencer Havens
24 George MacKay, Elly Hughes,
    Caroline Gillig
26 Sophie Nash,
Giorgio Scappini,
    Sydney Boer
27 Nancy Hansberry
28 Lars Rasmussen, Addy Stupin
30 Kyle McCaig
31 Nancy Vialle

Wishing a Happy May Anniversary to:  
18 - Michael & Ruth Whitner 48 years
21 - Robert & Karen Hale  28 years
25 - Jeff & Susan Johnson 37 years
26 - Tracey & Peter Allen, and Jason & Rachel Scott
28 Bruce & Kristina Shorey
30 Ed & Janet Bartholomew 52 years
31 Paul & Janet Cappers 53 years
Some wonderful photos from the HCC Women's dinner!