January 16-22, 2017

Monday, Jan 16 
7:00-8:30p, Discovering Buddhism: Presenting the Path 
(First class in this module)

Tuesday, Jan 17
7:00-8:30p, Meditation 101

Wednesday, Jan 18

Friday, Jan 20
Noon-1:00p, Lunch Bunch
(Registration full)

Saturday, Jan 21

Sunday, Jan 22
5:00-6:30p,  Guru Puja with Tsog  
  • Guru Puja with Tsog, Mon, Feb 6, Noon-1:30p
  • Medicine Buddha Puja, Fri, Feb 10, Noon-1:00p
2017 Annual Appeal
Every single way we give at the Center plays an integral role in maintaining our community where the Dharma thrives. Your gift of generosity – whether as a Service, In-Kind, Monthly or One-at-a-Time supporter – will benefit our community, and more importantly, YOU!
Check out our web page for ways to  Fill Your Heart!
Bookstore Corner – Children's Books
~ by Kerry Lee MacLean

Young children have strong emotions, but often are unsure of how to articulate and handle them. Just Me and My Mind aims to help kids recognize their emotions and thoughts – and then act accordingly. The book includes interactive pages of emotions (happy, scared, sad, loving, angry). The reader pulls an image of the emotion from the mind of the child, helping the reader to understand why emotions might arise. The book continues by illustrating how children can "clean out and settle" their minds with quiet contemplation. Age level: 3 - 6 
Sunday:  Before/after teachings
Weekdays:  During open hours
Call ahead to check
Evenings:  Monday and Wednesday before/after scheduled classes
Merit Makers
Thanks go out this week to our faithful pen pals for the KCPP, Kadampa Center Prison Project and Amanda Henry as pen pal coordinator. Ashlee Williams, Amanda Henry, Herb Cunningham, Andre Smith, Helen Schwartz, Jeffifer Shoemaker, Elise Strevel, Karen Mastroianni, Barb Baranski diligently pick up their letters, correspond and discuss the dharma in a casual and meaningful way and help the inmates stay connected. There are many more inmates in need of a pen pals. Go here,  https://kadampa-center.org/pen-pals  to join the team! Thanks guys for your age old skill of letter writing.
Side Note
“Something new come down…?” Bartholomew gasped. “That’s impossible, Your Majesty. You just can’t have it.” Do you recognize the beginning of Bartholomew and the Oobleck? Seemed like a fitting inspiration post snowpocolipse to sunshine and 72 degrees. We have too much of one thing and then we wish for something else and so our story goes. What was surprising in the...
Socialize with Dharma Friends
Wednesday :  5:30 pm, before Lamrim class at Al Baraka, 3815 Hillsborough St.  (drop by, all welcome!)
Friday : Noon, Lunch Bunch at the Center  (BYOL)
Sunday :  (last one each month)  
Noon - 1 pm, Sunday Tea Time
Kadampa Center Hours
Center Open
Mon-Fri: 9:00a–5:30p
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Silent Meditation
Mon-Fri:  during open hours
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