Happy New Year, Hope!
“Look! I’m making everything new. Write it all down—each word dependable and accurate.” Revelation 21:5
The new year is here … and 2019 promises to be a phenomenal year of spiritual growth at Lutheran Church of Hope!
We’ll take an even deeper dive into the Bible under our annual theme, 12 Books in 12 Months: God’s Word for Everyday Life . All who participate will finish 2019 more fluent in Scripture, more confident in faith, and more certain of God’s will for your life. God’s Word can do that in a way nothing else can.
For this reason, I encourage you to add three New Year’s resolutions for 2019 that will get you into some healthy spiritual habits and immerse your soul in God’s Word:
1. Weekly worship with your church family. We don’t go to church just because it’s what we do … we go to church because it’s who we are. If you’re in town, show up in person (it’s better for you, and the church, when you’re here). If you’ve got kids, bring them to worship and HopeKids (it’s good for them, too). If you’re out of town, worship with Hope at hopeonline.tv . Each week, you’ll hear Bible-based messages based on one book ( 12 Books in 12 Months ) of the Bible. It all starts this weekend with the Book of Acts and a sermon called "Tapping Into the Power Life."

2. Bible studies with your Men’s Group , Women’s Group , or Life Group ( sermon-based group study guides are posted on our website) … or take a class that will increase your biblical knowledge – start with Alpha , and follow-up with Page 2 , CORE , Intro to the Bible , or choose from a revolving menu of classes at hopewdm.org/classes .

3. Daily quiet time (DQT) with God. Daily Bible Readings throughout 2019 (along with a brief Twitter-sized summary) that coincide with our weekly sermons will be posted on Hope’s handy smartphone app , social media pages ( Facebook , Twitter , Instagram ), website , and blog .

It’s the year of the Bible at Hope – 12 Books in 12 Months: God’s Word for Everyday Life ! Find your old Bible … invest in a new Study Bible … or, if you can’t afford one, we’ll gladly give you a free Bible (available in the church lobby bookshelves).
God’s got something to say to you … come and listen! See you at Hope in 2019! #RenewYear
“O land, land, land, listen to God’s Message!” Jeremiah 22:29
Mike Housholder

Today's Daily Bible Reading:

Today's Daily Devotion:
Instead of Jesus’ body in the tomb, Mary Magdalene finds two angels. Clearly, the disappearance is divine, not human-arranged. Mary’s sadness turns to joy in finding Jesus alive. Jesus wants the same joy for us!
#SeekHim #RisenLord #John20 
"This was the first year my middle son, Ben, got to go to the “big room” at Vacation Bible School. First through sixth graders start and end each session in West Des Moines in the Worship Center, and it’s nothing short of a huge Jesus Party.
I was excited that Ben got to join his brother Alex and get the full experience that the Youth & Family team put together each summer ..."